1974, Space is the Place. The year of universal contact.




“It all started in 1974, before SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was even formed (1984), but at the beginning of the Arecibo project. At this time, upgrading the Arecibo station in the US Territory of Puerto Rico was done with the help of Frank Drake and Carl Sagan.”

The Arecibo radio telescope dish to the left is the largest in the world. The first pulsar in a binary system was discovered in 1974 using Arecibo, leading to important confirmation of Einstein’s theory of general relativity and a Nobel Prize for astronomers Russell Hulse and Joseph Taylor in 1993.

Says Sarfatti, “In 1952 and 1953, when I was about 12 or 13 years old, I received a phone call…in which a mechanical sounding voice at the other end said it was a computer on board a flying saucer. They wanted to teach me something and would I be willing? This was my free choice. Would I be willing to be taught—to communicate with them? I remember a shiver going up my spine, because I said, ‘Hey, man, this is real.’ Of course, I was a kid…but I said, yes.”

Sarfatti was a leading member of the Fundamental Fysiks Group, an informal group of physicists in California in the 1970s who, according to historian of science David Kaiser, helped to nurture some of the alternative ideas in quantum physics that today form the basis of quantum information science.[7][8] Sarfatti co-wrote Space-Time and Beyond (1974)

“The following are the ‘facts’ we have to go by:
1.) We can pin down Corso’s presence at SRI in the early 1970s
Corso has admitted that he visited Stanford Research Institute’s remote viewing labs in the early 1970s, and he stated that the reason for the visit was “to seek methods for remote viewing/technology interface between extraterrestrials and their craft.”


2.) HUMINT: Human Intelligence Monitoring of Alien Abductees
The military is known to be extensively interested in alien abductees. As a matter of fact, they are so interested that it has been suspected that they abduct them after their authentic alien abductions to find out what they know. The book MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abductions, by Helmut and Marion Lammer, discusses military-type abductions reported primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Alien abductees have reported that they are “spirited away” in unmarked helicopters, vans and buses to underground government facilities. The MILABs theory suggests that a covert task force is monitoring real alien abductees in order to debrief the victims, as well as to install full amnesia regarding both abduction incidents. According to The Excluded Middle, abductee Melinda Leslie claims the military is interested in abductees because “they were mostly curious about the pilot/craft interface and if we knew anything about that aspect of their technology.”

3.) The Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group
MUFON official Dr. Robert M. Wood also claims that any information pertaining to psychic pilot/craft interface that can be learned from UFO research is obviously very important to the military/intelligence apparatus in charge of the UFO cover-up. Dr. Wood was reputedly a member of a think tank called the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group (ATPWG), and has admitted that this secret UFO working group “planned and set policy regarding the UFO issue.”


How does the Nine fit in 1974 you ask? Conveniently…

“This article will look at some of the similarities between the contact experiences of two American writers, Philip K Dick and Robert Anton Wilson. In the 1973-1974 time frame, both would have unusual experiences that they thought could be contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Or some undefinable something that wanted them to think it was extraterrestrial. And as incredible as it sounds, some of their experiences are confirmed by other people, and include verified transmission of knowledge that it seems they could not have obtained from any human source. We will also look very briefly at some other possibly related contact experiences involving musician and cultural icon John Lennon, researcher into human-dolphin communication and consciousness Dr. John Lilly and the Swiss scientist and inventor of LSD Dr. Albert Hofmann.”

Excerpt from the introduction of Space is the Place (1974), starring Sun Ra.

In February and March of l974, Phil had amazing contact experiences that changed his life. He would spend the rest of his life trying to figure out what exactly happened, and who or what was responsible. His theories included mental illness at one end, to direct contact with God at the other end. In between were the theories of contact with an alien race, time travelers, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) computer from the future, a government agency or a secret society.

PKD Bladerunner Letter Eventually he came to call what contacted him VALIS, for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. Phil would have different ideas on what VALIS was – a satellite beaming information to him from an alien world or just a manifestation of God?

He came to think VALIS was a satellite from advanced entities perhaps from the Sirius double star system. One of the missions of VALIS was to fight the Empire,(“The Empire never ended”) the continuation of the Roman Empire in the evil power elites in the East and West, who were secretly connected in their desire to keep their populations enslaved. The second mission of VALIS was to enlighten people with information and knowledge, to spark creativity, invention, art and innovation. This was also partially done through the true hidden and suppressed gospels of Jesus Christ which were revealed to the world in the Gnostic Gospels found at Nag Hammadi in 1945. This information is a living plasmate that comes alive in every person who reads the gospels or who reads about VALIS in the stories of Philip K Dick. The final mission of VALIS was to show Phil that this is a fake world, a “Black Iron Prison”, a “criminal virus” that occludes people from seeing that the world is alive. In fact the world that we see is fake, and we may be living in a computer simulation or a hologram. Now you can see why the creators of “The Matrix” acknowledge PKD as a major influence.

He would write what he called his Exegesis to investigate and explain what he came to call the “2-3-74” experience, meaning February and March of 1974. His Exegesis would grow to over 8,000 pages. Recently a 900 page version was published. Phil increasingly came to favor theological interpretations of VALIS, but at one point, after reading Arthur C. Clarke’s novel “Childhood’s End”, he expressed his experience in Clarke language and classic Sci-Fi terms:

(1)We are not only being watched; we are being controlled, but don’t know it; they remain beyond our threshold of vision.

(2) They work for a higher purpose, one we can’t understand but which fits our concepts of spiritual, moral purposes.

(3) We are instruments, therefore, of an invisible spiritual force which causes us to grow and develop in certain arranged directions.

(4) Some of us are either part of their race or can be elevated to their level, as they work through these individuals.

(5) The probable reason for their concealment is our evil qualities. We cannot be trusted, individually or collectively (man qua beast).

(6) A critical moment has approached or is approaching; this is a unique period in their work, therefore in our use-purpose.

(7) The extent of camouflage and delusion induced in us is extraordinary in amount and degree

Then throughout 1974 he experienced strange events, some seemingly “good”, and some seemingly “bad”. Strange synchronicities, “coincidences” that seemed to have underlying connections. If VALIS was a positive moral force aiding Phil and humanity, there were also other dark forces wanting to keep humanity enslaved and blind, and Phil feared these dark forces. He gave his son Christopher an improvised Christening with chocolate milk and a bit of hot dog bun, as a way to protect him from these dark forces.

Sometime in the late summer of 1974, Phil reported drifting between sleep and waking while listening to the Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever,” sung by John Lennon. At the point in the song where it says “Living is easy with eyes closed,” Phil opened his eyes. He cried out to Tessa to “Call the doctor and tell him that Christopher has an inguinal hernia and he could die if it strangulated”. Tessa says Phil looked as if he were in a trance and she confirms what he said, and that he stated the medical terms correctly. She took their 14 month old son Christopher to a doctor, and the doctor confirmed Phil’s diagnosis, and the doctor scheduled and eventually did the potentially life-saving surgery as soon as Christopher was old enough, which was a couple of months later. In the meantime they were instructed to be careful not to let him cry for any prolonged period.

In subsequent conversations with the “normal” Phil, Tessa says he went back to not understanding the medical terms and was mispronouncing them. Who or what intervened and gave Phil the information that saved his son’s life? Was it VALIS?

I was able to recently ask Phil’s last wife Tessa about this incident. She again confirmed most of the elements of Phil’s story as correct. She said the doctor told her that if Christopher had been left to cry throughout the night for an extended period, the hernia could have strangulated and cut off blood flow, causing serious injury or even death. She does not remember the stereo being on, so unless Phil had the small radio on, she wondered if Phil heard “Strawberry Fields Forever” in his dream. I asked her how was Phil able to correctly diagnose the hernia? Was it VALIS, a religious miracle, just really good intuition or simply unexplainable? She stated:

“I have no earthly explanation for how Phil could have known that our son had a hernia. He did not change diapers, and he had little medical knowledge. I knew that something was wrong with our baby, but I had not yet discussed it with Phil.”

RAW embarked on a course of what he called “deliberately induced brain change.” From July 23, 1973 until October, 1974, he entered a belief system in which he was (perhaps) receiving telepathic messages from advanced entities on a planet near the double star Sirius.

Were these entities real? To him, at the time, they “seemed real enough”, though “not as real as the IRS”, but “easier to get rid of.”
john Lilly So Far Book Cover In keeping with his model agnosticism and desire not to get trapped in any one reality tunnel, RAW undertook a multiple-paths-all-at-once approach to making contact with higher intelligence. He used incantations and rites by Aleister Crowley to invoke the Holy Guardian Angel. Wilson says that if you look at Crowley’s words on the page, they mostly seem like “pretentious rubbish”, but when read out loud, it “vibrates, moans and sings with eerie power.” He also used a hypnosis tape called “Beliefs Unlimited” by Dr. John Lilly, the pioneer in inter-species communication and consciousness research. At first he also used Mescaline and LSD. He later achieved similar results without any drugs. He also tried tantric sex with his wife with the goal of breaking through to new levels of consciousness (and having fun, which RAW always liked to do).

In a dream on July 23, 1973, he got the message “Sirius is very important.” He did not know what it meant. He found out that Sirius was a double star system about 8.6 light years away from Earth. Further research showed him that Sirius (maybe) played an important role in the belief systems of Crowley, the Freemasons, and various occult groups. He then found out that in the ancient Egyptian tradition, the dog star Sirius was celebrated from July 23 to September 8. This was the period when contact between Sirius and Earth was said to be strongest.

(In) Cosmic Trigger He wrote about his experiences in his book “Cosmic Trigger.” You don’t just read this book, you go along on his intellectual, spiritual and physical adventure with him. The topics he writes about start happening in his life. In similar and different ways to what happened to PKD, strange things, unexplained events and seeming “coincidences” linked by underlying synchronicity start to occur.

In this book he mentions Philip K. Dick and his novel “VALIS” based on real events. He notes some of the similarities and differences in their experiences. He also mentions a book by Robert KG Temple called “The Sirius Mystery”.

In reading Temple’s book, he learned that there was evidence (maybe) that Egypt, Sumeria and other ancient civilizations told legends of contact with advanced men who came down from the sky to teach them engineering, science and arts, and that these men came from the Sirius system. He learned that the Dogon tribe in West Africa also had legends of contact with entities from Sirius, and knew that Sirius had a companion star which was not visible to the naked eye. How did they know it existed? Because they really were visited long ago by entities from Sirius who told then about it? Well maybe. But maybe they learned about it from more recent European visitors. But if so why did they claim it was a long standing part of their belief system? What about all the other evidence of “Ancient Astronauts” and many peoples who tell legends of men from the sky, including stories from the Bible?
Wilson quotes this key part by Robert KG Temple from his book “The Sirius Mystery”:

“I would even venture that we may be under observation or surveillance at this very moment, with an extraterrestrial civilization based at the Sirius system, monitoring our development to see when we will be ready ourselves for their contacting us . . .Would they think that (this book) was their cue? If what I propose in this book really is true, then am I pulling a cosmic trigger?”

Most of the experiences Wilson describes are fascinating, but subjective and unverifiable. He himself comes to no definite conclusion about them. But one in particular stands out as unexplainable, and like the incident with Philip K. Dick and his son, it involves a child in danger.

On April 26, 1974, Wilson was with a group of self-proclaimed witches in a new version of the Golden Dawn occult group. He had a vision of his son Graham lying on the ground with police walking toward him. He was afraid this indicated that Graham had been in an accident or some kind of trouble.

He invoked a cone of protection around his son and tried to send a message to call him in the morning. The next morning Graham did call and he explained that he and his friends had been illegally sleeping in a field. Police spotted their car, and walked towards them with their flashlights. They were certain they would be seen and then arrested, but amazingly, the cops did not see them and just walked away. This happened a few minutes before midnight, which was the same time that Wilson had his vision of Graham lying in a field with police walking towards him.

Wilson would later have another vision that a member of his family was in danger, and thought again it was Graham. Tragically, it turned out to be his daughter Luna, killed in a violent and senseless robbery. He writes movingly of her life and death. A lifelong opponent of the death penalty, even in his grief and anger, he does not wan

In a period when he separated from Yoko Ono and was living with May Pang, he actually saw a UFO from the balcony of his NY apartment. It was on August 23, 1974. John actually cried out for the UFO to take him. They took pictures but they did not come out. They called all their friends. One of their friends called the police and newspapers and was told others had seen it as well.
May Pang later said that Lennon told her “if the masses started to accept UFO’s, it would profoundly affect their attitudes toward life, politics, everything. It would threaten the status quo.” Pang also said that 1974 was not his first sighting. He told her more than once he suspected he had been abducted as a child and that this experience made him different from other people the rest of his life. Abducted by aliens? “Yes, but John didn’t go into detail about it”. Pang said.

On August 23rd, 1974 John Lennon…
The other incident is said by the book to have happened in the fall of 1974, but as the book is loose with dates and even years, I have reason to think it was probably 1973. John and Toni were on a flight to Los Angeles. Dr. Lilly took Ketamine on the flight and then looked at the Comet Kahoutek and it greatly increased in brightness. He then received a message that said SSI was going to shut down all systems at LAX. He told this to Toni, who disapproved of John’s increasing drug experiments and thought ECCO was nonsense. But minutes later, the pilot announced they could not land at LAX because a plane had crashed into power lines causing a black out. The plane landed safely elsewhere. Kahoutek was not visible to the naked eye in 1974 but it was visible in 1973. There was a plane that hit power lines on November 17, 1973.
John later felt that the message was from ECCO about the dangers of SSI. Had the pilot attempted to land at LAX when the power and lights went out, he might have crashed. Did ECCO/VALIS send Dr. Lilly a warning? As it had sent to his friend when he was drowning? As ECCO/VALIS had sent to PKD and RAW about their sons? Dr. Lilly later got warning messages of nuclear devastation from ECCO in 1974.

Flint Truman's photo.

“What he describes sounds very much like VALIS. Along these lines one should also consider that the first detonation of an atom bomb occurred on July 16, 1945 (7/16=23?) at the Trinity Site at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. About two years later, around June 16, 1947, the “flying saucer” enters American culture with the reality (or myth) of a saucer crash at Roswell, New Mexico, just 114 miles to the east of the Trinity Site at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. On June 21, 1947 the Maury Island UFO is sighted in Puget Sound, Washington. On June 24, 1947 pilot Kenneth Arnold sees nine shining discs near Mt. Rainer in Washington. Others pilots also see them and a man photographs these discs.”
Pulling The Cosmic Trigger by A.K. Wilks
“My psychic “Contact” experience continued, off and on, for nearly two years, until October 1974, after which I forcibly terminated it by sheer stubborn willpower…
After two years of philosophic mulling on the subject (late 1974 – early 1976), I finally decided to tune in one more time to the Sirius–Earth transmissions, and try to produce something objective.
On 23 July 1976, using a battery of yogic and shamanic techniques, I opened myself to another blast of Cosmic Wisdom and told the Transmitters that I wanted something objective this time around.
The next week, Time Magazine published a full-page review of Robert KG Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, which claims that contact between Earth and Sirius occurred around 4500 BC in the Near East.”
1974 is a crucial year in all of this, starting as it did with PKD’s pink beam contact. Puharich’s Uri hagiography was also released that year, copyrighted to “Lab Nine, Ltd. ” It was presaged by this legendary Synchronicity, later republished in RAW’s first Cosmic Trigger volume.
Saul-Paul Sirag, Vice-President of Jack Sarfatti’s Physics/Consciousness Research Group, has his own weird tales to tell. Once, while involved in the Uri Geller investigation, Sirag took LSD to see if in that altered consciousness he could perceive the alleged extraterrestrial behind Geller.
What Sirag saw was the head of a hawk, which astonished him, since Geller had never described the entity as a hawk.
Six months later, this image appeared on the January 1974 cover of Sirag’s favorite sci-fi magazine, Analog, illustrating a story called “The Horus Errand” (Synchronicity #1). A year later, Dr. Andrija Puharich, not knowing of Sirag’s experience, claimed that Geller’s extraterrestrial ally had often appeared to him as a hawk, which he nicknamed “Horus” (Synchronicity #2).
Later, Sirag discovered that the face on the Analog cover was that of Ray Stanford, a Texas psychic, who also claimed mysterious experiences with Geller and a hawk (Synchronicity #3).Oddest of all, Kelly Freas, the artist who had drawn the cover, had never met Stanford and was not using his face consciously. — Excerpted from Tekgnostics, original story recounted in Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger1974 also saw the introduction of another Secret Sun touchstone: OMAC: One Man Army Corps. Jack Kirby’s opus prophesied smart bombs, virtual reality, plutocratic governance, water wars, and of course, the Gulf and Iraq Wars.OMAC wore a pre-punk mohawk and the Eye of Horus on his chest, tying him symbolically to the Sirius/Canis Major star system but also to both RAW and the Geller/Puraich axis. And who created and powered OMAC himself?

An orbital machine intelligence.

Here we are looking at several remarkable yet relatively-obscure men from entirely different walks of life, all a generation removed from the 60s counterculture, all highly touted now as visionaries all experiencing or writing about what they describe as contact with an orbital machine intelligence connected at least semiotically to the Sirius star in the Canis Major constellation, all at or near the same time.

And yet the details differ significantly on many other counts, which argues against these individuals all being the subject of some kind of military/intel experiment or colluding on some massive hoax. As does the fact that we’re talking machine intelligences and not alien angels or some other kind of divine entities.

Moreover, Kirby, PKD and RAW were marginal figures operating at the fringes of pop culture and Lilly was seen as a burnout and an embarrassment to his former colleagues (as was PKD when he started talking about VALIS).

It seems more that they were picking up on some vague, half-formed signal of unimaginable origin or intent that their prodigious imaginations would then embellish and expand upon.

Moreover, we have evidence or claims of prophecy and/or Synchronicity, the time-honored acid test for divine or extraordinary contact.

Kirby himself closed out 1974 by drawing the first of a multi-issue epic in which his post-apocalyptic hero Kamandi would be abducted by an alien and taken into space aboard a UFO, an abrupt volte-face for the series that ended with Kamandi facing off against sun-worshiping Reptilians.

The first installment of this opus would bring Kamandi to the very edge of a Stargate, which is stealing artifacts from Earth to be converted into raw energy. The disembodied alien will later use the androgynous Kamandi as the template for her own incarnation.

In the second part of the story, Kamandi is reunited with an old friend, not seen since issue #17…

…Doctor Canus. Or should I say Canis?

Once Kirby finished up the UFO storyline he returned to Marvel where his first assignment was a mind control conspiracy arc for Captain America and The Falcon. Where did I buy all those issues? At Valles (pronounced “VALIS”) Newsstand.

Into all of this wanders Gene Roddenberry, who was also busy in 1974 working on the Star Trek animated series (which featured a “Treaty of Sirius”). The second to last episode– which aired October 5, 1974– was “How Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth.”

In it, the crew come to face-to-face with the winged serpent Kukulkan, the ancient astronaut who was worshiped as a god by the peoples of Mesoamerica. This episode was inspired by “Who Mourns for Adonais,” in which the crew confront the ancient astronaut Apollo (identified with Horus by the Greeks).

The following year Roddenberry would fall in with Puharich and Lab Nine, and interview the “channelers” who claimed to be vessels for The Nine, the ancient gods/artificial intelligences from Sirius (who like Kukulkan and Apollo were the shepherds of ancient civilization).

Roddenberry was a bit hard up for cash so he reluctantly humored the operation, which seemed to take most of its ideas from old Star Trek episodes (only the ST eps were a lot more resonant, magical and culturally significant). Indeed, both “Return to Tomorrow” and “The Lights of Zetar” dealt with humans channeling disembodied intelligences – intelligences housed in computers in the case of “Return” (and based in the Isis-Osiris-Set drama).

The member of The Nine called Tom (short for Atum, androgynous creator god of ancient Egypt) did most of the “talking” and was quoted with the following:
“I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the emissary. But the original time I was on the Planet Earth was 34,000 of your years ago. I am the balance. And when I say ‘I’ – I mean because I am an emissary for The Nine. It is not I , but it is the group…We are nine principles of the Universe, yet together we are one.”
However, Roddenberry’s ultimate response to his experiences with The Nine was The God Thing, in which a malfunctioning Orbital Machine Intelligence tries to convince the human race that it’s God.

Ironically, this story would eventually morph into the Project Blue Beam hoax, most probably a CIA effort to discredit any and all UFO data in the minds of the kooky conspiracy kids (which it’s been remarkably effective in doing). Roddenberry’s Nine interviews would later be compiled into the 1992 manifesto, The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space.

In the last post we looked at this bizarre convergence of machine intelligence contact and the year 1974, claimed by Andrija Puharich, Uri Geller, John Lilly, Philip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson. Readers cited Timothy Leary and his Starseed Transmissions as well as contact claimed by Ingo Swann. There are probably others as well.What most of these men (aside from perhaps Geller and Swann) have in common is what is somewhat irresponsibly called “heroic” use of powerful hallucinogens. What separates these guys from your ordinary acid casualty like Syd Barrett is that they continued to be high-functioning and prolific. Perhaps even more so.You can certainly dismiss their claims but you can’t ignore the fact that these were highly intelligent and cogent individuals, working in highly specialized fields.There are also the examples of visionaries such as Francis Crick and Steve Jobs, both of whom credit part of their genius to hallucinogens and both of whom were no stranger to alien/UFO memes.And then there’s Jack Kirby.

I’ve written several times about Kirby’s own channeling of the OMI meme in OMAC. Let’s just recap– OMAC was a near-future sci-fi series about a OMI who creates a One Man Army to deal with threats that the GPA (Global Police Agency) can’t handle. He’s essentially Captain Marvel redux, only he doesn’t switch his identities…

So, let’s recap– in 1974, Kirby draws a story about an OMI-powered supergod with main plot points that eerily foreshadow the two Persian Gulf wars, including virtual reality of all damn things.

Immediately after that, we are taken on a trip to a sandy wasteland where an invading alien is looting artifacts, including those identical to those displayed in the Iraqi Museum, which was itself looted by an invading force 29 years later.

Bowie and The Man Who Fell to Earth had such a powerful effect on Dick’s emerging Gnostic awakening that they became major players in the first allegorical exegesis of his spiritual journey, Valis (the film within the novel was based on Dick’s experience of seeing Earth for the first time and how it seemed to resonate so completely with his own inner turmoil).

(Secret Sun excerpts cont…)

From 1997:

So were you involved in actual devil worship?

“Not devil worship, no, it was pure straighforward, old–fashioned magic.”

The Aleister Crowley variety?

“No, I always thought Crowley was a charlatan. But there was a guy called [Arthur] Edward Waite who was terribly important to me at the time. And another called Dion Fortune who wrote a book called ‘Psychic Self–Defence’. You had to run around the room getting bits of string and old crayons and draw funny things on the wall, and I took it all most seriously, ha ha ha ! I drew gateways into different dimensions, and I’m quite sure that , for myself, I really walked into other worlds. I drew things on walls and just walked trough them, and saw what was on the other side!”

Flint Truman's photo.
Six Feet Under resurrected by Dexter as Lazarus

Musical uses same characters from the musician’s cult…

Michael C Hall, is born in blood and resurrected, as deXter and then Lazarus. In deXter he connects with other X-Files and X-Men themes. Also, like Batman he is literally “born in blood”, and loses his immediately family at horribly young age. Again, early childhood trauma forces supernatural powers, or the guidance from other intelligences…

Flint Truman's photo.
Flint Truman's photo.
Flint Truman's photo.