A certain talented, multidisciplinary artist; who I’ve been fortunate enough to discover, just launched a new website, Atsirhc.

Upon entering, and viewing the character of the perspectives preferred, alongside some powerful mystique, which faithfully stalks the imagery captured, it becomes quite evident that this unique lens, with which to view monuments and totems to our culture’s cloaked and unconscious underworld, has been a long time coming, especially to a culture so ripe to appreciate it, and there in, actually need it. We need Leviatron’s art, desperately, in a time when we seem collectively scared to understand the darker facets of ourselves. Even if the conscious aspect of the mind feels threatened and vulnerable, some part of our collective shadow is dispelled by the raw old soul inherent in the images. If not left challenged in our acceptance of what lurks in the unknown, then one may be simply introduced for the first time, as the menacing psyche of a horror movie phantom to our conscious mind, distorting in terror and mirages of the unspoken and resentfully forgotten, our very memory and sight, into viewing the world suddenly through bone and ectoplasm colored glasses.

If you dig the work, as you dig up the courage to face the hidden and repressed aspects of the human psyche therein, check  out the website. I have, in the past, and also, will be soon again, collaborating with Leviatron, on some interesting stuff that I, of course have to keep a secret, if I know what’s good for me…


Her work is breathtaking, haunted, and gorgeous, even when depicting dreadful, historical, and occasionally, literally, dead, subject matter. This is the kind of gallery level work that Tumblr wishes it was churning out so commonly, the real atmospheric underbelly of darkness, without having to acknowledge the trappings of what is clearly manufactured and shamefully redundant, goth culture.

Her work is a museum to a timeless, haunted American psyche, complete even with some ornaments of Eastern occultism, as much as it is known to include antique spirits, in wintery and ethereal settings, if not somehow, swampy and urban environments. Some of the work is reminiscent of the travels of a heavy metal band to spooky locales, other pieces feel like music video stills from a voyeuristic childhood spirited away through adult horror, yet from before the invention of moving film.  An anachronistic perspective that is sensitive enough to include the internal weather of even the most inanimate scene, not just the anguish. Truly beautiful decay.

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Three other friends of mine, who Leviatron and myself, (Frank Zero) have collaborated with often are Cassie Hunter @ Cassie Hunter Photography, Senator Whole Tree, and Jessica Retif…

(Photography and Model: Cassie Hunter)

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(photography by Cassie Hunter)

(Photography by Cassie Hunter, Make-Up by Whole Tree, Model/Effects-Frank Zero)


Jessica Retif-is a photographer, model, actor, and among even other endeavors;  a virulent unstoppable, force of female energy. Recently her world travels have kept her camera aggressively tuned in to her adventures. She has also worked in some capacity with almost every other artist in this blog.
Jess at imdb

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(Senator) Whole TreeAshley is a visionary, psychedelic, master of creativity and limited by no medium, though some of her most stunning and surreal work has been in the form of three dimensional dioramas or sudden craftiness with whatever she has at her disposal.


Marrion (Mars)-is also an alarmingly, multitalented creator, as well as gymnast, musician, and vibrant spiritual force for good, by simply reverberating a higher happier, yet genuine wavelength, through all her projects, interactions, and personality. She plays drums for the band Sweet Crude (not by any means her first musical project) Marrion, Jess, and The Good Senator have an incredible knack for reinvention of themselves via costumes and outfits.



from Marion’s Model Mayhem Bio:

Lifnar mín sál, heiminn mála!
(My soul comes to life, paints the world!)

“Marion Tortorich is a New Orleans native who has been involved in different forms of dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics for 18 years. She left the realm of gymnastics and acrobatics competition only to return again as a coach from 2003-2009. In November of 2007, Marion joined the Whirly Bones Circus Arts Collective in New Orleans and began aerial circus arts training under the instruction of Raven Hinojosa of Aurora Circus Theater. Through local agents and production companies, including Carl Mack Presents and Isomorpheus Productions, Marion has brought her aerial and acrobatic performances to the professional level, providing entertainment at corporate events and art festivals, including the first and the second New Orleans Fringe Festivals. She works with trapeze (partner and solo), aerial hammock, and lyra, fire spinning, dance, hulu hoops, and acrobatics. She has film experience working as an actor, dancer, and set designer, and works professionally as a model. Marion is a holistic health/Living Foods enthusiast, a graduate of Wild Lotus Yoga’s “Yoga and Spirituality” teacher training program, and has received her Reiki Level I Attunement. She has taught flexibility, aerial yoga, and aerial hammock/conditioning classes professionally, as well as yoga and gymnastics in the New Orleans school system through Young Audiences. In addition to being a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher in her community, Marion is a drummer and vocalist, has performed and taught for Sky Candy Aerial Troupe. She is currently a member of the Mystic Pony Aerial Troupe, Renegade Pyrotechnics fire spinning duo, the Submarigny Submarine Club of Undersea Pleasures performance arts collective, and MAaron Acrobatic Yoga duo.”