Why UFOs are the MOST important topic:
 In our contemporary world, the modern mind, has, within it’s new understandings, come to think of free energy and oil based alternatives as unavoidable, just as we are aware of alternate forms of diet to help our bodies, but think we somehow don’t have a choice in the matter. But we treat ourselves, our planet, and the unknown, with the same neglect. We place patriotism, love, and even intelligence in the most upsetting positions, so contradictory to their rather direct meanings. As we live in shadows we fail to peer deeper into them and see the monsters staring back. Whether our own invention or not, we ignore the snarling beast at the door, instead we slouch back into the little bit of shiny technology spoon fed to us by the same major corporate entities. Our shadows represent a repressed unconscious need and the light at the end of the tunnel in a “black” world = ultimately using secret technologies to benefit the world, instead of just a few. In other words our leaders will have to put down the service to self motto. (Shout Out to Brad Olsen)
 However as to what technologies can and have been disclosed or even made mainstream in everyday products and which ones would simply threaten which industries way of current functioning, is only known by so many people.
If you can imagine yourself in an “MJ-12” like seat for a moment, attempting to formulate a timeline, even without any elitist preference, it is probably infinitely complicated to understand how to break the news to the rest of us, with the okay from the military or oil industries, for example.
We are told so often, that the reason for secrecy behind the UFO issue deals with the shock and harsh reaction the public may have to aliens and mysterious flying craft. But how harsh has the indoctrination for the Iraq War, surveillance state, and micro-chipping been? Not harsh at all, and much like the obviously incorrect version of history regarding issues related to UFOs and National Security, we have been quite easily thrown for a loop. Another commonly stated reason is the fact that when experimenting with top secret craft, you should keep them nice and secret. No argument from the tax payer about seeing where that money goes in the abyss of the black world should even be entertained as far as this author is concerned, but how much is really going on in the name of defense and security? If many nations have these craft and all of them choose to keep them secret, this makes things much more interesting. Could some of this money be used to help infrastructure and real-time people problems?. Are the problems becoming simply addressing how to start over on the Moon and Mars and elsewhere, and is that because the elite or breakaway have some knowledge we don’t about the future of the planet?
On the other hand it can always be argued that if something is secret, it’s to hide it from the bad guys,  a.k.a. someone who would use it for mass destruction. And finally but probably most prominent to withhold information that would allow society to pass the petroleum industry by light years, while simultaneously withholding plans and technology to live off world, when this one becomes too wrecked (see Richard Dolan’s ideas on the Break-Away Civilization) for the elite’s quality of life. This scenario is illustrated directly in the film Elysium. As I understand it, thus far chem-trails are to prepare the planet for another type of being. Probably one with a synthetic based make up, if it’s not simply to poison us.


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