Louisiana as old as Ancient Egypt

So, the old Spanish Fort comes smashing back into a picture which may also include orgies and cults dating from over a thousand years ago. These mounds, that this article talks about destroying, may be the very link to occult killings and serpent mounds that has been missing from evidence of a link between American serial killers, Native Americans, ley lines, and Lovecraft’s (fictional) cult.


“It’s very exciting,” said state regional archaeologist Robert Mann, who was not involved in the dig but said he has looked at photographed artifacts. The pottery bits, he said, are from what is known as the Marksville period, from about A.D. 1 to A.D. 400, he said.

When the pottery was made, Southeast Louisiana was populated by hunter-gatherers. Most of their artifacts are found in trash heaps, made up mostly of shells from a freshwater clam that they ate by the billions. Some shell middens, or dumps, were a quarter-mile long and 10 to 20 feet high, McGimsey said.

The new pottery pieces were discovered at a site now called Old Spanish Fort. The French built a small, crude fortification there in the early 1700s, and the Spanish built a true fort in about the 1770s, Cramer said. Americans added a brick wall in the early 1800s, apparently digging deeper into the shells for a fresh foundation. A hotel was built there in 1829, and a casino and amusement park were added later.

It looks as if the Spanish leveled a shell mound, building their fort on the newly flattened area (read as built on top of Native American serpent mound) and using the shells they removed to raise low areas and make walkways, said Jason Emery, lead FEMA archaeologist on the project.-Washington Examiner

and proof of my own conjecture from moments ago-Louisiana Indian Mounds identified for what they are…



Carcosa and the Gateway

Carcosa shows up first in a story by the American writer Ambrose Bierce, “An Inhabitant of Carcosa.” The main character is a nameless resident of the city who wakes up in a place he doesn’t recognize, and desperately tries to find his way home. The landscape he finds himself in is one we might recognize as post-apocalyptic. “Over all the dismal landscape a canopy of low, lead-colored clouds hung like a visible curse,” Bierce’s narrator tells us. “In all this there were a menace and a portent — a hint of evil, an intimation of doom. Bird, beast, or insect there was none. The wind sighed in the bare branches of the dead trees and the gray grass bent to whisper its dread secret to the earth; but no other sound nor motion broke the awful repose of that dismal place.” And in an echo of the tree where Cohle and Hart found Dora Lange, and where Cohle finds the wreath, looking like a portal to another world, “A few blasted trees here and there appeared as leaders in this malevolent conspiracy of silent expectation.”



“Consider “The Call of Cthulhu(1926), one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most beloved and anthologized stories, in which policemen descend on a swamp south of New Orleans. There, “ugly roots and malignant hanging nooses of Spanish moss beset them,” and they come upon a “voodoo orgy,” distant fires in the dark. We see something similar, and just as obliquely, in the opening seconds of True Detective: a hulking body carrying something, moving toward a “reddish glare,” to borrow a phrase from Lovecraft’s story. Our first real suspect in the Lange murder case, Reggie Ledoux, could also have been plucked right from “The Call of Cthulhu,” wherein a ranting “mestizo named Castro” remembers “bits of hideous legend that paled the speculations of theosophists and made man and the world seem recent and transient indeed.”.slate.com


(People who wake up to a false reality or see a simulation’s borders, are always framed for murder so those close to them and society and the authorities are immediately on their case, they often have distorted memories themselves. In Dark City the strangers mutilate women in a similar ritualistic spiral fashion as True Blood)


“Lovecraft I think, had the same vision that Crowley did, it’s just that Lovecraft viewed it with alarm and with fear and trembling and Crowley basically embraced it. Its just two different emotional responses to same sets of data… There’s a definite connection between the two as I point out in the book as you go along. Crowley is experiencing some very insane visions… that he’s recording particularly in 1907, which he considers to be are preternatural, that he claimed he did not actually write but was being used as a channel.  Lovecraft sets his story Call of Cthulhu on the very same day ,month, and year  in 1907 where there’s this orgiastic rite taking place outside of New Orleans in the name of Cthulhu,at the same time Crowley has written very Lovecraftian prose, it’s very bizarre.”



There’s something beyond the gate…which leads us to Kenneth Grant and trying to open that gate consciously. (Ken finds it common with the Book of the Law)…It’s possible that if Lovecraft was understanding what Crowley was doing; for instance in 1907; there’s other coincidences like that too; between Lovecraft and Crowley. It’s also possible that Lovecraft was aware of the I think there’s some kind of subconscious contact with the same material. I don’t know how to explain that from a scientific point of view. The problem for me is that Lovecraft was very specific “-(Peter Levenda at 13 minutes) (because Lovecraft was so specific with dates and places its easy to sync up with Crowley’s activities.)


yellow king

and now to the King In Yellow…

Oh,Rasputin, who was present in the dead black hours before Tunguska how long have you roamed without a Kingdom, how long have you waited for the gateway?

“Several other, nearly undescribed places are alluded to in Chambers’ writing, among them Hastur, Yhtill, and Aldebaran. “Aldebaran” may refer to the star Aldebaran“-Carcosa wiki (see Nazi channelings from Aldebaran-Hellboy gateway…astonishing)

Michael Schacht, Sync head from Sync Press, started a facebook post like this:Have a lot of yellow syncs, The solar color, the King in Yellow, the Yellow Submarine. Solar messaging, solar flares. Musing on “yellow jersey” of the Tour de France. France is the King in Yellow-The Sun King

to which followed Andrew West Griffin (Louisiana Investigative Reporter and Sync Head) “Of course, the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” single came out in 1966 – the year referred to as the beginning of the “New Age of Enlightenment” in “Beyond the Black Rainbow”

While we are on the Beatles for a moment let me just add this to memory.
Aleister Crowley is on one Beatles album cover, and a 23 accompanies another (which happens to be the Yellow Submarine…Below in the bass drum it says lonely hearts. Hearts can be yellow apparently after reading the following:

 In Qigong, the body has three “dan tian” in which we store energy – one behind the navel, one at the heart, and one at the third eye position. An important point near the heart is now commonly called the Turtledove Tail in modem Chinese acupuncture texts; In ancient Daoist alchemy, this point was known as Shenfu, the Spirit Storehouse, and is the place where Chi (Qi) transforms into Shen. Today this point is commonly called the “Yellow Court” (Huangting) because it reflects the emotions stored from the Heart. In ancient Chinese medicine, the Heart was often referred to as the “Yellow Emperor” or “Suspended Gold.”

The responsibility of the Pericardium (known as the “Minister of Council”, and the “Heart’s Protector”) was to store emotional experiences that the Heart was not yet ready to process into the emperor’s courtyard. These emotions would stay outside the realm of the Heart within the courtyard (known as the “Yellow Court”) until the Heart was ready to receive or face the information and experience.

In ancient China, the transformation of Chi (Qi) into Shen occurring in the Yellow Court was considered the pivotal stage in energetic alchemy. The Yellow Court was the location where the emergence of the spiritual embryo (Taixi) takes place. Therefore, the exact location of the Yellow Court was historically kept secret. Because of the overlap of energies existing between the Heart and Spleen, only a true Daoist initiate would be able to clearly differentiate the exact location of the Yellow Court.

Energetically, the Yellow Court is believed to be a microcosmic replica of the Dao of the universe, as Yin and Yang polarities continually emerge from and return to it. According to Chinese alchemy, reuniting the Kan (Yang: Fire) and Li (Yin: Water) of the five Yin organs at the Yellow Court reconnected the individual with the energies of the former (Prenatal) and later (Postnatal) Heavenly Realms. This energetic reversal enabled the individual’s Shen to “come and go between the physical and spiritual realms”.

Interesting Notes from other Synchead member Zach Bauer:

In Russia, a colloquial expression for an insane asylum is “yellow house” because (a long time ago) they used to be painted yellow.

“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman Perkins has been tied to a certain form of OCD. Furthermore, the color of the wallpaper has been explored in a number of scholarly literary papers.

Van Gogh’s palette became more and more yellow towards the end of his life. His “insanity” was supposedly caused by lead poisoning because he inadvertently “ate” his paints (“hand to mouth” gestures, holding a brush handle in his mouth, etc.).

Studies on the effects of LSD (& other hallucinogenic drugs) have shown drawings/paintings by “crazy” folks with much more yellow as the effects advanced.

Yellow was said to be Einstein’s favorite color as well as the favorite color of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Some say that yellow is the favorite color of those who display mental extremes.

“Safety yellow” (used on US road signs and packaging) is a bright yellow similar to the color in nature on venomous snakes and insects — and especially so when combined with black. Some say that we instinctively see yellow as dangerous and/or stressful.

If insanity can also be considered “decadence,” there’s the “Yellow Book” by Mathews and Lane — and the writings of Baudelaire, Wilde, and Beardsley.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting quotes about yellow from the great masters of painting in Western art history: Vincent Van Gogh called it “a color capable of charming God,” Kandinsky said “a picture painted in yellow always radiates spiritual warmth” and Degas said “What a horrible thing yellow is.”

As is the case with any color, there are mixed meanings. It’s impossible to declare any one color represents something.

I often took the yellow submarine for a vessel of madness. Where if you try to escape it you drown. We all live in a yellow submarine.

“Lovecraft lists various libraries and private collections where fragments of the volume reside, and gives us a knowing wink by noting that the fantasy writer R.W. Chambers is said to have derived the monstrous and suppressed book found in his novel The King in Yellow from rumors of the Necronomicon (Lovecraft himself claimed to have gotten his inspiration from Chambers).”-Erik Davis essay on Lovecraft

Who are the Men In Black?

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

Now that we got that out the way, some of the best writing on the Men In Black, in my opinion, has come from Christopher Knowles and Nick Redfern. Here’s a refresher, for anyone trying to understand the Men In Black and their transdimensional, Agent Smith-like, manner:

The Secret Sun-AstroGnostic: Dark City or Crucified By Time

The Real Men In Black-Nick Redfern

Frank Zero’s Book Reviews: The Real Men In Black by Nick Redfern

Check out our book Contact:Them or Us where we go more in depth as to the possible how and why’s of the MIB phenomenon

The Dark Brotherhood is a curious paranormal short story written by H.P. Lovecraft and or (which bothers me deeply) August Derleth. There is a character named Alan who is possibly a descendant of Edgar Allan Poe, seems to be overwhelmingly also somehow, an early Men In Black encounter. The main character Arthur, has a wife named Rose (like Crowley’s wife) and both characters feel extremely uneasy, right off the bat, about Alan, who they believe is imitating Edgar Allan Poe. The following passage covers the visual descriptions of the MIB, the feeling people get around them or the vibes they give off, their manner of speaking, their bizarre behavior, which isn’t limited to, but always includes seemingly not knowing how to do basic human things, or trying to emulate human behavior but failing to the point of just being creepy, etc…

First, before we dive in, who is August Derleth and why don’t we know which one of the two, if not both, wrote this?

Lovecraft did not just tell tales – he built a world. It’s no accident that one of the more successful role-playing games to follow in the heels of Dungeons & Dragons takes place in “Lovecraft Country.” Most role-playing adventure games build their worlds inside highly codified “mythic” spaces of the collective imagination (heroic fantasy, cyberpunk, vampire Paris, Arthur’s Britain). The game Call of Cthulhu takes place in Lovecraft’s 1920s America, where players become “investigators” who track down dark rumors or heinous occult crimes that gradually open up the reality of the monsters. Call of Cthulhu is an unusually dark game; the best investigators can do is to retain sanity and stave off the monsters’ eventual apocalyptic triumph. In many ways Call of Cthulhu “works” because of the considerable density of Lovecraft’s original Mythos, a density which the game itself also contributes to.

   Lovecraft himself “collectivized” and deepened his Mythos by encouraging his friends to write stories that take place within it. Writers like Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Howard, and a young Robert Bloch complied. After Lovecraft’s death, August Derleth carried on this tradition with great devotion, and today, dozens continue to write Lovecraftian tales. With some notable exceptions, most of these writers mangle the Myth, often by detailing horrors the master wisely left shrouded in ambiguous gloom. The exact delineations of Lovecraft’s cosmic cast and timeline remain murky even after a great deal of close-reading and cross-referencing. But in the hands of the Catholic Derleth, the extraterrestrial Great Old Ones become elemental demons defeated by the “good” Elder Gods. Forcing Lovecraft’s cosmic and fundamentally amoral pantheon into a traditional religious framework, Derleth committed an error at once imaginative and interpretive. For despite the diabolical aura of his creatures, Lovecraft generates much of his power by stepping beyond good and evil.-Calling Cthulhu by Erik Davis at the Daily Grail

Davis goes on to explain why Lovecraft, himself, was probably not an occultist.

The Dark Brotherhood


“I’ve seen that fellow somewhere before, but I can’t recall where it was…Though I suppose there is something wrong about all of us that haunt the dark, perhaps in a way… we prefer to make our own reality…

Arthur didn’t you feel something? Something wrong about him?

…the lack of expressiveness in his features, his speech, limited though it had been, was without modulation, almost mechanical, he did not smile, nor had he been given to any variation in facial expression whatsoever , he had spoken with a precision that suggested an icy detachment, foreign to most men, even the manifest interest that he showed in Rose was more clinical than anything else…

I suppose it was inevitable that I should meet Mr. Alan again, this time not far from own door…I could not escape the impression that he was waiting for me…though his voice simulated my own joviality, their was not a flicker of emotion on his face, it remained completely placid.

It goes on to explain that Alan is only interested in listening in on Arthur talk, it’s not really a two way conversation until Arthur brings up Astronomy. This is strange because not only is Alan interested, he seems well versed in such matters.

“I asked him them if he had read the works of Charles Fort?*

Alan reveals in so many words that Charles Fort’s theories are correct (after Arthur explains them to him, as he has not heard of Fort before.) and that he is not from Earth. Arthur and Alan talk about UFOs, and other places in space supporting lower and higher life, interplanetary communication, and the “proof” of extraterrestrial life in shady meetings (I think this may be the first scene of the X-Files somehow). The story goes on to suggest there are multiple Alans. The night before, Arthur and Rose are in two different places at once, both with an Alan.

Then there were seven men who seemed to perceive with some extra sense…something alien…murmuring about the nature of the experiment…some disease that left their face with no color …something utterly alien… “Our intention is to produce for you certain perceptions of extraterrestrial life…”

This perception management game brings to mind more current work in UFOlogy such as Robbie Graham’s Silver Screen Saucers, work over at the Secret Sun, and AFOSI or Mirage Men.

The seven men turn into one kind of beam of consciousness while “singing” Oriental* sounding, yet entirely alien music which leads to a kind of trance which became frightful, and detailed in it’s alien dimensions. This world includes at least the Yith beings, (of Lovecraftian lore) Yekubians’ cubes, and other beast not yet deciphered by this author.

“What you saw, Mr. Phillips, was a scene on another star, remote from here far out in space, indeed, in another universe. Did it amuse you?” (shades of the Twilight Zone for sure)

The story only gets cooler, really, but I don’t want to ruin it for you…

“They are generally dressed awkwardly in black garments…”

“speaking evenly spaced words in an expressionless monotone…” This being goes on to explain he is not from this planet.-Alien Identities (1993) Richard L. Thompson p.326-327

“Often described as Oriental looking, they behaved strangely,asking odd or even rude questions of those they visited…They frequently employ hypnotic techniques.” -Strange and Unexplained Phenomenon (1997) Jerome Clark and Nancy Pear p.49

He was dressed in a thin black suit, with a black tie, and looked Oriental…All of the people who met him felt very uneasy about him. The Complete Guide To Mysterious Beings (1970) p.261

So what if, the Men In Black, whether in the pages of random fiction, or while vanishing from right before someone’s eyes, were able to manipulate time and space, or at least travel back and forth through linear time?

 But, maybe the MIB – definitely manipulative characters at the best of times – surfed those same realities and timelines and put everything into a state of “unified flux.” The result: the many alternative realities have become fused into one – thus creating a scenario where, today, Roswell is a mixture of memories borne out of chaotic meddling with the natural order, and a combination of different scenarios originating within varying realities that have bled through into our world.

  Perhaps that also explains why there are so many conflicting theories for who Jack the Ripper was: a doctor, a member of the British Royal Family, a Freemason, an actor, and even a midwife! Maybe Jack was all of these. It just depends on which reality you call home. Until, that is, the MIB move in and do their work of the weird and weaving variety. The same could also apply to the JFK assassination of November 1963. Was it the Cubans? The Russians? The CIA? Lee Harvey Oswald? The Mob? The answer may very well be: Yes, it was!-Roswell, Multiple Realities and MIB, Nick Redfern

Betty and Barney Hill hall of fame[1]

While you ponder that, take it a step further and include Betty and Barney Hill (and their abduction by aliens with star maps or U.S. Army personnel and Nazis (the Hills themselves do not differentiate. They say that both are seen in different context.)

The Hills were abducted on September 19th, 1961 after viewing a UFO near Mount Cannon off route 3 (currently exit 33 off interstate 93) – only miles from the site of a magickal retreat by Aleister Crowley in the summer of 1916, which culminated in his 1918 summoning of LAM, the archetypal ‘grey’- and north of a strange megalithic site, also on interstate 93, called Mystery Hill, very possibly the site of a millennia-old colony of Carthaginian apostates.

That brings us to Mount Shaw in Ossippee – also a few miles off the infamous exit 33 – reportedly connected to Mystery Hill, and a summit that Crowley is rumored to have been interested in…specifically its mysterious, and lost, sacrificial table. Completing the circuit: HP Lovecraft may have made a visit to this site in the summer of 1928, before writing his seminal stories The Dunwich Horror and Whisperer in Darkness.

We interview Christopher Ernst regarding the popular fascination with UFO abductions, what that means, and how that relates to megalithic sites, before investigating ourselves – arriving at the now infamous HP Lovecraft convention in Providence this past August.-Occult New Hampshire: Lovecraft, Crowley, Betty and Barney Hill and Mysterious Megaliths

Wizards, Workings and Walk-Ins: On the Lam -visit this topic in detail at the Secret Sun with Jack Kirby, more Kenneth Anger, and Jack Parsons

*One blogger I was scanning was trying to argue that, Lovecraft himself, was an occultist and a follower of Crowley in so many words…one way he was attempting to prove this was by saying that he was interested in Eastern esoteric concepts when he is thought to have just appropriated Western pop occult ideas by those fans of his fictional mythology that would prefer it only be just fiction. However this attitude is easy to find in all corners of fictional escapism, from comic books to Star Trek, people generally do not want to hear deeper explanations or comparisons of their sacred mythologies and I suppose in this way our pop mythos is becoming like religious fundamentalism even when it’s key heroes would combat attitudes such as this…(Captain Kirk, Captain America, or Luke Skywalker for example) which gets convoluted obviously.

*I found it rather interesting that not only does this and many other works by Lovecraft, show him as quite a deep reader of the real life occult and paranormal, when it is assumed his atheism or skepticism would override this, and like many he would regard these things as silly or write these ideas off as useless. Charles Fort said this quite Gnostic and prolific thing even back in his day’s X-Files, so to speak, which was simply “The world is a farm. We are someone else’s property”

*There is a suggestion that they were in fact government agents suppressing stories of UFOs, and one of the more specific claims was that they were agents of The Atomic Energy Commission who were suppressing stories of an accidental leakage of radioactive material at Maury Island. -The UFO Encyclopedia (1991) John Spencer p.210

How True Detective got many of it’s ideas from Moore and Morrison

Adapting Lovecraft

 The Crazy Mythology That Explains ‘True Detective’-thingprogress


“It was from the artists and poets that the pertinent answers came, and I know that panic would have broken loose had they been able to compare notes…These responses from esthetes told disturbing tale. From February 28 to April 2 a large proportion of them had dreamed very bizarre things, the intensity of the dreams being immeasurably the stronger during the period of the sculptor’s delirium. Over a fourth of those who reported anything, reported scenes and half-sounds not unlike those which Wilcox had described; and some of the dreamers confessed acute fear of the gigantic nameless thing visible toward the last.” (The Call of Cthulhu) –