Understanding Disclosure @facebook
At the above link, Frank Zero keeps everything from Astronomy and Technology, to Sustainable Energy and official government documentation about the UFO phenomenon, it’s relation to National Security, and foreign policy up to date down to the hour…


Not to be confused with Contact Them or Us, which is our first book (available on Amazon) and facebook page centered around various degrees of contact with other beings (transdimensional, cryptoterrestrial, extraterrestrial, etc…) Understanding Disclosure understands the necessity to dream of a future with more positive vision of  better ways to treat each other and the planet, but more so understands the frustration in waiting for some ultimate “Disclosure” from world governments for those emotionally invested in the UFO or abduction phenomenon; in some way personally. So this page is for real documents, real testimony, and the nuts and bolts aspects of the UFO and it’s relation to the military industrial complex or “black” world altogether.