H.P Lovecraft’s Magick Realism

It is time. To find peace, to find rest, and then finally to journey and do what must be done. The taming of the inner darkness, the demons, the calling…

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      Regardless of the popular notion that the Necronomicon is simply an obscure but clever surrealist work of famous author H.P. Lovecraft, it seems he was supposedly only retelling or heavily influenced by a much older tale that many have attempted to translate or even make some sense of. In this light the experiences of one Abdul Alhazred or the ” Mad Arab ” in Damascus around 730 A.D. ,  is an experience which parallels  that of Ezekial or Nostradamus in some ways. Using presumably some type of magic, and mind altering ingredients, The Mad Arab supposedly contacted other worldly deities. They were the ” old ones ” and, or, ” beings from beyond the spheres”



Later, John Dee and Edward Kelly, as well as Crowley’s Book of the Law, would be heavily influenced by these magickal contacts, and Peter Levenda would help write an acclaimed version under the alias Simon. (known popularly as the Simonomicon)

Whether the Elder Gods are real or not, Kenneth Grant appropriated Golden Dawn ritual and technique to match Lovecraft’s cosmology, this method, Grant referred to as Typhonian Magick.

Magick and the Matrix: Necronomicon

” Phil Hines writes, in the Pseudonomicon, that the Old Ones, who are alien to human civilization and rationality, have a close relationship with wild places – particularly stone circles and ” strange manifestations” – and have been cast forth from the earth and forgotten by civilized humanity and its materialistic vision. They are ever-present, ” lurking at the frontiers of order, in places where the wild power of nature can be felt”. They are chaotic, as Nature is chaotic, and they retain their primal power since they cannot be explained. The Old Ones manifest into the everyday world through gateways in wild, lonely places entangled with local myth and folklore; associated with ” strange lights, subterranean noises, stone circles, ancient ruins, strange angles, tunnels, wells and the gates of dreaming, trance and madness”. A core feature of the Cthulhu Mythos is said to be transformation inyo a new mode of being. After initiation by fear and near madness that shatters the old conception of the self, and by dreaming and astral visions, the magician reaches a form of consciousness that is more tenuous and chaotic than ordinary reality.” -The Encyclopedia of Magic and Witchcraft by Susan Greenwood. Hermes House. 2004

     Basically; all we get to know from movies and fiction is not to mess around with magick, especially magick you don’t know. We have this collective fear of opening doorways and letting something unthinkably menacing, ancient, and always evil, in…and maybe we have that collective fear for a reason…Maybe that thing is already there, maybe that’s the most obvious part. We need to work this thing out personally with ourselves…we need to face out dark passengers, whether they be alien to our world, our mind, or our possibly comfortable understanding of ourselves. We sometimes lose sight of how much we push down into the depths…


It certainly, can in no way be ignored, that not only does it brew in the physical, as those in conspiracy crowds obsess over, in nearly possessed and unhealthy ways…but in EACH OF US

Portals and stargates, like the one proposed to, at one time exist, in Iraq? Clive Barker seems to think so, he makes it rather blatantly obvious in his video game Jericho…


Soon after Call of Duty’s Black Ops games zombie series, would follow suit on many common themes…

In Season 9 of South Park) Cartman confronts Cthulhu himself, who (Cthulhu) is only released along with other horrid entities from BP’s incessant drilling, bringing together two of the more common archonic forms in our favorite fiction; the black oil and aliens or trans-dimensional beings.

“The Star Spawn of Cthulhu are an extraterrestrial civilization of land-based octopus-like beings which colonized Earth sometime during the Paleozoic period and fought a long-lasting war against the Elder Things, eventually causing their opponent’s withdrawal to the sea. Later, peace treaties were made granting most of the recently formed continental areas of Earth to the Spawn of Cthulhu, while the oceans and the older lands – notably the Antarctic continent – were left to the Elder Things. The Spawn of Cthulhu was so called for worshiping the Great Old One known as Cthulhu, whose exact relationship to them is still unclear…

Like the Mi-Go and unlike the Elder Things, the Spawn of Cthulhu are not made out of ordinary matter at all, and seem to possess shape-shifting abilities to some degree. They were noted for the non-Euclidean geometry and strange angles of their architecture. Unfortunately for them, most of the land areas that belonged to the Spawn of Cthulhu ended up sinking back to the sea, including their most sacred stone city of R’lyeh, where Cthulhu himself still lies dormant. While the origins of the octopoid creatures is not clear, two hypothesis could be speculated upon: that they were a species that simply happened to be extremely devoted to Cthulhu (who as should be noted shares some cephalopod traits with them) or that they were created by him, perhaps even as true off-springs. The fact that some other Great Old Ones also appear to have “follower races” (such as Dagon, who is worshipped by the Deep Ones, for example) could possibly support this.

Appearances – At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft (do not really appear, but are described in the art works of the Elder Things)

The Cthulhu Star Spawn in the episode “The collect call of Cthulhu” in the series “The Real ghostbusters”.

Watch Ghostbusters “The Collect Call of Cthulhu”

Side thoughts:

Archons: What I want to know is what is the fundamental difference in strategy or eventual goal between the archons, and the Elder Gods, or even the “aliens” if that’s a separate species of beings…Why hasn’t this come up yet? We have people who specialize in one or the other, but it seems there is no connecting fabric between them all; other than the theory that we are dealing with a new type of science where different dimensions are easily traversable. Catch up Scully! I mean science, ancient shamans, and ritual practices have your attempts at discerning other worlds beat by a few thousand years, but it’s okay really, because alchemy didn’t really catch on either.

Technology: If technology is part of feeding the Beast so to speak, we may want to rethink our love of the internet. If part of the parasitism

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