George Lucas envisioned it all; the fall of the Republic into an Empire ruled by bureaucrats (special interests) who crush the (Free) Trade Federation. But if the evil empire spreads its influence with violence, then wouldn’t that make the Empire us (US of A)?


Star Wars, Nazis, Human Potential, and the Black Sun


The fictionalization of Nazis (thanks to films such as Iron Sky, Hellboy, Nazis at the Center of the Earth) and the History Channel’s unhealthy interest in all things 3rd Reich have left us desensitized to the clichéd boogeyman. It’s a catch-all term similar to “conspiracy theorist,” in that it tends to negate the investigation of organized tyranny and creeping fascism by making the investigation itself seem preposterous. Nazi’s, here? Hah!

World War II ended 70 years ago, and while the main villain has become distant and mythologized, the American military bases currently dotting Japan, Germany, Italy and most of the rest of the world are a subtle reminder that the empire never really ended. It just changed flags.

Imagine a creeping dystopia, as if it were real and surrounding you, outside your very walls as you read this. No need for reading books, those around you may already be convinced that all books are fiction, and history is worth learning, only to eagerly embrace it’s most vicious of cycles and preventable patterns, over and over again. Are robots goose stepping to the IBM initiated nazi apocalypse or do they just walk that way?

16 Annual midnight swearing-in of SS troops at Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938[1]
However, no one, who talks wild shit about all the Nazi stuff (flat earths and Wolfenstein scenes basically) seems far from conspiracy withdrawals, other than of course…

Levenda, Lifton, aspects of Farrell, and then just thousands of sources, I wouldn’t use in a paper I’d be turning into you lol (especially Farrell)

  1. Even before the Third Reich were bigger than their visual representation in uniform, they were a cult, not a religion, and certainly not a political party. This leads to Levenda’s uneasiness about comparable ties in contemporary U.S. politicians. (and I’ll add policies, which on any given day may reflect Klaus Barbie’s worldview or Natalie Portman’s.) Furthermore, with the endless military expansion globally, and the annihilation if not decades setback, of settlements throughout the countries, we deemed possibly involved in the state cooked attack on the WTC (Rostock Fire)
  2. The people who don’t believe in the overwhelmingly, nearly science fiction-esque examples of exotic technology and worldview perception management, mind-control turned MK Ultra, Saturn club turned NASA, simply haven’t spent enough time in the National Archives or many other government websites for that matter. The psychopathological tendencies and motivations of corporations, military industrial, and or private organizations, (which may function in any type of covert capacity) coupled with the deep/surveillance Empire are quite evident. The Man In the High Castle was timed in quite the macabre fashion…

The Gehlen Network and the Bormann Empire are the most abhorrent mistakes…but Dulles wouldn’t have called them mistakes would he?
It seems the most worrisome aspect of all this now, is certainly how racist recruitment and neonazism are all blending themselves in the very bottom, and the posh top of a political structure, which apparently welcomes and celebrates them. People are debating in the streets as to whether Trump is “just cool” enough to ignore his half assed direct hate for all kinds of people…Just in general…and we are debating over whether someone filled with hate would be “cool” in the chair that’s launched a million unnecessary wars, cognizant of only a military industrial financial goal, with racism as it’s public relations department, in so many words, making mass bombings, things that we would call terrorism, acceptable, even more so than when Obama or either Bush sat in that chair.
(Preface: I’m not saying Star Wars is evil, or simply that this is all planned by human agencies, but rather a suspension of the thirst for immediate result; and the comfortable contours or one mythology’s natural order, in order to juggle the kaleidoscope of views posed, by many mythological elements.)

Those of you who have a knack for synchromysticism in one hand, and healty discernment and predictive programming protocol in the other may enjoy, or even understand this, which I’ll update more and post somewhere fully illustrated soon.)

I refuse to read these articles (jumping over to Star Wars…sorta) about Jar Jar being Darth Maul, or Luke selling the real metachlorian dipped sausages on ebay, or whatever is or isn’t canon, or even sequel movies that won’t be out for ten years. I’m sorry, fellow users of the force, I just can’t bring myself to care. However I did start thinking about the Nazi / Star Wars overlap in symbol and mythology. So just to summarize what I’m seeing:

“Democracy  Now!”


“So this is how democracy dies with thunderous applause.”


(This can be viewed as the Senate in Star Wars)
Worldview Creation: (This can be viewed as the Senate in Star Wars)

  •         Awfully meticulously layered, convoluted, quite purposefully misinformed, slightly contradictory (by merit of often, simply, being, incorrect) conflict creation, and or data suppression in the news. (In the case of the news, coming from an embedded U.S. military psychological operations unit) (in the case of the culture…well, they watch, overhear, believe, and are always somehow inundated with the war rhetoric. Desensitizing rows of generations to the actual horrors of war over the preservation of a Manichean struggle between “good guys with guns” (to adjust a kind of pop news term) narrative in video games and DOD produced blockbuster films. So in the case of Star Wars we have…well kinda creepy guys teaching very young boys how to raise their kundalini or light up their saber, or however you want to put that. The implications of the Jedi are astonishingly far reaching outside the Star Wars universe. They use various psychic abilities, without really showboating any kind of grandiose control over reality. So to bring this back to the real world the Jedi philosophy seems to be a collection of concepts from the Eastern world like “chi” and the discipline and focus of Shaolin Monks, and historical attempts to militarize the occult in secret societies and overt organizations such as the SS in WW2 and The First Earth Battalion, led by Jim Channon whom I’ve had the pleasure to speak with often. This unit, made famous by the book, The Men Who Stare At Goats, and of course the George Clooney, Ewan McGregor film by the same name. It seems they were referred to for some time as the Jedi Knights. It seems an unfortunate side effect of history that these titles and admittedly inspiring and uplifting approaches to stopping war and rethinking asymmetrical military engagement and it’s place in the context of the planet. These valiant efforts were promptly ditched by those who seemed like they may be the Sith counterpart to the First Earth Battalion, and soon after the program went completely dark. It is also interesting to note, for those who may not know:
  • The F.B.I. has had success with remote viewers finding bombs hidden in cities in time to save lives,
  • The D.O.D. funded a Project Stargate for training remote viewers,
  • The C.I.A. has a long and diverse interest in all kinds of psychic applications, and worked through such prestigious Universities as Stanford Research Institute and Berkeley.
  • Special forces units from around the world have even begun, in some remote instances to apply psychic powers to counter-terrorism and or hostage training. (or I believe more accurately, astonishing control of chi and those energetic fields which are even farthest from the physical body)


So the Death Star blows up planets, as an aspect of it’s demented Empire-building. It’s citizens, or employees, or whatever seem to have no discrepancies with this kind of terrorism.

People on desert-like planets witness the drone/Death strikes and take up arms against the technologically advanced Empire, led by a dark brotherhood, which keeps itself concealed, preferring a kind of fake political interface, which acts to trick peaceful governments into wars, habitually, to fund itself further. As to whether a Sith and a Jedi committee of some sort got together and planned a few hundred years of war, as Masons remark on in our wars against (and they dictated them in this order before 1920) Nazis, then Communist, then what they admit is an “invention”, modern day terrorism and the way Call of Duty and Fox portray that invented enemy.

The good guys, as I’ve theorized elsewhere may be the tjed (Jedi) and what seem to be by today’s standards, terrorist (rebels?) I don’t know, you decide…and there’s a ton to consider…One doesn’t want to joke about this, or cheapen the tragic events of massive civilian casualties (Let’s be grown up okay? It’s fucking genocide to fund a machine that only runs on blood. Mostly innocent blood. We have no idea why we are still in a massive endless state of war. Feel free to sound smart to yourself and mumble some invented villain to solve your equation…oil! stargates! the loss of decency as a proud and honorable force for unflinching moral right )

Clone Wars (power hungry Sit driven facade for political platform for Black Sun

Sentinels – MIC tool to police undesirables, particularly occult threats to a New Order


Star Wars-Senate-Black Sun

Hellfire Club-Senate-MIC- to assimilate unregistered genetic mutations (Jean, Professor X =Jedis/Jesus/Anakin/Luke)

Skywalker-walkers of world’s above, like the Scarlett woman, born of divinity…

Askani = Anakin ( Irish Ashkanzi, Ashkanazi, Anasazi bloodlines) (concealing a secret through time hiding their children in alternative timelines)

Order 66, Executive order #144 ( real world doc I think )

Moving on now, cause we are just talking about Star Wars, right? The bad guys are the Black Brotherhood of the Sith, or the Black Sun. An organization made up of criminals and pirates, black magicians and evil, singularity praying, Sith priest, that make the laws…sound familiar? Well, luckily, in the real world laws aren’t made by private interest groups which do nothing more but starve the world of more (what we’d call while slack jawed and amazed as advanced and futuristic ) technology, including more constructive, less wasteful or environmentally detrimental sources of energy, and force bloodshed across finally evolved urban landscape.

Darth Plagius, is possibly struck/killed by Emperor Palpatine, wherein he learns the ancient art of regeneration (Apocalypse’s regeneration chamber, also in Age Of Apocalypse a.k.a. great pyramid) ( where Crowley contacts Aiwass with Rose, think Xavier and psychic freak outs over Lilandra, the Shi’Ar) this is relevant as Phoenix/ the Scarlet Woman experiment, Tiphareth (Claremont’s term, not mine), is not unlike the intelligence Parsons and Hubbard were trying to birth in the desert.

Patrick Sevc:

“Plagius & Palpatine were determined to discover the power of immortality. They tried to create a Golem, if you will, that would assist them, but the Force created Anakin instead. Meanwhile it is  Qui-Gon who masters immortality via the Force ghost which he teaches to Obi-Wan & Yoda, posthumously….Ra’s Al-Ghul achieves immortality in The Dark Knight Rises, right?…Thus Palpatine’s intent on obtaining Anakin as his apprentice, believing he possessed the power to keep him alive indefinitely.”

The double sun of Tatooine represents
A) a twin sun as in Sirius
B) a double sun a.k.a. Black Sun
(And the launch of a false flag strategy to give them ultimate power.
C.) Lovecraft, True Detective, and well…see below

This leads to a mutation which may come up as a theory for a “super race” using Scientology’s cue on thetans (metachlorians) and even though not canon, may still be relevant…

Sinister obsesses with the “X” Gene, which seems an emotional need for the belief in a CROWNED and CONQUERING race of super humans (Black Sun much?…)

So Palpatine leads peaceful worlds into mass genocide, and creates Martial Law, as does the AEON of Apocalypse, Age of Apocalypse.
*In Luke’s case, his Uncle and Aunt were what seemed to be, planned, collateral damage- i.e. or in some sense, at least, forced onto the Hero’s Journey (When a predator drone strike erases your kitchen full of family, your date, and the only grocery store for miles, which sat moments before next door, would you not also pick up a lightsaber and want to exact some balancing of the scales? George Lucas took a Joseph Campbell class in college, landing him the title of “greatest student” for his screenplay of Star Wars.

So the Rebels (terrorist if Fox is watching and as they are known to do, skip all implications of research)  in Star Wars would be considered “enemy combatants” in modern U.S. military documentation, even if they were U.S. born citizens. They live in the desert practicing an ancient type of mysticism that seems to involve old men training young boys, (yes, in that creepy, altar boys at the Vatican, way) There are parallels here, geographically, and in spiritual anthropology, between the Force and its rites and symbols and ancient cultures in the Cradle of Civilization, which I hope to go into more thoroughly soon.

Earth News: Awfully layered, convoluted, malinformed, slightly contradictory (by merit of often simply being, incorrect) conflict creation and suppression in the news, and these batshit ideas (In the case of the news, coming from a U.S. Army psychological operations unit embedded in the studios) (In the case of the culture…well they watch, overhear, believe, and are then inundated with the war rhetoric. So the U.S and some 500 military bases plus lasers in space (Actually called the Star Wars Program (S.D.I.)  blows up targets, as an aspect of our demented Empire-building.

People in desert like countries witness the strikes (and loose innocent family and friends, mothers and sons) and take up arms against the technologically advanced empire, led by a dark brotherhood, which keeps itself concealed preferring a kind of fake political interface, spiced with acts of sabotage, bombings, and terror which acts to trick peaceful governments into wars, habitually, to fund itself.

The good guys are the … well the good guys are “Allied” troops who don’t kill anybody innocent while in a foreign country tracking down two dead men…and the bad guys are basically aspects of a WW2 organization also called the Black Sun. An organization which is above the law and makes the law. What JFK called a monolithic conspiracy and fictional Special Agent Dana Scully calls “A culture of lawlessness”

Thought Police: A public more willing to shut up or stone an honest man (whistleblower) than hear any aspect of what their fellow man (often family or close friends) might have to impart on their fragile egomaniacal personalities (emulating T.V. villains to feel risque in Simulerica)

The Breakaway: So the Nazis had a few ideas of where to start over, or possibly establish multiple bases, with goals, which were oddly enough, not really military objectives, but rather culture creation (genetic preservation and a place to continue the experiments, or basically building the future, or whatever your research shows you about this will to extend the Annenherbe.) When the war was coming to an end, and things looked grim for the 500,000 high ranking SS who were flawlessly moving their own chess pieces in place on the board, many were “denazified” supposedly, but all living Nazis after WW2 returned with the ardent intention of returning as a whole superior civilization, or superseding whatever massive industrial military air and space complex complete with Entertainment. Ever see a high ranking SS officer, who killed thousands of innocent people a day testing the V-2, (pardoning the massive damage the bomb did in London and elsewhere) hang out with Walt Disney and explain chemtrails? Well that’s the post war climate we rode through the Cold War in, not this monotonous savagely wrong crap about Nuremberg and the Nazis expiring the same week.

The Breakaway was either going to be New Schwabenland or the Moon or the Inner Earth, and even though that sounds too far-fetched, let’s not get caught up on the absurdity of the choice of initial geographic choices, and focus on the philosophy. A civilization, which has enough money and resources, and science know-how, to simply break-away from the rest of Earth civilization, whether that be hiding in unsuspecting buildings around Wall St. or actually activating Solar Warden (which is for some reason only visualized in the film Iron Sky thus far) and flying to some far off planet (I’d put money on Aldebaran lol) is irrelevant really. The thing to understand here, for factual purposes, is that that kind of Nazi, Death Star kinda plan, seemed to have only been appropriated to the larger nuclear powers…The film Elysium is essentially the documentary of this information, with a little timely Huxley pill distribution for the mood adjustment of the worker class left behind on Earth. From where one can spot the Von Braun 2001 space station run by tyrannical elitist Jodie Foster.

*Which isn’t really a thing one can do to true believers (SS true believers)…and this failed miserably, leaving the American people to the same fears being simultaneously projected over a nuclear holocaust with Russia)

*American Horror Story Season 2 details the Vatican connection to Nazi experiments in American Psych Wards and the possible relation between MK-Ultra mind manipulation and the famous Betty and Barney Hill “alien” abduction case
Life Extension Technologies:

See Russia 2045
*Michael Prince (self-proclaimed Prince of the Fourth Reich/super soldier/giant spider on Saturn fighter/ The supposed life extension technology program, Project Ibis, is gonna be appropriately left out of this one for obvious reasons, however some of these ideas don’t go away

Red Books, Crimson Reflections, and America as a Haunted House


Jung’s Red Book, like the others pictured, take the reader through the dark-side; the Unconscious Shadow, if you like, of these authors. Even the Book of the Law, has the Apocalypse, Revelation-like tone in common in all it’s extremes.

We might say America has such a collective shadow as well. Read “America” as “Empire” in this context (I’ll explain later if it’s not blatantly obvious) But a read through of Peter Levenda’s excellent series of books, Sinister Forces, introduces us, if not intoxicates us, if the Shining didn’t already, to the haunted corridors of a vastly different America than the one we take for granted. The one on the surface. This, beside an occulted, yet, interwoven historical review, will also go under the surface of fiction to find possible hidden facts about our reason for being, our history, or what controls, or possibly simply, wishes, to control our reality.

So throughout the history of important occult events, organizations, and militant orders, (namely the Templar, but for now, the Marines)  who do the work of Empire building, defense, exploration, and sacred occult rights, we have certain themes or symbolic acts that reoccur, and certain horrors. This empire ritual set up global banking, a forced religion that shed blood over continents in it’s self assuredness, and surely, what unquestioned space, which is both internal and external, comprised of the Military Industrial Complex,  and it’s Intelligence grip on perception management.

(Another Nazi idea for the list, Weltanschauungskrieg; is akin to a term the American military loves to relish in the mind boggling curious possibilities of, in the form of “full-spectrum-dominance” or it’s more known aspect “psychological operations” also known as Psy-Ops, psychological warfare, or simply propaganda.)

So, some people, (multiple fashionable online media outlets such as idigitatimes- Jedi No Longer Nazi Blood Purists , ) in their harsh and seemingly not to well read research, having decided to assume the Sith are now Nazi, but upon close enough examination, it does get kind of odd, to say the least… Here’s a quick review of why…

That all came out of conversations about what would have happened if the Nazis all went to Argentina but then started working together again? What could be born of that? Could The First Order exist as a group that actually admired The Empire? Could the work of The Empire be seen as unfulfilled? And could Vader be a martyr? Could there be a need to see through what didn’t get done?-J.J. Abrams

The true story of that actually happening, thanks to Levenda on YouTube

As for The First Order, the cabal these two villains oversee, Abrams compared this Imperial remnant to Nazis who fled to South America after the fall of Hitler and the defeat of Germany after World War II. What if they regrouped, rebuilt, and decided to return? “Could Vader be a martyr?” Abrams asks. “Could there be a need to see through what didn’t get done?”-cinemablend

I’m starting to wonder if he did minimal conspiracy bullshit research, or if that’s what he wanted to say with these films and he’s just playing dumb…Levenda on Secret Space Nazis and the Nine and such

The name “The First Order” has always conjured another historically disturbing group: The Third Reich. In this case, the red banners emblazoned with the thornier, sprocket-like version of the Imperial crest, as well as the arrangement of the troops at this rally, easily call to mind documentarian Leni Reifenstahl’s notorious 1935 Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will, which terrified the world with its depiction of the cult-like dedication to Hitler and his war machine…-Entertainment Weekly

The Force Awakens (to the full spectrum dominance “matrix” of the post- Nazi, highly classified, mostly privatized, MIC) particularly enters that part of Star Wars that becomes kind of more directly Nazi, then ever before. In appearance, economics, terrorism, absurd Uber-Man occult philosophy primarily focused around outdated, possibly ludicrous fundamentalist types of mysticism, historically programming generations for constant warfare, the endless perpetuation needed for a military industrial empire, complete with Death Star or a Star Killer (Every man and woman is no longer a star in the digital hive matrix, and Star Killer sounds to me like a Charles Manson film).


Some of you may have been born later than Reagan’s SDI Program, but at the time government officials called it, the “Star Wars” Program. Having nothing to do with Star Wars, Reagan warned of a hostile threat from space.

“So The Force Awakens had the title of Shadow of the Empire. Fans of the non-canon Star Wars Expanded Universe will recognize the title from the book Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry, written in 1996. The book was accompanied with multimedia tie-in stories that included a video game, comics, and even a soundtrack. The title fits The Force Awakens since the First Order, featured in the film, emerges from the “ashes of the Empire.”


 I Was Dreaming of Black Books Which Contained A Black Sun
The Secret Black Sun, Pulling the Cosmic Trigger, Bringing Light from the Darkness:


Goes by “The One”, also in a band called Sirius (Secret Sun or Contact Node of Human Consciousness to some other intelligence, at least)

Double M name, seeking a black sun, beer relates to us, the “star” motif. The seeker in darkness is often alone.

Sync Note: MM= Mickey Mouse, Star Wars is made by Disney, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Myers, Marilyn Manson, etc…


The most glaring link between Star Wars and the Nazis is of course, the Black Sun…


In the X-Men, there is an ancient evil, which functions through avatars of modern occultist in secret societies who oversee all things militant and important, and particularly other naturally advanced genetics…So for X-fans, that is the origins of Apocalypse, Sinister, the Hellfire Club, and the actual X-Men intertwined…

In the X-Men the Hellfire Club is an evil magickal sect with 9 members. (most of the time). They are quite powerful and cunning and exert their influence on some aspects of the military and government. In the film X-Men Origins they try to hasten the Cold War. They are involved with the creation of the of the sentinels, clone armies, and seem to be interested in random mutants genetics, the Phoenix power, mind control, etc… They also use Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic motto “Do What Thou Whilt”.

So, keeping track here, the politics of the Sith led to the Clones to end the Jedi, the politics of the Hellfire Club led to the creation of the sentinels to kill off the X-Men. So, as Levenda points out about American politics, this relationship between powerful people and cults, or state and religion, in short, is an enormously unhealthy one.




Xavier’s ancestor debates Darwin at 2:41

Young Charles sleeps next to a picture of Darwin


Jesus reveals he is the Light Bringer, or Sirius, or Solar Hero in another scary book that sounds like Apocalypse rambling…The Book of Revelation


Black Books and the Invoking the Black Sun:

The Necronomicon deals with the dead, and the Black Sun (both the real Nazi organization and the Sith version) seek to cheat death…The Necronomicon also speaks of a hero, the gnostic solar god Marduk and his eternal struggle with the world serpent, or Tiamat. In the film Dark City, Christopher Knowles suggests John Murdoch is the gnostic equivalent of Marduk.



Other Notes:

Look into the Tjed, the sidhhe, Mound worship, Set as Apocalypse,

Apocalypse as A.I. adapted to contemporary temporal possession,
the X Gene is the Theosophist equivalent of the metachlorian. See Rune Soups Archonology series…or the X-Men cartoon.

Ancient bloodlines and monitoring genetic “gifted” individuals.

CIA influenced cults and the X-Men, added notes on Nazi occultism,

etc…Aquino as Palpatine in Wewelsberg (Black Sun on floor under him)
Vatican ratlines,

Nazi blood, and the enduring myth of the Uber Man, as a scape goat for serious globalist interest in eugenics, much of it quite Nazi in scope or desired end result…like Aryan prototype Super Man, Steve Rogers, Luke Skywalker, etc…

What do clones and super soldiers mean for our radically adjusting world? Is it, like the Sith philosophy to eliminate compassion altogether?

Darth Plagius as possible Wizard of Oz like false preacher of a rogue Sith cult, like the Black Sun

 In GIJoe the animated film, we learn only genetic experiments lead the overt Cobra society, to feel they have a proper candidate to sell their agenda, on the surface world. In the Inner Earth (Hyperborrea/New Schwaubanland/Agartha and the dwelling of Lyton’s overly influential literature in the superstitious minds of the Nazis), there is a society of giants who share lineage with Cobra royalty., who represent an inner hidden core, like hidden masters of the the Sith/Cobra (red serpent energy, red as Saturn one might say) much like the League of Assassins from Batman.

Batman represents the daemon, not demon, though don’t tempt him. Superman the Solar alien metachlorian Christ…However the League of Assassins, may not be unlike a Templar offshoot, the Black Dragon society, the akashic narrative in the game series Assassins Creed, plays into this as well. Secret Initiations, forcing war to feel yourself divine for controlling both sides
…again, a black lodge of sorts.

Though an argument for Jean or Scully Birthing a Babylon child from the ashes of a space experiment, including alien telepathy, becoming the Phoenix rising from the ashes…may be a more direct comparison. Majorie Cameron anyone?

 G.I.Joe, Star Wars, and X-Men all have black magick occultist, infiltrating politics, to destroy the privacy and freedom’s of civilians, as one aspect of complete

Military Industrial Entertainment Complex of psychopathology and Sinister Hidden History enforcing globalist, deep state and terror tactics.(even multiple false flags attacks and human sacrifices of children)
*See government funded mutant hate groups, basically Cointelpro, attempts to poo poo the idea of the Jedi/spiritual…which leaves after Star Wars Empire building (Industrial Revolution +New World Order, etc…

19 hours before this was compiled the leader of the First Earth Battalion posted this image, explaining he was going for an original Jedi look:
 *Actual Army Unit called “Jedis”, known more for the Ewan McGregor film, The Men Who Stare at Goats, (Baphomet?) Based off Jim Channon’s unit, The First Earth Battalion, replaced later and reformed into more of a compassionless Sith thing. (You can be sure they dropped the tree hugging) So these new soldiers are being made to feel less…and think the same
…Clone Wars…


Same government emphasis on super soldier or clone programs in X-Men and Star Wars… Moving from the spiritual and naturally powerful or intuitive to A.I….maybe the way Apocalypse or the Smoking Man prefers it…