How Levenda got started on writing about the Nazis and other High Strangeness and an explanation of the Sinister Forces series and adventures in Chile:

I tried, back in the 1970s, during the Watergate era, to write a book that was going to explore the relationship between religion and politics, which is a nexus that’s always fascinated me. We tend in the United States to think of them as two separate entities. But during Watergate I began to see a lot of the same personalities crop up that we had run across during, oh, the Kennedy assassinations and all of that, and I started to see deeper and deeper parallels.

So there was a book that came out in 1960, long before Watergate, called  The Morning of the Magicians. It was written by two Frenchm(e)n, Pauwels and Bergier, and it talked a great deal in there about a Nazi / occult connection, but it was not documented at all. And I thought: That would make a great chapter [Kerry laughs] in the book that I was planning. Let me write something about the Nazis and religion, or Nazis and occultism or mysticism.

And I went down to the National Archives in Washington, DC. This was right at the height of Watergate. Nixon was still in power. He was about to leave. It was a month or two before he left, so the whole thing was at fever pitch in Washington.

But, oblivious to that in a sense, I was at the National Archives looking at captured German documents. As I was in the National Archives, the archivist there, a very famous archivist — anyone who studied the Nazis back in the ’70s and ’80s would have known about Dr. Wolfe — when he found out what I was trying to do, he suggested that I look at the records of an organization called the SS Ahnenerbe, which was actually a division of the SS that was specifically concerned with occult and mystical research. I was stunned. He led me to the microfilm rolls. I started going through the machines. And here I realized — my jaw dropped — I was looking at the actual documentation of a full-fledged Nazi program to investigate occultism.

Other authors had talked about a Nazi / occult connection. The book, The Morning of the Magicians, talked about it at length, but there was no documentation at all. And some of the other books that had come out at that time, for instance, The Spear of Destiny, and some of the others, talked extensively about this but there was no documentation.

So it seemed like speculation until suddenly I’m staring at all the documents — page after page after page of research in Tibet, Tibet expeditions. There was research to find the Holy Grail. There was all sorts of bizarre SS programs that were being financed heavily by the Nazis during World War Two. So it got me thinking that maybe there is a lot of documentation in the world. Maybe you can find evidence of all of this without having to speculate too much. So the Nazi documentation got me very excited.

I lived in New York City at the time. I’m from New York City. I was talking to a lot of friends of mine who had their roots in Latin America and South America. I read a book by Ladislas Farago called Aftermath, which is about the survival of war criminals, Nazi war criminals, in South America. And I came across the mentioning of a weird establishment in Chile called Colonia Dignidad the Colony of Righteousness. This was supposed to be a kind of Nazi safe-house which was also a weird religious group, high up in the Andes Mountains. And I thought: This is just too good to pass up. So here not only do I have the documentation from World War Two, but now I have a real live Nazi sanctuary in South America which is also a religious operation, which is exactly what I was writing about.

So I decided to go to Chile — this was in 1979 — and see this place for myself. This was during the time of the Pinochet dictatorship. There was martial law in the country, but I managed to make my way down to a small town halfway down the coast of Chile called Parral. And close to this small town is the colony, Colonia Dignidad.I managed to go up there. The story is told at length in my book, Unholy Alliance. But I managed to go there on a Sunday morning in June of ’79, and I as briefly detained. I was kept there. I was forbidden to leave. My passport was taken. The film was taken out of my camera. I was told by the Germans — These were Germans. These were not Chilenos. These were not Spanish people — I was told by the Germans that I was not welcome in the country, that I had to leave Chile immediately. And as I was allowed to leave, which was touch-and-go for a while, all the way back to Santiago, to the capital where I had my hotel room, I was stopped along the way. I was in a bus and I was stopped along the way by troops who had set up roadblocks, who were making sure that I was on that bus. When I got back to my hotel room, there was a note waiting for me that said I was on the next plane, that a reservation had been made.

So the amount of influence that the Nazi network had in 1979… ’79 was so many years after the end of World War Two, you know. We’re talking 25 years later. They still had such great influence in a country so far away as Chile that I began to see there was a lot more going on than even I suspected. And that eventually became Unholy Alliance.

I began to see the connections between governments in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, an extensive Nazi network, a lot of money that had left the Third Reich when the Nazis had lost the war.

I began to realize that the Nazi Party was not a political party the way we understand political parties, but that the Nazi Party was a cult. If you look at it from that point of view, you can understand the true nature of this kind of evil, because the Nazi Party is… they’re not going to go away simply because they lost the war.

The old war criminals who escaped — and some of them are still alive. A few of them have died recently in South America, in Chile and Argentina. They have their followers. They have their philosophy, their ideology…. Klaus Barbie, who was the “Butcher of Lyon” in France, who was a man responsible for all sorts of war crimes in France, at one point became the chief of the secret police of Bolivia. I mean, he had a federally-appointed position in that government.

Walter Rauff lived for a very long time in Chile. Walter Rauff was the man who designed the mobile gas chambers, the vans that were used to re-channel the exhaust into the vans to kill prisoners.

I mean, all of these people found safe haven, not only in South America, but in the Middle East and in Asia as well, and to a certain extent in Australia. Of course we’ve had many cases here in the United States of war criminals that we’ve found, uncovered, and occasionally shipped back.

A famous one, which got me very involved in the story, was the man who for a long time was the head of the Romanian Orthodox Church in the United States. Here was an Archbishop who during World War Two had been a member of the… what was the name… the Iron Cross? The Iron Arrow, I think, a Romanian Nazi organization, who had tortured prisoners. Here was a man who was a devoted Nazi, who after the war was over fled to the United States, and although he had no seminarial training as far as I’ve been able to uncover, he managed to take over one branch of the Romanian Orthodox Church in our country, in the Midwest, and was not even discovered until maybe 20 years ago, when he was forced to leave the country.

So yeah, we’ve helped a lot of people escape. The Catholic Church, also, to a certain extent was involved in that, in an operation called Caritas during World War Two, which provided Vatican passports to help some of the more famous war criminals escape to South America. So there was a lot of collaboration. And even in our own country, in the United States, we had Operation Paperclip, in which we brought Nazi scientists over to help with our space program, among other things.

So that got me working on what eventually became Sinister Forces. I began to wonder how was it that we in the United States could have sold our souls so easily to something as heinous as a criminal organization like the SS, and to the Nazis in general, to bring their scientists over here, to make them work for us, and really to give them great jobs, to give them positions in our industry.

Walter Dornberger is an example, who held a job on the board of directors of Bell Helicopter. All sorts of people. People who worked for the Space Medicine Program in Texas, at Randolph Air Force Base. There’s a very big story there…In Book Two I focus a lot on the Charles Manson family, as a kind of quintessential example of what sinister forces might be from the behavior modification / mind control aspect.

And then in Book Three I sort of lay out what I think is the whole story and how this works. I connect serial killers to mind control operations and try to understand.

I mean, our country, the CIA in particular in the 1950s, 1960s, all the way up through until about Watergate, until the 1970s and the Rockefeller investigations, was involved in one of the most bizarre experiments of modern times.

I mean, here we were, trying to figure out how the human consciousness worked, how to understand memory, volition. How do we erase a person’s memory, implant new memories? How do we make a person do something they would not ordinarily do — for instance, commit an assassination? And then forget about it and not know why they did it?

I mean, this was something like a medieval king, you might think, hiring alchemists and magicians, you know, to contact the other world. We were doing that in the 1950s and ’60s and probably still are today.

We have operations in which we are trying to understand how the mind works and then to control it. Like a sorcerer’s apprentice, our intelligence agencies stuck their fingers into human consciousness and started playing around with the contents. – Project Camelot interview transcript


The Doors of Perception

In May 1953, the British novelist, Aldous Huxely, ingested a small quantity of mescalin in the hope that it might grant him a glimpse of the “ultimate reality” and reveal the meaning behind the apparently random chaos of existence. Huxely had been assured by the Californian scientist who monitored this experiment that there would be no side effects as the drug is derived from peyotl, a natural hallucinogen found in cactus plants, which the Native American shamans had been using for centuries to attain altered states of consciousness.

“I had expected to lie with my eyes shut, looking at visions of many coloured geometries, of animated architectures, rich with gems and fabulously lovely, of landscapes with heroic figures, of symbolic dramas trembling with perpetually on the verge of the ultimate revelation. But I had not reckoned, it was evident, with the idiosyncrasies of my mental make-up, the facts of my temperament, training and habits.”

To Huxely’s astonishment, the very fabric of the physical world appeared to be alive. Everything, from a vase of flowers to the creases in his trousers, became objects of awe, illuminated from within and infinitely interesting.

“A bunch of flowers shining their inner light…Those folds-what a labyrinth of endless significant complexity!…I was seeing what Adam had seen on the morning of his creation-the miracle, moment by moment, of naked existence”

Whether Hitler shared a similar experience or whether, as seems more likely, he endured a “bad trip” due to his neurotic psychological state no one knows. But he said to have confided one startling insight from his drug induced visions to Stein on this, their final evening together.

Hitler boasted that he had unwittingly tapped into that matrix of memories and mental impressions in the ether known in esoteric circles as the Akashic Record. There he glimpsed images of past lives passing before his inner eye like frames in a move. One of them was Landulf of Capua, the historical inspiration for the central character in Wagner’s opera Parsifal, but he was not the opera’s hero. He was its villain, Klingsor, the embodiment of evil.

Table Talk

Cynics will doubtless revel in the absurdity of the above scene, but it is worth nothing that Hitler’s reputed drug habit was common knowledge among eminent occultists during the dictator’s lifetime. The English poet and theosophist, Victor Neuberg, once wrote an account of an after-dinner discussion with Aleister Crowley and Aldous Huxely in Neuberg’s Berlin apartment in 1938 during which they touched on the subject.

“You know Hitler has taken the stuff (mescalin),” Crowley observed.”I heard it from a reliable friend in the OTO.”

“OTO?” inquired Huxely 

“The Ordo Templi Orientis (The Ordo Templi Orientis, founded by Theodor Reuss, Franz Hartmann and Karl Kellner in 1895, promoted the practice of sex magick and is not to be confused with the more influential Order of the New Templars founded by Lanz Liebenfels.) My local branch, you might say. And their connections with the Nazis are nobody’s business. They almost founded the party, or at least subverted it. Do you know that two of their chief men personally trained Adolf Hitler? Before, he was a stuttering Austrian oaf, a shoddy Bohemian and a pervert to boot. They taught him oratory, rhetoric and, under the influence of this drug that will shortly, my dear Aldous, set your eyes on fire, gave him his daemon.”

“Then,” Huxely said, all the disparate romanticism that, in its waning, found expression in the irrational, in secret cults, has made its kingdom here. Fascism, is, after all, the triumph of decadence, the final madness of Bohemia.”

“So that carnage of Ahriman may be complete, precisely” Crowley replied.’

But,again, there are those who doubt that such a conversation ever took place. They state categorically that Neuberg and Crowley ended their friendship in 1914 and point to Crowley’s diaries which record the meeting with Aldous Huxely in Berlin as being on Saturday 4, October 1930, not 1938. Despite these discrepancies, it is almost certain Crowley was responsible for introducing Huxely to mescalin. Hitler, however, probably never took peyote in his life, although he was certainly fatally crippled by his addiction to prescription drugs in the last year of the war, thanks to his quack physician, Dr. Morell.

Seance on a Wet Afternoon

Ravenscroft’s re-imagining of history returns to a remotely recognizable reality with Hitler’s ecstatic reaction to the decleration of war in 1914 and his experiences in the trenches for which he was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. But at the war’s end, the facts once more are enshrouded in myth as the principal players in this supernatural melodrama reassemble to renew their Faustian pact in a scene worthy of pulp horror writer, H.P.Lovecraft.

The year is 1919 and members of a sinster occult brotherhood are holding a seance in Munich (analog to Maine?) in the hope of making contact with their “Hidden Masters” on the higher planes of existence (shades of the 9 unignorable). They call themselves the Thule Gesellschaft (after a legendary prehistoric Nordic civilization) and comprise leading members of the community including judges, police chiefs, university professors, industrialists, army officers and other aristocracy. All have sworn to rid Germany of Zionist influence and to promote German nationalism, by violent means if necesarry. They are led by a fiercely anti-Semitic, middle aged Bavarian journalist named Dietrich Eckart who is destined to be the mentor of Adolf Hitler and the future editor-in-chief of the official Nazi newspaper, the Volkisher Beobachter. Eckhart’s frustrated ambitions to be a playwright led him to alcoholism, morphine addiction and a stay in a mental asylum. He thought of himself as an intellectual, but he betrayed his true nature when he told a gathering in the Brennessel Wine Cellar that spring:

We need a man at the head who can stand the sound of a machine gun. The rabble need to get fear in their pants. We can’t use an officer because people don’t respect them anymore. The best man for the job would be a worker who knows how to talk… He doesn’t need much brains…He must be a bachelor, then we’ll get the women.”- The Nazis And The Occult: The Dark Forces Unleashed By The Third Reich  by Paul Roland

During World War 1 a group of people gathered around the scientist Walter Shumen, and tried to make contact with an advanced civilizations , and they did, one3 being Aldabaraan. Maria Orsice supposedly challenged information form this interplanetary civilization in the form of Sumerian Cuneiform. This data helped to create interdimensional vehicles. Though Farrell does not subscribe to the truthfulness of this ‘Psyop” believing it to be a perception management campaign for either the domestic or Russian populace(data taken from Joseph Farrell in a Buzzsaw interview Oct.6,2015

Dietrich Eckart

Hitler, while working as the leader of the German Worker’s Party, became friends with Thulist Deitrich Eckart, who published a newspaper called Auf Gut Deutsch (“In Good German”), which “ranks with the Völkischer Beobachter as a racist sheer with intellectual pretensions.” Eckart had a tremendous effect on Hitler, and was he who first introduced Hitler to all the wealthy and powerful people he needed make his crusade possible, including Henry Ford, who would later contribute “vital financial support” to the Nazi party. From Eckart, Hitler learned a great deal about the esoteric sciences, and it is said that they occasionally attended seances and talked to ghosts. Eckart, who died after the Beer Hall Putsch, is quoted as saying, “Hitler will dance, but it is I who plays the tune.”

Alfred Rosenburg

Eckart protegé, and soon Hitler’s as well, was Alfred Rosenburg, a man who would later become “one of the architects of official Nazi policies.” One of these policies was that all of the Masonic temples in all of the Nazi’s occupied territories were to be raided, and the goods shipped back to Rosenberg himself. This was done by Franz Six and Otto Ohlendorf, both occultists. Rosenberg was also friends with another occultist named Walther Darré, who became agricultural minister of the Third Reich. “Together”, writes Levenda, “they ran around the nation drumming up support for an official state religion based on the worship of the Old Gods, a religion that included purifying the Aryan race of elements that were in the process of polluting it and diluting the strength of its blood.”

Erik Jan Hanussen

In 1932, after his Nazi Party had lost much ground in the Reichstag, and his mistress Eva Braun had shot herself on Halloween Night, Hitler turned to his friend Erik Jan Hanussen, a well-known astrologer and occultist whom he had met back in 1926. Hannusen is supposed to have taught Hitler a number of exaggerated gestures to use in public speaking, ones which could be seen and understood from far away, and which would communicate a message through body language even if a person could not hear what he was saying. Hanussen had never read Hitler’s stars before, but on this occasion in 1932, upon request, he drew up an astrological chart for the future Führer, and told Hitler that his troubles stemmed from an evil hex that someone had cast on him. Furthermore, he said, the only way to get rid of it was for someone to go to a butcher’s backyard located in Hitler’s hometown — at midnight, on a full moon — and pull a mandrake out of the ground.

For those who don’t know, a mandrake is a “man-shaped” root with supposed medicinal properties which, according to European folklore, will emit an ear-shattering scream upon being uprooted. Sometime a dog would be sent on a suicide mission to pull the root while the magician plugged his own ears. Hanussen performed the ritual himself, and on January 1st of 1933 came to Hitler predicting that he would return to power on the 30th of that month, “a date roughly equivalent to the pagan sabbat of Oimelc.” Of course, as is known to history, that is exactly what happened. A few weeks later, during a seance held on February 26, Hanussen predicted that the Communists would make another attempt at revolution in Germany, one that would begin by setting an important government building on fire. “The next day”, wrote Levenda, “the Reichstag was in flames and Hitler had all the excuse he needed to go from Chancellor of Germany to Führer of the Third Reich.” Six weeks later, Hanussen was mysteriously murdered.

Wilhelm Gutberlet

There was also another astrologer, a shareholder in the Völkischer Beobachter who had been Hitler’s close friend since the days of the German Worker’s Party in 1919. In the memoirs of Walter Schellenberg he is described as “a Munich physician who belonged to the intimate circle around Hitler. Gutberlet believed in the ‘sidereal pendulum’, an astrological contraption, and claimed that this had given him the power to sense at once the presence of any Jews or persons of partial Jewish ancestry, and to pick them out in any group of people. Hitler availed himself of Gutberlet’s mystic power and had many discussions with him on racial questions.

Rudolf Hess

A friend of Hitler’s from way back, he had been arrested at the Beer Hall Putsch with him in 1923, and had transcribed Hitler’s Mein Kampf (originally titled Four and a Half Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice) while they were both in prison. He later became Hitler’s Deputy Führer. He was an “intimate” of the Thule Society and was way into the occult. Hess introduced Hitler to one of his professors, Karl Haushofter, a man with an interest in astrology who claimed clairvoyance. Haushoffer later came to wield considerable power in Germany by founding the Deutsche Akadamie, and by heading the University of Munich’s Institute Geopolitik — “A kind of think tank-cum-intelligence agency”, according to Levenda. He was vital in forming the Nazi alliances with Japan and South America, and was responsible for the adoption of the Lebensraum (“Living Room”) policy, which stated that “a sovereign nation, to ensure the survival of its people, had a right to annex the territory of other sovereign nations to feed and house itself.”

Himmler and the S.S.

The S.S. (Schuzstafel) was originally formed as a personal bodyguard to Hitler, and numbered around 300 when Heinrich Himmler joined. But when he rose to its leadership in 1929, things changed a bit. Four years later, membership had soared to 52,000. He established headquarters at a medieval castle called Wewelsburg, where his secret inner order met once a year. According to Walther Schellenberg’s memoirs, “Each member had his own armchair with an engraved silver nameplate, and each had to devote himself to a ritual of spiritual exercises aimed mainly at mental concentration.  The focal point of Wewelsburg, evidently owing much to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, was a great dining hall with an oak table to seat twelve picked from the senior Gruppenführers. The walls were to be adorned with their coats of arms.”  Underneath this dining hall there was kept a so-called “realm of the dead”, a circular well in which these coats of arms would be burnt and the ashes worshipped after the “knight” had died. (There are tales of Himmler using the severed heads of deceased S.S. officers to communicate with ascended masters.) In addition to this, each knight had his own room, “decorated in accordance with one of the great ancestors of Aryan majesty.” Himmler’s own room was dedicated to a Saxon King Henry the Fowler, whose ghost Himmler sometimes conversed with.

Outside of the inner order, SS officers were discouraged from participating in Christian ceremonies, including weddings and christenings, and celebrated the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas. The traditional day of gift exchange was switched to the day of the summer solstice celebration. Writes Levenda, “These ceremonies were replete with sacred fires, torchlit processions, and invocations of Teutonic deities, all performed by files of young blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan supermen.” Although Himmler admired the ceremonial nature of Catholicism and modeled the S.S. partially on the Order of the Jesuits, he also despised Christianity for what he considered its weak, masochistic nature. He held further resentment because of the persecution of German witches during the Inquisition.

Himmler, along with Richard Darré, was responsible for absorbing The Ahnenerbe Society “a kind of seminary and teaching college for the future leaders of the Thousand Year Reich”, into the S.S. The Ahenenerbe was devoted to some odd völkish studies, each of which had a subdivision dedicated to it: “Celtic Studies”, Externsteine (near Wewelsburg), where the world-tree Yggdrasil was supposed to reside, Icelandic research; Tibetan research, runic studies; a strange new twist on physics called the “World Ice Theory”, an archeological research in an effort to find evidence of past Aryan presence in remote locations all over the world, such as South America, giving rise to “Aryans discovered America” stories. Another theory propounded by Himmler was that babies that had been conceived in cemeteries would inherit the spirits of whoever was buried there, and actually published lists of cemeteries that were good for breeding because of the Teutonic heroes resting therein. Himmler was obsessed with the concept of the Holy Grail, and hired researchers to try and prove that the Grail was actually a Nordic pagan artifact.

DR: Your book is all about how occultism, esoteric beliefs and secret societies inspired many of the leading figures in the Nazi party. You also detail how several people in the upper echelons of the Golden Dawn and the OTO were involved in espionage — Karl Germer and Theodor Reuss for German Intelligence and Crowley for the British. And certainly we know that a number of occult societies throughout history, such as the Bavarian Illuminati, various Masonic sects, The Knights of Malta, The Templars, etc., have been involved in espionage and political revolution. What do you think draw occultists into the field of spying and revolutionary activities?

PL: Secret knowledge; the illusion of secret power; the man or woman who walks among us, ordinary and unremarkable or even of low and unattractive appearance, who is in reality a Magister Templi or a Colonel in the KGB. It’s the same attraction that Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc have for generations of pre-adolescents. Spies and magicians are a lot like Batman, except that spies really exist and really do exert some hidden influence over mundane events; and magicians thoroughly believe that they do, too, and have the benefit — sometimes — of a cult of like-minded people who prop up their belief system by means of what Robert Anton Wilson used to call “consensus reality”.

On a deeper level, I think that many people — intelligent people — resent having to obey authority. Openly resisting authority is usually cause for arrest and torture, if not execution, in many countries. Secretly resisting authority, however, has its charms. One stays alive, and one resists. One has one’s cake and eats it. In the case of spiritual authority, an intelligent person cannot stomach that a black-robed eunuch with a wine-red nose would have some kind of direct connection with God unobtainable by ordinary folk. The intelligent person wants to talk to God directly, and not have to take direction from a tired old priest or minister or whatever. That person — through the act of contacting higher powers or forces on his or her own — becomes a kind of “anti-priest” and thus a cult is born. Conspiracies are a fact of life: they grow like mushrooms around office water coolers. They remain secret from the managers and supervisors; they attempt to cause change, indirectly and discretely. Add God or occult powers into the mix — or politics, espionage, coups d’etat — and you have an irresistible mix for a certain type of person.

We all feel there is a mystery at the heart of reality: vide the popularity of crime and detection novels, spy novels, and occult novels. The spy and the occultist live at the periphery of this elemental, Ur-mystery. It has to do with Authority, the King, and Reality. The very word “reality” comes from the same root as “royal”: reality was whatever the King said it was. Real estate was the kingdom; outside the kingdom, there was no King and, hence, no reality. To challenge the King, one had to be from beyond the border of the kingdom: one had to be in communion with non-real forces; one had to represent the anti-King.

Spies and occultists live among us, but have loyalties elsewhere. There is a certain attraction to that, and a certain danger. But it is also ultimately a lonely existence, and that is where the spy and the occultist sometimes fail: in their attempt to salve their loneliness by opening up to others they reveal their secret natures to their sworn enemy: reality or the King.

I am thinking just now — perhaps in a stream of consciousness — about the Philby affair. A group of old queens (already on the outs with general society by their very natures) spying against society for the enemy, since Russia valued their contribution and ignored their homosexuality. What fun! But in the end it was this very relationship they had with each other — Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Blunt — that doomed them all. For an interesting sidelight, see the BBC production, “Blunt: the Fourth Man” in which Ian Richardson — who plays Anthony Blunt — is lecturing to a group of art students on nothing less than Poussin’s shepherds and “Et in Arcadia ego” …. He is interrupted by an urgent phone call from Burgess. An art student runs after him, asking “But … did Arcadia actually …” And Blunt — panicked and in a hurry — replies, “Not now!”. A double entendre?

DR: Are politics and magic inseparably linked? Would you say that throughout history politicians and political movements have always used subliminal occult messages as archetypes to manipulate public consciousness for or against the prevailing power structure? Are political struggles basically magic wars, and power structures kept intact by magical means?

PL: In other words — to paraphrase Clausewitz — is magic a continuation of politics by other means? It depends on your definition of magic. Is it, as Crowley would have it, the “science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”? Then, yes. But under those guidelines, so is selling used cars. We need a sharper definition of what we mean by magic. It depends on whether or not you subscribe to the conspiracy theory of the day, I guess. If real power is in the hands of a few, secret people behind the scenes who pull strings, then, obviously, politics as we know it does not exist. I mean, the will of the people, the voting booth, the ad campaigns and the mud-slinging, etc., in the end come to naught because the boys in the back room will decide who gets elected. But if political power is the ability to move and mold masses of people, then you have a chance at proving the thesis that political wars are magic wars. The key to this thesis would be, in my point of view, propaganda. Propaganda is the use and manipulation of symbols. Whoever does it best is the better magician, and will probably win the “war”. But the symbols of the political arena — especially in the United States — are not as sublime as we find in the occult symbol system. The political symbols are taken from the environment, from the times; the zeitgeist, if you will.

No one actually goes around waving the tattvic symbols or the Tarot deck around during a political campaign; the manipulation goes in different channels. We have Dukakis in the tank, for instance. What should have been a winning symbol was turned on its head and possibly helped Dukakis lose an election. I think political wars are analogous to magic wars, but I don’t think they are necessarily one and the same. A magician does not need a crowd to effect his or her will. A magician operates — like our spies — secretly, and manipulates forces of nature (or supernature) rather than directly massage the psyches of people. We are also in danger of considering all subliminal messages as occult messages; there may be some justification in this, in that any subliminal message probably has its occult analogue, but when you compare a run-off election in Iowa with what Hitler was doing at Nuremberg, you are comparing apples and oranges, I think.

Hitler was upfront about what he was doing; the symbolism was deliberately occult, pagan, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic. In fact, he was openly using ritual. Most of our popular politicians today would be unable and unwilling to do this, since virtually any public use of ritual for political ends would be considered crypto-fascist, I think. I am not trying to beg the question; I just think it is more complex than comparing politics to magic on that level. Arthur had Merlin for that; it was a separate department in his government, if you see what I mean. I believe that CIA — specifically the boys at MK-ULTRA — came close to becoming our very own, homegrown version of Merlin but I don’t think Harry Truman was a black magician himself.

DR: On P. 73 you suggest that the Friekorps assassination of Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau (in June 1922) on the eve of the summer solstice was a human sacrifice to the sun god Wotan. (Note: It was believed that Rathenau was one of the actual Elders of Zion.) Do you think that in a larger sense the elimination of 6 million Jews could be considered one giant pagan sacrifice?

PL: We can consider the Holocaust a kind of pagan sacrifice, but more importantly I think it was something far more sinister than that. You don’t sacrifice what you despise; you sacrifice something of value. Rathenau — although Jewish — was considered an exemplary human being even by his executioners, and thus a fitting sacrifice. After all, he was an important element of Germany’s war machine during the First War and had a lot to offer post-War Germany. His was a true sacrifice. But the Holocaust? The slaughter of the Jews — and Gypsies, and homosexuals, communists, etc — was designed to purify the planet of diseased blood and diseased spirit in the eyes of the Nazis. That is why it was kept going until the very end, regardless of the cost and regardless of the fact that the resources being used to keep the camps running could have been better utilized defending Berlin. It was not so much a sacrifice as a purification of the soil. The Nazis believed that the Jews and their fellow travelers were actual representatives of an evil force on earth and had to be destroyed, at any cost. If their race disappeared, the Nazis felt that they had done the planet — and its surviving human members — a favor and would be remembered forever for their contribution.

DR: On page 80 you said that one of Hitler’s astrologers, Erik van Hannussen, had taught Hitler “what body language and hand gestures to use in public speaking.” Is this perhaps why so many of his speeches were so effective — because there were subliminal occult messages embedded in Hitler’s carefully-crafted mannerisms?

PL: Less subliminal occult messages and more an artful carving of space around him. Body language has only comparatively recently become understood as a means of subliminal communication; I believe Hannussen was ahead of his time in understanding that posture, and gesture, communicate as effectively — and subliminally — as the actual words one uses. I also believe that in 1930’s Berlin this would be considered an occult art and not something from a psychology textbook.

DR: You mentioned in the book that Hitler himself did not perform any magickal rituals but had others do so on his behalf. But what about all of the rumors to the contrary? In the notes to your book you dismiss Trevor Ravenscroft’s “wild tales of Hitler attending séances with Dietrich Eckart.” But what makes you so sure? An acquaintance of mine, Fred Berger of Propaganda magazine, published an article several years ago claiming that Hitler had gone to see the opera Parzival in 1909 while on peyote, and had “fallen to a transcendental state in which he perceived that he was the reincarnation of the evil black magician Klingsor”, the bad guy in Wagner’s opera. Then, according to Berger’s article, he went to the Hobfurg museum to check out the Spear of Destiny. Berger quotes some unidentified text supposedly written by Hitler which states, “The air became so stifling that I could barely breathe. The noisy scene of the Treasure House seemed to melt away before my eyes. I stood alone and trembling before the hovering form of the Superman. In holy awe, I offered my soul as a vessel of his Will.” Any comment as to the veracity of this claim?

PL: I dispute this because there is simply no evidence for it. I feel that Hitler was more or less as I portrayed him in my book: not a joiner, not someone who could sit still for long waiting for the table to tip or a ghost to materialize. Hitler makes more sense as an unconscious medium, one being used by other magicians, than as a practicing occultist himself. The stories of his taking peyote, attending seances, etc., are all without documentary substantiation so far. One of the things I tried to make sure I did in my book was to document everything thoroughly, based as much as possible on primary sources (the Captured German Records section at the National Archives; the Rehse Collection at the Library of Congress; etc.) so that I would be immune from charges that I was “channeling” the information. In fact, using the primary sources, I came up with far more craziness than I could fit in Unholy Alliance. Avon cut my Appendices, for instance (yes, it was as painful as it sounds!) which would have contained more reference material. They wanted to cut the Bibliography and Index, as well, but I fought it.

DR: Why do you think Hitler and the Nazis spent so much effort persecuting pagans and occult orders? Was it part of placating the Catholic Church or were they just eliminating competition? Were they afraid of the magickal powers of these other occult orders?

PL: They were eliminating competition. Also, remember that the occult groups were a potential fifth column inside Germany. They had their own means of communication and contacts all over Europe. They had roots going back many years in many countries. They were indeed a threat. I believe that the US felt the same way, which would help explain the Jack Parsons situation.

DR: Why do you think the swastika specifically was chosen as the Nazi insignia? I know that their ideology was heavily influenced by Theosophy, and the swastika was one of Blavatsky’s favorite symbols. The Hindus of course, refer to it as the whirling disc with which God (Vishnu?) spun the universe into existence. But what exactly was its significance to the Nazis? It seems to give one the impression of aggression and power. Crowley, in his book Gematria describes the swastika as containing 17 squares, and in a later chapter says of the number 17, “Here is a magic disc for me to hurl, and to win heaven by violence.”

PL: I pretty much cover this in my book. It was a popular symbol in Germany before the Nazis appropriated it. In fact, it was used by troops during World War One as a kind of talisman. The Germans clearly felt it had racial connections, and was more representative of their people than the Christian cross. Remember, too, that the Nazis idolized Tibet and the cults of Northern India. The so-called “Aryan” race would have had its origins there, and India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet are replete with swastika motifs. I live in Asia, and the swastika is everywhere out here: on Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu temples alike. It represents — specifically — “auspiciousness” but is taken to symbolize a kind of polar energy in the universe, a spinning sun disk (yes) but also a deeper, more mysterious analogue since the sun does not spin in two directions but the swastika does.

DR: On page 95 you write about how Guido von List borrowed the Golden Dawn’s system of degrees, based on the Tree of Life, for use in his own völkish, anti-semitic pagan order the Armanenschaft, and that he might have gotten the information from a Golden Dawn initiate named D.R. Felkein, or from OT.O. initiate Rudolf Steiner. You write “That List would have based his hierarchy on the patently Jewish Tree of Life and borrowed the concept from the Golden Dawn — by way of the O.T.O. — would seem merely ironic to a lay person but positively frightening to an occultist, for what it implies about the relationship between the anti-Semitic List organizations and the ostensibly apolitical Golden Dawn and O.T.O. lodges.” So what is that implication, exactly?

PL: The implication is that the Blavatskian notion of a racial hierarchy — root races, and all that — would have found a sinister manifestation in a proto-Nazi occult movement, and that the Golden Dawn and O.T.O. themselves might have been fellow travelers; that a spiritual hierarchy might imply a racial one; that a magical war might develop into genocide.

DR: I’ve heard a number of rumors stating that Crowley had a personal meeting with Winston Churchill once in which he suggested the use of the “V for Victory” sign as a subliminal occult symbol to combat the swastika. Can you confirm or deny this rumor? It seems plausible to me, especially after reading the part in your book about how Crowley suggested dropping occult pamphlets onto the German countryside with anti-Nazi propaganda embedded in them — an idea that was eventually implemented with no success.

PL: I cannot confirm that Crowley ever met Churchill. I rather think Crowley would have made a great deal of it in one of his books if he had.

DR: From my understanding the Nazi idea of the Overman entailed much more that just increased physical strength and intellectual prowess. It involved a creature whose ajna faculties — psychic powers associated with the Third Eye — had been fully developed. It entailed a creature more in touch with his higher self, a creature more advanced spiritually as well. What else do you think this entailed? What do you think men like Sebetondorf, Liebenfels, List and Eckart imagined when they talked about the Overman? Did they imagine the Aryan race evolving into something with an entirely different physical appearance?

PL: Yes, the Overman was not merely a “superman” as it is often erroneously translated. It was the next level of human evolution. As Hitler himself says, anyone who thinks that National Socialism is merely a political party had better think again: the goal is to create the New Man. I believe he meant that literally. Else:  why the Holocaust? why the Lebensborn organization? why the documented racial purity of prospective SS members? etc. etc. Germany was a laboratory where Hitler would create his homonculus. To the Nazis, this meant a human being that was above compassion; above sentiment; passionate in his ideals and self-image, but conscience-less by comparison to the rest of us. A sociopath, probably. Intelligent, strong, perfectly proportioned. And a remorseless killer. Not exactly ET.

DR: You’ve mentioned that many of these Nazi occultists believed in the Theosophical concept of Ascended Masters and Secret Chiefs. I know that Blavatsky believed them to reside in the Himalayas, while the Thulists deposited them underground, in a subterranean vault accessible by a tunnel which opens up in the North Pole. But is it possible that some of these people believed that the Ascended Masters were extraterrestrials or transdimensional beings? We know that the Nazis were suspected of conducting experiments with flying saucers, time travel and multiple dimensions, so it made me wonder.

PL: I think that recent neo-Nazi authors are toying with this idea, most notably Miguel Serrano in Chile. Crowley and his followers certainly hold these views (see the works by Kenneth Grant, for instance). The Nazis themselves? Well, going through their Canon is a bit tedious but I am sure the resourceful researcher could uncover the odd reference to an extraterrestrial abode for their Secret Chiefs. At that time, space opera was not nearly the advanced art form it is today and flying saucers were not yet the vogue although the foo fighters had already made an appearance, as did the mysterious flying ships of the turn of the century. I think the Nazis still understood the Masters to be a kind of god-force, like Odin or Thor; Horbiger was coming close to an extraterrestrial theory as he developed his World Ice concept, but it had little to do with the Secret Chiefs. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have not found documentation to show that the Nazis had a developed theory about the nature of the Chiefs, and that I have found very little support for an extraterrestrial theory of any kind among the Nazis so far. I am aware of the idea that they were working on a saucer or some kind of space ship, but that does not imply that they held significant alien life theories beyond those of a purely speculative nature.

Levenda interviewed by Tracy TwymanMagickal Blitzkrieg Hitler and the Occult from the Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult (more here)

The Allied Occult Offensive

According to Levenda, “Himmler was obsessed by the idea that British Intelligence was being run by the Rosicrucian order, and that occult adepts were in charge of MI5.” Whether or not that was true, the Germans were certainly not the only participants in the war using the power of magic to their advantage. Levenda provides the details of a “Cult Counterstrike” organized by the intelligence agencies of the U.S. and Britain, an effort centering around the “most evil man in the world,” the Great Beast 666, Aleister Crowley.

Crowley had gone to live in New York during WWI after being rejected for military service by the British government, and began writing “pro-German propaganda” for a magazine called The Fatherland, published by George Viereck. Crowley took over as editor. He later claimed that he had really been working for British Intelligence, because, “his articles were so outlandish that the journal was reduced to absurdity, a caricature of serious political discussion, which would help the British cause more than harm it.” There is some evidence to suggest that Crowley was working for MI5 during this time, spying on his fellow OTO initiate Karl Germer, a German intelligence agent, so perhaps his excuse for working for The Fatherland is sound. Whatever the case, he was definitely hired by MI5 during WWII. Crowley had become friends with author Dennis Wheatley, well-known for a number of fiction and non-fiction books based on the occult, who had once worked for Winston Churchill’s Joint Planning Staff. He had been introduced to Crowley by a journalist named Tom Driberg, who would later become a spy for MI5 as well, and who would come into possession of Crowley’s diaries shortly after his death in 1947. Wheatley also introduced Crowley to yet another MI5 agent, Maxwell Knight. Knight was the real historical figure behind the fictional character “M” in all the James Bond novels, written by Knight’s friend in the Department of Naval Intelligence, Ian Fleming. Crowley met Knight for dinner at Wheatley’s house, and it was there that Crowley agreed to take them both on as magic students. Later, Ian Fleming dreamed up a way to use Crowley’s expertise in a scheme against the Germans. The scheme involved an Anglo-German organization known as “The Link,” a supposed “cultural society” which had once been under the leadership of Sir Barry Domville, Director of Naval Intelligence from 1927 to 1930. The Link had been investigated by Maxwell Knight in the 1930s because of its involvement in German spy operations, and was soon dissolved after much incriminating evidence was found. As Levenda describes it, Fleming, “thought that if the Nazis could be made to believe that The Link was still in existence, they could use it as bait for the Nazi leadership. The point was to convince the Nazis that The Link had sufficient influence to overthrow the Churchill government and thereby to install a more pliable British government, one which would gladly negotiate a separate peace with Hitler.” The suggestion came in the form of fake astrological advice passed on to the gullible Rudolf Hess, who was already under the delusion that only he could talk the British into peace with Germany, and that it was his destiny to do so. One of his staff astrologers, Dr. Ernst Schulte-Strathaus, under British employ, encouraged Hess to make his mission to England on May 10, 1941 a significant date because of a rare conjunction of six planets in the sign of Taurus. The Duke of Hamilton was also enlisted to let Hess know that he would be happy to entertain him should he plan to go through with such an endeavor. So Hess, a trained pilot, embarked on a rather dangerous solo flight to the British Isles, parachuting into Scotland decked out in various occult symbols, where he was immediately arrested by the waiting Brits. According to Levenda, “Fleming tried to obtain permission for Crowley to debrief Hess in order to develop intelligence on the occult scene in the Third Reich and particularly the Nazi leadership.” But this permission was denied, and Hess spent the rest of his days in prison not being much use to anybody. Levenda finds this suspicious, for, “What could have been a major propaganda coup against the Nazis went utterly wasted, as if by tacit agreement on both sides.”

After Hess’ arrest, Hitler denounced him as a crazed madman, and began persecuting astrologers and occultists in his own domains more so than ever before. Crowley continued trying to help the Allied cause, but most of his ideas were rejected. One, however, while initially dismissed, was later implemented. This involved dropping occult pamphlets on the German countryside that predicted a dire outcome for the war and depicted the Nazi leadership as Satanic. A forgery of a popular German astrological magazine called Zenit was created and dropped onto enemy battlefields. It was set for full-scale distribution, but the delivery was intercepted by the Gestapo before it could be completed.

Besides Crowley, there were other occultists involved in the fight against the Third Reich. One of Crowley’s proteges, Jack Parsons, who was the Head of the Agape O.T.O. Lodge in California as well as a charter member of both Cal-Tech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, invented the “Greek Fire” rocket propellant which was widely used by the United States Navy between 1944 and 1945. According to Levenda, it was “a solution that could have only come from someone with a working knowledge of the arcane lore of alchemy and magic.” (1) There was also a Golden Dawn initiate named Sam Untermyer, an attorney and wealthy philanthropist once called a “Satanist” by a British newspaper. Untermyer started the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights and the World-Anti-Nazi Council, which both promoted the boycott of German products. He also donated money to the hunt for Nazi agents coming into New York. And with the help of a man named Richard Rollins, he started a secret society called “The Board,” which engaged in counterespionage against Nazi groups who were recruiting in the United States.

The World War II that Levenda describes is a magic war, and a holy war — a war in which both sides considered themselves to be fighting the forces of evil. It is a war operated behind the scenes by mystical adepts using their esoteric knowledge of symbolism, astrology, meditation, astral travel, clairvoyance, and mind control against the enemy. It was a war inspired by age-old beliefs in the Elder Gods of Europe’s ancient past. In the pages that follow, Mr. Levenda discusses that war with the Editor of Dagobert’s Revenge.-Tracy Twyman continued

A Timeline of Lies, Living Books, and Monsters
1920s The Thule Gesellschaft and other secret societies help Nazism into power while showing an open interest in the benefits of using alchemy. Stalin tries to make super monkey men soldiers.

1936-1941-Russia tried to replace soldier’s bones with different metals…
“The soldiers were not stuffed with chemicals or drugged out. They were implanted gold electrodes in their brains, eliminating the pain center. Their limb bones were replaced with titanium implants that protected the soft tissues against landmines or shells, as well as from gunshot injuries. In this case, any injury was not threatening and would not cause crushing bones and amputations… All the soldiers had to sign the nondisclosure, and the disclosure of the “military secrets” would result in death…However, another 150 victims of horrific experiments on human flesh were still alive. Perhaps, there were more than 150. In 1945, American allies captured a secret medical facility in Germany. Inside there were dozens of autopsies that belonged to the Soviet troops. The bones in their bodies were replaced with steel prosthesis. There was a body of an officer with metal ribs. Several people were made dwarfs. They would become pilots, as stunted people were less vulnerable to the enemy and could take more fuel and ammunition on board the aircraft.The work of the center for the production of the “universal soldiers” was interrupted with the outbreak of World War II. Nearly all of its employees had been mobilized into the army and died at the front. It is not ruled out that the intelligence agencies took care of it as such witnesses were dangerous if left alive.”-Margarita Troitsina
1938-1939 The Nazis led by Himmler head to Tibet in search of, what we can only guess, was the furthering of the idea of a Sith warrior monk ethos they could adapt to an occult super solider, exotic technology, and perhaps something altogether alien.
1943 Sept-Oct Philadelphia Experiment ( battleship ship invisibility )- the U.S. Navy, in an attempt to make a ship invisible, wind up teleporting the U.S.S. Eldridge to another time.
1945 April Head of the Nazi’s secret weapons projects, General Kammler, Die Glocken ( the Bell ), all of the research related to it, and an aircraft called a Junkers 390 all disappear in Prague. They are suspected to have gone to Argentina. Later in May, Russian troops find Tibetan monks dead in SS uniforms.
1947 Paperclip Nazis specializing in chemical and biological warfare work until 1966 at Fort Detrick
The Majic team was originally assembled to take care of the sudden situation of a crashed UFO (Roswell) and figure how to use technologies acquired from the crashed ship and the supposed four occupants. Most of this “debris “left from the UFO would later be transferred to Wright Patterson Air force Base. The MJ-12 documents would become very controversial as evidence would later come out proving them to be fake documents. The organization of men, or at least their collective power in positions of the “know” are certainly factual.
“The CIA assassination plots appear to represent another conspicuous exception to the rule of NSC control Lu at least these schemes carried out in the 1960s have the excuse of preceding the enactment of the strong intelligence oversight statues passed in 1974 and 1980 the evidence regarding the plots remains murky but the NFC was evidently unaware that the CIA had hired the Mafia four attempts against Fidel Castro’s life and have restored to other questionable modus operandi including the shipment of murder instruments in a diplomatic pouch to the US Embassy in the Congo now the year for us against Patrice Lumumba indeed the details of operations aside not a single living and I see principal recalled Underoath before Congress any approval whatsoever oral or written from the White House for the assassination attempts the church and pike committees uncovered other instances when the CIA and other intelligence agencies acted like rogue elephant but the list with short at least in recent years in earlier times NFC controls of the CIA or more locks during the tenure of Alan Alan Dallas as DCI 1953 through 61 the CIA seems to have had broad freedom of discretion with Dallas running the agency according to a New York Times assessment in 1966 quote largely as he saw fit the Church Committee found in 1975 that only a small percentage of the total number of covert actions had been sent to the NFC for prior approval during the early days of the CIA.” –
America’s Secret Power: The CIA in a Democratic Society by Loch K. Johnson

The beginning of the Cold War (historians debate the beginning date) as peace treaties are just being signed between multiple European nations to end World War 2

January 15th body of ‘Black Dahlia” discovered in Los Angeles
January 25, 1947- patent filed for the first video game (sort of) The Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device

February 20th V-2 launched into space

February 23rd IMF (International Monetary Fund) founded

March 1st IMF begins to operate as Werner Von Braun marries his first cousin


Dead Sea Scrolls discovered

June 21st The Maury Island Incident- Harold Dahl sees six UFOs, only to wake up the next day and report the first modern Men In Black encounter. Maury Island is in Puget Sound,Washington.

The Men In Black and the Black Lodge

Often when a person or institution allied with the historical  Great White Brotherhood approaches success (variously defined) or comes into possession of certain aspects of transcendent wisdom, Something Intervenes. That something has been defined as the Man in Black, the Men In Black, the  black lodges, or The Black Lodge.
The latter term most nearly accommodates my own view. That they need to do this, and that they often fail in their efforts, is itself an indication that,
(A) the Black Lodge is opposed by Something Else, equally as strong
(B) they are afraid of something we might find out – about them, about their opposition, about ourselves or all three. The story of our interaction with the UFOnauts begins with the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the Chakra system of the body.
According to the primal occult and frequently secret and subversive view, the manifest universe emerges from an Ultimate NOT-Thing, a Consciousness or Beingness beyond words or expressions sometimes referred to as the Unmanifest or The Limitless Light. This Unmanifest cannot be understood in the external sense, but can be Known in the Gnostic sense by the initiate or perfected sentient being, the Ubermensch. It can be plugged into.
For reasons equally inexpressible, this uniqueness unfolds itself in manifestation. Thus, the limitless light becomes a series of emanations or expressions or Intelligences that devolve increasingly toward our material form of existence and thus towards accessibility in the conventional sense.
But the manifestations also increasingly become subject to subdivision into arbitrary concepts such as “good” and “evil” as these are commonly understood. And they also become closer and closer in form and content to our own mundane reality, though in the relativity of things, these Higher Intelligences may seem unspeakably powerful, mythic and divine.
The Gnostic view has tended to be that what the external world of the conventional person understands as god, devil demon, angel or, more recently, extraterrestrial beings are, in fact, such emanations of the unspeakable ultimate. Indeed, the ancient Gnostics saw the ‘god’ and ‘devil’ of conventional theology as an ego-maddened entity under the delusion that it, indeed, IS the Ultimate Being!
The late Phil Dick, in his last Gnostic allegorical fiction, eventually settled on the name “V.A.L.I.S.” or “Vast Active Living intelligence System” for this being or Demiurge. He wrestled through his literary career and secret life as a Christian Gnostic philosopher with whether VALIS was a benevolent, if machine-like deity of a sort, or an insane extraterrestrial supercomputer.
Throughout recorded history, and, from the evidence of primitive objects and works of art, for aeons before, certain humans have had the capacity to tune into or channel various of these Higher Intelligences with varying degrees of accuracy. These humans have been our Seers, Oracles and Prophets. It appears, in fact, that much of the source-material of all religions comes from such channelings, including, arguably, “The Book of Revelation”, “The Book of Mormon”, and “The Book of the Law“.
Concurrently, and not coincidentally, the two great initiatory bodies,or orders have been generated and regenerated throughout history. The so-called Great White Brotherhood, when undistorted, appears (according to legend) guided by Intelligences associated with the dual star system Sirius or Sothis in some manner (see “The Sirius Mystery” by Robert Temple for a discussion of the Sirius connection – also Kenneth Grant’s “Outside the Circles of Time” discusses the matter from a magical perspective).
This brotherhood also seems to have the purpose of uplifting human character and initiating biological and social evolution designed to move towards identification with Ultimate Being. What is sometimes called “the Black Lodge,” which we may associate with the Gnostic Demiurge or Phil Dick’s VALIS, is generated to keep humanity in a state of materialist trance and evolutionary stagnation…

Thus, the birth of the modern form, as the fraternity of the knights militant of the New Aeon in the cultural and political turbulence of Germany in the 1890s, may fairly (along with the coincident peak in the development of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Universal Gnostic Church) be characterized as the resurgence of the Great White Brotherhood and its rejuvenation out of the degeneration of classical speculative freemasonry.
This coincides closely with the “Great Airship Scare” of 1897.
At almost the same moment, and in the same unhappy land, the Black Lodge reasserted itself in the form of such fraternities as the Vril Society and the Thule Group.
”-The Men In Black and their Magical Origins

June 24th The first major UFO sighting picked up by U.S. media, pilot and businessman Kenneth Arnold sees Nine Unidentified Flying Objects near Mt.Rainier (Washington), kickstarting the beginning of the modern UFO phenomenon

July 8th Roswell– An advanced possibly alien craft crashes in Roswell, New Mexico and the military scrambles to present their own manufactured explanation for the events after some confusion.

July 26th As the Cold War as the given reasoning at the time, President harry Truman signs the National Security Act, effectively creating the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs of Staff

September 24th date on the Top Secret Eyes Only Memorandum for the Secretary of Defense regarding the future of the Majestic group

December 22nd first electronic transistor demonstrated
“Encouraged by Executive Vice President Mervin Kelly, William Shockley returned from wartime assignments in early 1945 to begin organizing a solid-state physics group at Bell Labs. Among other things, this group pursued research on semiconductor replacements for unreliable vacuum tubes and electromechanical switches then used in the Bell Telephone System. That April he conceived a “field-effect” amplifier (?) and switch based on the germanium and silicon technology developed during the war, but it failed to work as intended. A year later theoretical physicist John Bardeen suggested that electrons on the semiconductor surface might be blocking penetration of electric fields into the material, negating any effects. With experimental physicist Walter Brattain, Bardeen began researching the behavior of these “surface states.” On December 16, 1947, their research culminated in the first successful semiconductor amplifier.”
unknown date: Raytheon demonstrates first microwave

Conjecture Regarding 1947 and the UFO Phenomenon:
(Note: The following ideas are not to be taken as the opinions still held by the authors
or even as a conclusion to ideas discussed, but rather, some strategically placed food for thought)

   It’s been sixty five years since the alien abduction phenomenon first flared up. A handful of cases started an avalanche of abductions that coincide with an increase, in not only UFO sightings, but possibly more to the point; a massive increase in the consolidation of power in the U.S. seeing the birth of an intelligence network which would quickly span the world over. This intelligence apparatus, as it is often referred, would control the next half a century of technology, air and space evolution, space travel, the media, war, social movements, mind science, eugenics and secret genetic research, just to name a few…
   For some reason, and I think we may be able to deduce that reason by the end of this reading; UFO research and alien abduction research, have stayed kind of partitioned in the middle. There are hardcore UFO photographers, and hardcore abduction researchers, all of whom have been suspected of being an intelligence disinformation agent of some variety, and these two groups rally to make sense of the phenomenon with “hard” evidence, and bizarre theories hanging up all over the internet. The field(s) have suffered horribly from this kind of segregation between key elements, for example E.S.P. and abductions, or ritual magick, exotic advanced physics, and U.F.O.s, leaving only a handful of brilliant authors who are willing to write about these subjects from a more well-rounded perspective. (see Jacques Vallee, Nick Redfern, and Thomas Bullard)
  As a disclaimer, this article is not suggesting that aliens can’t exist, or have never been to this planet; rather, it is putting evidence toward a new view of the alien abduction phenomenon, since at least 1947, as being entirely a fabrication of the intelligence or secret groups carrying on something more sinister, than holy or mysterious…
1947-A Dark Beast slithers through the corridors of Power, the Military Industrial Complex Spies it’s Corporate future  
   It has been noted by authors Jim Marrs and Peter Levenda, as well as, Gordon White and Christopher Knowles, that 1947 seems to be a cosmic intersection of high strangeness of almost every kind.  In 1947 there was an energy brewing seemingly too aggressive to be entirely of this world, or maybe that’s just when we developed the tools to start seeing it all move at once, in such bizarre directions. On the surface, it began a public obsession with UFOs and conspiracies that wouldn’t promptly die out with Kennedy’s assassination two decades later…
“With the National Security Act of 1947, and amendments in 1949, the U.S. government established the contemporary intelligence community…In the years to follow, the public and even most government officials were privy to little information about its workings.” America’s Secret Power: The CIA In A Democratic Society by Loch K. Johnson
      The C.I.A. and the jurisdiction provided by the National Security Act (signed on July 26, 1947) allowed; in the coming years, for everything from false flag violence committed toward African Americans decades later incited by “the Company”, to wire-tapping and file keeping on hundreds of Americans, a job we now know is suited to the ominous National Security Agency (just because we now know they exist, doesn’t make them any more transparent). Now of course, all this tedious investigation of the very country, which one’s job title insist- one is employed to protect, is done by computers, the harder work by cameras, and high tech gadgetry. It seems everyone in the entire modern military industrial media driven corporate scripted complex has some kind of well farmed and groomed complex themselves, to be either a sociopath and a killer of men or of ideas; or a psychopath who feels nothing, thinks very little, but expresses far too much, reading people the unfortunately chosen and carefully scripted news, in the case of the media. Each and every one of us has our place in the intelligence simulation of America and each and every one is monitored, so that we may better follow along.
   Of possible interest, in 1945 Vannevar Bush, supposedly unrelated to George Bush, comes up with this idea for a personal computer, possibly kickstarting the process of digitizing consciousness, if you will, creating a kind of physical matrix for ideas…(Apparently this computer was turned off at some point only to be turned back on in 1947)
“The idea of a personal computer, one that ordinary individuals could own and operate and keep in their homes, was envisioned in 1945 by Vannevar Bush. After building his Differential Analyzer at MIT and helping to create the military-industrial-academic triangle, he wrote an essay for the July 1945 issue of the Atlantic titled “As We May Think.” In it he conjured up the possibility of a personal machine, which he dubbed a memex, that would not only do mathematical tasks but also store and retrieve a person’s words, pictures and other information. “Consider a future device for individual use, which is a sort of mechanized private file and library,” he wrote. “A memex is a device in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory.
Bush imagined that the device would have a “direct entry” mechanism so you could put information and all your records into its memory. He even predicted hypertext links, file sharing, and collaborative knowledge accumulation. “Wholly new forms of encyclopedias will appear, ready made with a mesh of associative trails running through them, ready to be dropped into the memex and there amplified,” he wrote, anticipating Wikipedia by a half century.”
-The Culture that gave birth to the Personal Computer
” The 1947 pivot
This year gets its own section. Because of reasons. These ones:
  • ( The first four items we have covered)
  • Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech
  • The House (On) Un-American Activities Committee begins investigating Hollywood
  • Arthur Young leaves Bell Labs to devote his life full time to the paranormal. (The beginning of his disenchantment with all projects strictly military related and this time marks the beginning of his gravitation toward the famous Nine channelings)
  • US Navy begins Project CHATTER, the quest for a truth serum
  • The Corporal Miss(i)le, using Jack Parson’s solid state fuel, is launched. (At least one is destroyed in the upper atmosphere by a UFO.)
  • Crowley dies at Netherwood
  • As Levenda points out, this is also the year Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play: “Twenty years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught us to play.” That would make it June 1947. (The Kenneth Arnold sighting happened June 24, ohn Lennon had also had a personal UFO sighting which prompted him to become an advocate for disclosure)”
Read more:  -From Very Bad Company: Occultism and Power at Rune
Rudolf Hess, Henry Ford, and Al Capone all died in 1947.
Notes on 1947 from wikipedia, plus notes and comments
April 16th- American financier and presidential adviser Bernard Baruch describes the post–World War II tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States as a “Cold War”.
May 22nd-  The Cold War begins: In an effort to fight the spread of Communism, President Harry S. Truman signs an Act of Congress that implements the Truman Doctrine. This Act grants $400 million in military and economic aid to Turkey and Greece. The Cold War ended in 1991.
  Why am I seeing all these agencies created for a purpose much larger than the Cold War, and if actions planned by JFK would have ended the Cold War more immediately and sabotaged a secret space program and all the other secrets that come with it, is that why he had to be removed from the picture?
November 24 – McCarthyism: The United States House of Representatives votes 346 – 17 to approve citations of Contempt of Congress against the “Hollywood Ten” after the screenwriters and directors refuse to co-operate with the House Un-American Activities Committee concerning allegations of communist influences in the movie business. The ten men are blacklisted by the Hollywood movie studios on the following day.”
  So 1947 was a powerhouse of UFO, National Security, and occult energy, slingshotting the world into the one we know now, out of the rubble of World War 2…
Mulder: But what does all this have to do with flying saucers?
Kritscghau: The U.S. Military saw a good thing in ’47 when the Roswell story broke. The more we denied it, the more people thought it was true – aliens had landed. A made-to-order cover story for generals looking to develop the national war chest. They opened official investigations with names like Grudge, Twinkle, Project Blue Book, Majestic 12. They brought in college professors and Congressmen and fed them enough bogus facts and fuzzy pictures and eyewitness accounts that they believed it, too. They even hooked Doug MacArthur, for God’s sake. I can’t tell you how fortuitous it was. Do you know when the first supersonic flight was, Agent Mulder? 1947. Soon every experimental aircraft being flown was a UFO sighting. When the abduction stories started up, it was too perfect. We almost got caught in Korea, an ambitious misstep. China and the Soviets knew it. The UN got all heated up at us…
Mulder: What about all the reports of abductions? You’re saying they’ve all been lies?
Kritschgau: Not lies exactly, (We see a woman laying on a table with a big stomach and a grid pattern of lights shining on her, like Scully during her abduction) but citizens taken unsuspecting and tested. A classified military project, above top-secret and still ongoing. You’ve heard the recent denials about Roswell by the military and the CIA. What’s been the effect? Even wilder and more widespread belief. The American appetite for bogus revelation, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: But I’ve seen aliens. I’ve witnessed these things.
Kritscghau: You’ve seen what they wanted you to see. (They go into an elevator) The line between science and science fiction doesn’t exist any more. This is about control, of the very elements of life. DNA – yours, mine, everyone’s. “-X-Files: Redux
  One of the more revealing moments from the show, the X-Files. The show is often accused of informing or dis-informing a public “appetite for bogus revelation”… When most people watch the X-Files, or the second season of American Horror Story, they probably get the idea that these shows are about aliens. Mostly aliens, and a couple of monsters…but it begins to become more and more clear, as the shows progress, that they are illustrating people that are monsters…A few lone stragglers of psychopathology and a much more structured over-arching story of organized human monsters. Namely the Nazis…
“[The aliens] have appropriated territory, undoubtedly some of it in the United States of America, she continued, “Roy [Wells] is repeatedly taken to a very large alien facility that is entered through a tunnel … There are hundreds of abductees coming and going, being brought in by craft. Processed through and taken out. They’re all laying there on tables. I mean, there is nothing reassuring about this picture. Nothing. It is terrifying.”
“Everything we know about the aliens we get through this study of the abductions. Which is why we created an entire magazine, JAR, the Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, dedicated to the study of the abductions. Everything we know about the aliens, the US government knows too.” Ms. Douglass explained, “There’s a part of the American government bureaucracy that is apprised of the reality of aliens and is doing things. And that’s what we call the cover-up. We don’t understand how the cover-up is structured, who’s in charge of it, how it’s funded. All we have is some hypotheses about those things. But actually, the cover-up is more secret than the aliens.”-MUFON State Director
   Here’s the short theory: The alien abduction phenomenon almost in it’s entirety is congruent with most known intelligence community activities, and this might not be a coincidence. The major UFO events and abductions in  recent history are congruent with major changes in secrecy within the government. MK-Ultra and the evolution of secret air and space technologies go year for year with the history of alien abductions and the methodologies used in them. This does not explain if the greys are real or why they are on ancient art, but it may help fill in some gaps in recent abduction research (involving medical examinations, bright lights, military uniforms, etc…)
  • Multiple abductees from all over the world see men in military uniforms. Check
  • The first well known abductees, Betty and Barney Hill recall (under hypnosis) one of the men abducting them, as wearing obvious SS regalia and uniform, as well as men in jumpsuits, whom Barney believed were from the Air Force until he gained his senses. Check
  • Many abductees can’t remember the faces of their abductors, or of the aliens. Facial blurring technology was developed publically by the military shortly after these cases. Check
  • Abductees are chipped, a now well known HUMAN process of tagging living things, developed by the same mind scientists like Persinger and Cameron, who were stars of MK-Ultra. It is not insane to understand and examine the patents for this tech long enough to understand how these technologies could induce experiences from headaches and euphoria, to the complete hallucination of an alien abduction. There’s de-patterning, mental driving, psychotronics, take your pick…Chipping the populace speaks to an already established plot toward a technocratic Orwellian state, not an alien “check-up” method Check
  • The blaming of eugenics, psychological, and metaphysical experimentation started by the Nazis, continued by many governments in secret, on little green men. Convenient huh? CHECK
  • A hungry cult of UFOlogist, eccentric abductees, and New Age armchair gurus, waiting to devour up any explanations like “the government is hiding some truth about ALIENS, something-something Skull and Bones”, -un-researched MK-Ultra rants influenced by movies and not documentation; with such severity, that they themselves, will defend the most absurd disinformation circulated by bored bloggers on vacation from the intelligence community, training themselves to see all who search for facts or truth as part of a conspiracy against them and those who believe their individual experiences…CHECK CHECK CHECK
  • A mythology so thick and rich that it eclipses meaningful concerns related to all of the above, real and secret space programs, environmental disaster, corrupt governments in your backyard, foreign policy atrocities, problems with the economy, education, local government, health, self-help, meditation, exercise, and almost anything outside of it’s addictive youtube scholar’s association of Project Camelot rambling and Alex Jones chaos storms. Check
  • All matters of extreme secrecy regarding exotic technology have a perfect elusive scapegoat-the UFO. Check
  • All matters of foreign policy and environmental prophecy can be communicated through those who would just know better- the space brothers. Check
  • Intense attention to certain bloodlines, and subsequent abduction, training, memory modification, abuse, etc. leading to every strange corner of the field that no one wants to touch from child abuse to super soldier programs. Wherever there is little physical proof there is a mountain of untapped testimony, which should lead to further investigation of some kind; whether into collective psychosis and implanted memory or secret craft and far out star systems.
  • Underground Bases or D.U.M.B.s are used for all the things conspiracy theorist say they are used for…except the alien factor might be the largest “gargoyle factor” of all, scaring off even the bravest and most foolish investigators…well that, and the clear warnings relating to “deadly use of force”, military in unmarked government jeeps, etc.
  • Disinformation related to accepting Nazi advances in technology and science and disseminating ideas of this in fact being, a pact with aliens, not Nazis. Who would ever forgive their democracy for working with Nazis? The idea was spread that people like Wernher Von Braun could be de-Nazified, and while serving as the director of Nasa, the country must have believed it. (He was in fact not de-Nazified, though he was making children’s specials on space and his 2001 Space Odyssey style space station ideas with Walt Disney, for the record.)
There is a dark, shadowy, secretive presence abducting people, running test on them, and creating a hybrid program, but I’m afraid it may be all too human.
  I’m not trying to take the Santa Claus away from believers here, I think aliens are still a large part of the equation…just not the equation we keep circling around. Roswell, the greys, and underground bases are all involved, but they are not the answers themselves. The largest question would be, where is any hard proof that the government has had contact with real life beings from another world?
A MORE abstract blog about 1947 by Frank Zero

Notes about 1947:

regarding the Cold War:
“American financier and presidential adviser Bernard Baruch describes the post–World War II tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States as a “Cold War“.“The Cold War begins: In an effort to fight the spread of Communism, President Harry S. Truman signs an Act of Congress that implements the Truman Doctrine. This Act grants $400 million in military and economic aid to Turkey and Greece. The Cold War ended in 1991.”-”– wikipedia 1947   
 Truman Doctrine-what is the

September 18
National Security Act of 1947 becomes effective on this day creating the United States Air Force, National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency.
War Department becomes the Department of the Army, a branch of the new Department of Defense.
September 22 – Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers’ Parties (Communist Information Bureau) (“Cominform”) is founded.”-1947 wiki

Nov 15 “International Telecommunication Union becomes a specialized agency of the United Nations.
Universal Postal Union (UPU) becomes a specialized agency of the United Nations (effective 1 July 1948).”

November 24 McCarthyism: The United States House of Representatives votes 346–17 to approve citations of Contempt of Congress against the “Hollywood Ten” after the screenwriters and directors refuse to co-operate with the House Un-American Activities Committee concerning allegations of communist influences in the movie business. The ten men are blacklisted by the Hollywood movie studios on the following day”

The Singular Adventure of Mr.Kenneth Arnold pdf (extremely well sourced PDF on Kenneth Arnold)