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The World Trade Center:







Sean (above right) boards a plane and begins to plead with the pilot, Leila’s father, Michael (Scott Patterson), not to crash it into the President’s press conference in Miami. As the plane approaches the press conference site, it flies into a vortex in mid-air and vanishes.

“The plane flies out of the vortex and crashes into a desert in Arizona. As a fleet of helicopters approaches the area, Michael urges Sean to run. A flashback shows Michael being captured as agents tell him that his two daughters (Leila included) were kidnapped by a group of mysterious individuals, one of whom includes Vicky Roberts (Taylor Cole), whom Sean and Leila met on a Caribbean cruise. Michael is told that his daughters will be killed if he does not cooperate with the assassination plot. In the present, Sean eventually collapses in the desert but is found and taken to a hospital in Yuma. Shortly thereafter, he is apprehended by FBI agents on a warrant for a murder that occurred on the cruise ship (conducted by the assailants who kidnapped Leila). Meanwhile, it is revealed the 97 detainees are a humanoid extraterrestrial species with enhanced lifespans who crash-landed in Alaska in 1944 from a UFO spaceship. Mount Inostranka was constructed to hold them, but many were not captured, as they fled their crash site and began to live among human society all over the world. Director Sterling appoints CIA operative Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) to find the individuals, but Sterling does not know that Lee himself is one of the undiscovered aliens. Lee and a group of soldiers visit the crash site in Arizona and find all the passengers of the plane dead. “-The Event wiki

So just to be thorough, the star of existential genius project Being John Malkovich, is holding the bunny. Nicholas Cage doesn’t like when people mess with his daughter’s rabbit. The weird thing is this rabbit hole stretches from Millennium and The Event (unrelated to Cage/Matrix) to Knowing and Con Air. Technically exploring every idea from premonition, to PSI and aliens, to the Philadelphia Experiment. Where does the plane crash in the Event?

The Arizona desert.
Now to put away the rabbit, and these particular Sync holes…


A.I. and “Techno-Organic Viruses” (read as Hive-mind take over; the replacement of the functions of our brains and bodies with the memory of wikipedia, the swift draw of our phones, their apps, and soon, (even if not in civilian hands) quantum computing, an increase in, capturing, instead of having experiences,etc… and trans- (read as unwilling to search for their own, or our collective, human potential, the purpose of the human heart, emotion, humanness,, etc…) -humanist, asshole 80’s B- movie fashion sense. I propose we’ve been conditioned for the shittiest access to only the shiny gimmicks of futurism, in order to distract us from a corporate industrial agenda, which seeks to, and has thus far, geographically consume and end the future, as slowly as possible, to reap the most economic benefit from a complete breakaway from our current known mass civilization. All this, quite regardless, of the involvement in alien or futuristic technology. Though as we see demonstrated throughout this post, the themes continually interrelating, seems inescapable for one reason or another.

Futurism was more grounded as an absurdly dressing troupe of eccentric and equally talented individuals parading around the original Bauhaus theater, than it is, here in the future, as the topic of discussion in every which direction, from Ted Talks and Space X, to the NSA’s nonchalant admission of a total domestic surveillance state; the details and machinations of which; are so buried so deep in halls of wires, with no human operators to be consulted, that the mere concept of all this remains untouchable, to even the average citizen’s intellect! Let us not forget our exploding-while-charging-hover board, or the Cancer causing topography of our radiated environments. Or the increase in plasticity in the environment, due to what used be deemed by Walt Disney and Von Braun as weather warfare, but we now debate across the internet, over something else horrible, called chem-trails.

Secret Space Program(s):



Mutation and the Curious Implications of Marvel:

I’m going to try an experiment with you, dear readers. I’m going to approach the Marvel Universe, particularly the X-Men, and super soldier programs, to start; as if they are not one of my favorite topics, as if I don’t know already, that it’s about good guys prevailing over evil, and genuinely human drama stories, besides just comic book fiction. What if I just look at some of the concepts, honestly, now as an adult? Well, with what I do know about the real world…about the secret real world, is more detailed in places like the history of the X-Men’s adventures, then they may ever be declassified or passed around as public knowledge. Maybe the public doesn’t have an interest in the truth behind the highest grossing movies, or parapolitics, or remote viewing…yet, even the films stay true to the mythology enough to disturb the voluntarily unaware. The dangers of A.I., the survival of a post Nazi network turned empire concealed in the American military industrial machine, and the ritual magick and quantum physics, involved in traversing the Rainbow Bridge To Asgard, all traveled from the comics to the films, planting in this researcher a hope for the concepts being displayed. (Lucy, Limitless, Inception, Divergents) one certainly doesn’t have to rely on comic book films for this to be the fiber of all their entertainment.

In most cases the strange elements of super soldier programs and psychic powers, are scattered throughout the global intelligence community, have been now for decades, and rarely spill from the now, technological grips, of officialdom. In some ways we can factor in pulp visionaries like Jack Kirby, and Steranko, as being interested, even experienced in some of these ideas, so in there case, that solves some of where the material about cloned intelligence agents, and all seeing satellites that link up with world policing cyborgs, underground bases, and hellicarriers, come from…but like I said, solves “some” of it, and even then, not really.

By the time we make it to Larry Hama and Chris Claremont, though,  even much more so than when I wrote Saturday Morning Vision Quest, am seeing purposeful, seemingly endless, volumes of connective tissue articulating real world secrets, whether they be relating to supposed alien contact, or military industrial privatization, and Satanic Ritual Abuse. So, maybe it’s just me, but that’s pretty bizarre. As some of you know, I began interviewing these wonderful and imaginative creators, to try to get some straight answers. Though my approach was polite and curious, and not in any way accusatory or upsetting, Hama answered in such a way, as to mock me for being a conspiracy theorist of sorts, going as far as to randomly ensure me that the Beatles song, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” is not about LSD; for reasons unknown. He is yet to work on a project that doesn’t involve super soldiers being traumatized in clandestine black sites, or reptilians, but I’m not dissing this highly disciplined star or my childhood imagination’s circuitry.

Then at a convention, I inquired if Mr.Claremont had based any of his work (all of it involving mind control and childhood trauma as the key to gaining one’s powers, secret societies, and military industrial pacts with the devil- over A.I., and well, torturing more people) on MK-Ultra at all, which caused him to grow red in the face, insist that he wrote the X-Men before MK-Ultra, demanded the money for signing an X-book, and shooed me off.

Could there have been real projects like the X-Men, that came out of MK-Ultra or SRI, or in complete secrecy?

“Consider, for example, Puharich’s Geller Kids or Space Kids, whom he tested and trained during the 1970s. There were twenty of them, the youngest nine and the oldest in their late teens, culled from seven different countries and taken to what became jokingly known as Puharich’s ‘Turkey Farm’ at Ossining in order to develop their psychic potential. As we have seen, Puharich trained them in remote viewing, but target locations he set them were significant: they were military or intelligence interest and included the Pentagon, the Kremlin and even the White House. It seems clear that there was an official element to these experiments, as they were being carried out at exactly the same time (1975-8) that defense and intelligence agencies were studying remote viewing in adults. We can speculate that the Ossining establishment was chosen for the children’s project because it was a conveniently ‘civilian’ location: questions would certainly have been asked if youngsters had been experimented on inside military facilities.

The Ossining programme had even more disturbing elements: Puharich experimented on the children in order to contact extraterrestrial intelligences. As with Geller and Bobby Horne, he regularly hypnotized his young subjects, apparently in the belief that their powers did indeed come from ‘aliens’. As Steven Levy wrote: ‘The Kids describe strange cities with science-fiction trappings and claim to be messengers from these distant civilisations.’

Given Puharich’s obsession with extraterrestrial influence, not to mention his indiscriminate use of the most powerful sort of hypnosis, it would be strange if the Space Kids had not come up with such descriptions. But was Puharich simply releasing memories of real events, or was he in fact implanting them? In either case, his use of hypnosis, in what were clearly uncontrolled conditions, on children as young as nine, is extremely disquieting.”

(ibid, pg. 226)”-

Trust Me On This One. Cobra kidnaps psychics and puts them through the SRI and Montauk trials…

The only person brave and honest enough to explain, he was simply doing the research to make the story legit, was David McDermott, who wrote the X-Men original animated series episode: Weapon X, Lies, and Videotape

My question dear reader, is can you stay awake enough…long enough…to allow yourself to be completely vulnerable to a truth that you already know, just not on as many dimensions as you’d like to accept. It might be TOO real to want to accept and that’s okay…but time, my friend, has been trying to tell us something…I intend to give you some of the pieces. I’m not the first; and I wake up every morning hoping I’m not one of the last. We know no truth further than our tireless digging. Your truth, your peace is out there. Trust No One. Go forward onto intelligence and independence. We threaten none, but we dream of reclaiming democracy, and let our dream be the fire that leads…If you get nothing out of this, I at least want you to see the patterns, the significance in pattern recognition as a problem solving skill.

Forgive me; I seemed to have rearranged your popular fictions, to show you a place, I believe to be closer to reality than your surroundings as you read this! More real, because it’s more repressed; it’s the important underbelly of our world. The stuff of jokes and video-games…but the stuff of dreams and passion, the smell of pleasant memory. The recollection of the real through the vintage smell of forgotten pulp pages…

Let’s start in the deepest reaches of our collective shadow, that most repressed reptilian survivalist, that selfish psychopath that predominates in the power positions of our global society. Those countries which are soon to be consumed by corporations. Let’s keep also pretending I’m talking about fiction ONLY…

The Cigarette Smoking Man: “Men can never be free, because they’re weak, corrupt, worthless…and restless. The people believe in authority. They’ve grown tired of waiting for miracle or mystery. Science is their religion – no greater explanation exists for them! They must never believe any differently if the project is to go forward.”-The X-Files: Talitha Cumi (#3.24)” (1996)

X: “You’re a damn schoolboy, Mulder. You have no idea, no idea!”
X: “I used to be you. I was where you are now. But you’re not me, Mulder. I don’t think you have the heart.”
X: [shoots the Overcoat Man] “You want to see what it takes to find the truth, Agent Mulder? You want to know what I know?” [shoots him dead] –X-Files One Breath

Does our search for the truth of our own shadows not inevitably bring us back full circle to the origin of the trauma of the most hurtful of memories? Do we not continually try to flood them out? Is it dangerous to follow parts of a puzzle cloaked in secrecy, but somehow privately beckoning  the personalities of those effected by this “shadow” world. If we don’t flood our memories out are they removed?

“In 1990 almost a full decade before the release of the popular Matrix movie trilogy, a CIA operative named John Grace wrote under the pseudonym Val Valerian in a book named Matrix II: The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology, “Fourth density Greys, the ones who are primarily dealing with Whitley Strieber, are the ones who possess the technical equipment to draw energy from the human bioplasmic field. They also have the ability to extract memories and experiences from the human being. It is they who await in the light when a human being dies. The human being is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over again. Fourth density Greys are, in effect, sensation junkies. To experience human emotions is the closest they themselves ever come to the idea of feeling.” He later writes, “These entities have been abducting humans for many centuries — these entities view Earth as a big farm, and have been essentially raising and harvesting humans and apparently abduct humans to take back to their home planet to raise there in a kind of human husbandry scenario.” Part of his alien hypothesis is that ” ‘compliant’ humans can be ‘legally’ ‘harvested’ for various ‘slavery’ purposes. Humans are effectively considered raw materials, including to be used as nutrition and also for parasitic energy usage by aliens.

In Matrix V, Valerian writes, “They want to recycle low to lower mid-level spirits into another breeding productive incarnation. Hence the Light and Tunnel at death Trap. Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. If you CHOOSE to follow you can be trapped and sent to another incarnation of their choice. This shows the Empire does have an understanding of the spirit, but it attempts to short this out. The Light and Tunnel trap is a relatively new device, but one that will fail and they now know this. ‘Go into the Light’ say those who have had near death experiences. They are the salespersons chosen to advertise this alien venture. NEVER enter that light. Go up, left, back, right or anywhere but there. The mass media exposure of the Light and Tunnel trap (seen in the film ‘Ghost‘, where the hero willingly enters the glittering trap) is to try to get people to buy the destination.”
Further Suggested Reading: The Stygian Port: The House of God

Somewhere, someone turned a valve and unleashed a portal to another world, another dimension of genetic and alien possibility…and I doubt this kind of thing was limited to Parsons, Crowley, and Montauk. In Valve’s case they went from underground bases to Portals…

Half Life:

“In Half-Life, players assume the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist who must fight his way out of a secret underground research facility whose research and experiments into teleportation technology have gone disastrously wrong…Most of the game is set in a remote desert area of New Mexico in the Black Mesa Research Facility, a fictional complex that bears many similarities to both the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Area 51, at some point during the2000s

The game’s protagonist is the theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman, who holds a Ph.D. from MIT. Freeman becomes one of the survivors of an experiment at Black Mesa that goes horribly wrong, when an unexpected “resonance cascade”—a fictitious phenomenon —rips dimensional seams, devastating the facility. Aliens from another dimension known as Xen subsequently enter the facility through these dimensional seams (an event known as the “Black Mesa incident”).[13]
As Freeman tries to make his way out of the ruined facility, he soon discovers that he is caught between two sides: the hostile aliens and the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, a U.S. Marine Corps special operations unit dispatched to cover up the incident by eliminating the organisms, as well as Dr. Freeman and the other surviving Black Mesa personnel to keep them from talking. Throughout the game, a mysterious figure known (but not actually referred to in-game) as the “G-Man” regularly appears, and seems to be monitoring Freeman’s progress. Ultimately, Freeman uses the cooperation of surviving scientists and security officers to work his way towards the mysterious “Lambda Complex” of Black Mesa (signified with the Greek “λ” character), where a team of survivors teleport him to the alien world Xen to kill the Nihilanth, the semi-physical entity keeping Xen’s side of the dimensional rift open.-Half Life at wikipediaFreeman (Labyrinth album), a Labyrinth album-Freeman

We have been focusing on the stargate as a transportation device external from the human body, often assuming a similar shape as in the film and television show…but what if the stargate was inside us? What if more intelligent entities knew this and were possessing us from the inside out. (Obviously some of us would or are prone to the psychic tentacles of manipulation than others.) If we follow Keannu to his magick in Constantine he uses water as a conduit to access parallel dimensions.

Do we sleep to forget or to remember? Water…memory…a conduit to unseen worlds…
(Noah and the Flood, The Tower of Babel, the Extinction of the Dinosaurs, all an attempt to erase and start over some intelligent design over the genetics of the planet.)

The Cigarette Smoking Man: [to Mulder] “Don’t be so dramatic. Only part of you is dying. The part that played the hero. You’ve suffered enough – for the X-Files, for your partner, for the world. You’re not Christ, you’re not Prince Hamlet – you’re not even Ralph Nader!…You can kill a man but you can’t kill what he stands for. Not unless you first break his spirit. That’s a beautiful thing to see… Don’t try and threaten me, Mulder. I’ve watched presidents die”….(assorted comments)

Jennifer Connelly finds herself confronting mirrors, dimensions, and of course labyrinths
(Check link for more on JC)

Do stargates just connect us to simulated realities like the holo deck or the Danger Room? What do these ideas forecast or directly wake us up to simulated realities.

In an article titled DANGER ROOM A Holodeck Videogame Designed to Train Soldiers

“The military’s research arm is taking a different tack in funding a $26 million project to develop a device implanted in the skull. The goal is to stimulate parts of the brain as a way to treat psychiatric disorders including depression, addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Surrealism meets the mythology and religion of the New World and we are only to assume Order is next on the menu, probably before most of us see it coming…

Project Blue Beam fans forget the holograms, look more for giant motherships that are silent, triangular and run by helium spheres in the center.

Everything said here is poetry, fiction, and liberal wallowing and should not be taken as any reflection of any truth or reality.

Further Interesting Philip K Dick covers: below can be seen eternal Hitler with Dick in the background, a “Martian Time-Slip”, and Neuromancer/Constantine/Blade Runner in The Man in the High Castle. Somehow we began building the future based off of visionaries’ worst nightmares and most heart-felt warnings. We fed off their fear and began to build nightmare worlds.


Unrelated to K.Dick or Abel, Hitler’s Second Book was to be called New World Order…
As long as there is an imagined black magick prison, as long as there are mental restraints to human potential, there will be the ability to dream, and more importantly change our reality which is beginning to be a nightmare into a utopia, without the help of the reality scripters. Though there rule was admirable as it lasted right?

Forgotten ’80s Cartoons – Bionic Six

bionic six cartoon
“Their powers can be turned on and off, and only last a certain amount of time before having to be recharged.” Charged!? as in…

How do we fight back?

“Culture is not our friend. Culture is for other peoples convenience, and the conveniences of other institutions, churches, companies, tax collection schemes, what have you. It is not your friend. It insults you. It disempowers you. It uses and abuses you. None of us are well treated by culture and yet we glorify the creative potential of the individual, the rights of the individual, we understand the felt presence of experience which is most important but the culture is a perversion. It fetishises objects, it creates consumer mania, it preaches endless forms of fales happiness, endless forms of false understanding in the form of squirrelly religion and silly cults. It invites people to diminish themselves, and dehumanise themselves by behaving like machines, meme processors of memes passed down from Madison Avenue and Hollywood and what have you.”

Audience member: How do we fight back?

“How do we fight back? It’s a question worth answering.”

Audience member: Where is this planet as an organism going?

“Same question as how do we fight back. I think that by creating art. Art. Man was not put on this planet to toil in the mud; or the god who put us on this planet to toil in the mud is no god I want to have any part of. It’s some kind of Gnostic demon. It’s some kind of cannibalistic demiurge that should be thoroughly renounced and rejected. By putting the art, pedal to the metal, we really, I think, maximise our humanness and become much more necessary and incomprehensible to the machines.”

We need dreamers, and we have them…

We need warriors and you can be one of them…
(Some of them just have trouble remembering there place in the cosmic conflict)

Or will the time traveling hero even be human?

Ending Notes: (The implications of a post Jade Helm reality and the infrastructure of artificial intelligence in military protocol)

“Master of the Human Domain” seems to refer to Mastering the Human Mind and then shaping that into something different. Re-education camps anyone? Hive mind anyone? Wasn’t this what we were sure didn’t exist? I dare say Blue-Beam?

This document (PDF) describes a military A.I. strategy that fits this view of JADE Helm… including an AI program named JADE II. Whatever the full scope, these future trends for conflict and population control should be closely monitored.” –
“In 2015, Bilderberg dropped the suggestive names and went right for the topics bullet-point list, bringing “artificial intelligence” and “cybersecurity” to the top of that list.

And two of its attendees stand out in bold for their role in bringing this forward:

Regina Dugan, Vice President for Engineering, Advanced Technology and Projects, Google

Demis Hassabis, Vice President of Engineering, Google DeepMind

This should register as Bilderberg’s most disturbing connection to covert politics yet.

Not that it should surprise everyone that they went there, but the rise of robots is actually upon us.

Amazon (whose founder and CEO Jeff Bezos attended Bilderberg in 2011 and 2013) is rapidly replacing its labor force with warehouse robots, and looking to use drones for delivery in the near future… while it has long relied upon complex algorithms to stunt competition and beat everyone including Wal-mart to the punch.

The world’s manufacturers in China have already made incredible strides in raising a robotic workforce that is only growing stronger every day… and the jobs become more and more endangered with each passing phase.

Silicon Valley is even unleashing an R2D2-like robocop that would do automated crime patrols…”-Truthstream Media

Conspiracy Rabbit Holes: Not enough sources or simply theories

Suspicion and Interpretation of Military and Official Statements by journalist and celebrities

The 9News Presentations: The only well thought out long videos I can find so far (2 parts)

“If Washington wants to cool the embers of controversy, then it should quit stoking the fire, as with the posting of a map of Jade Helm 15 ‘just’ exercises that label some areas of the country, including Texas, as ‘hostile,’ according to KHOU 11 News in Houston and verified by the Washington Post.”

He said that whatever Jade Helm 15 “actually is, I think it is more than coincidental that the FBI director just confessed in February that the presence of ISIS can be felt in all 50 states of the U.S.”

“And that the Pentagon is suddenly running its biggest military training exercise with every branch of the military across seven Southwestern states. Whether deterrence, display of power or something more covert or devious, let’s not come with any patronizing nonsense of impotence and simplicity when its origin is in Washington.”

U.S. Army Special Operations Command officials responded to some of WND’s questions about the issue, stating in writing that the exercise is to train Special Operations Force to respond to an international crisis.

Officials said they need to train in areas that are not inside military bases.

“Different environments provide opportunities to experience new and unique training experiences,” the Army said. “These environments add realism and greater training value for U.S Special Operations Forces.”

To make things smoother, the Army told WND, officials have briefed local governments.

They blamed “inaccurate” information on either accident or “personal agendas.”-Chuck Norris

But I don’t wanna talk about Wal Mart:

Here’s why, I hear about Jade Helm, I think Wal Mart is a nice place to set up military camps for all resources possibly needed in one large area, problem solved. So, unfortunately I dug into it…not so simple. Don’t have an explanation but let’s look at some of the facts, as we must get used to doing, before the conspiracies.
Official Wal Mart link no longer exist…

“I’m an electrician and I used to work for a company that did repairs at Walmart’s, they make the contractors jump through hoops so they do not have to shut down or cause any inconvenience.” “If it really was a plumbing issue, they would build completely new restrooms first then repair any issue afterwards. Also, knowing Walmart’s timelines, there is no way in hell any contractors would have 6 months to complete any repair project.” – unidentified electrician according to InfoWars

And never to support Alex Limbaugh but to follow up on the sources above:

“If I were a property owner I’d want to make sure my store was closed as little as possible,” Enriquez said. “I would want a permit to be in place the day I was going to close — but we haven’t received anything.”

It’s quite strange that these problems with clogs and leaks have all suddenly occurred at five different stores around the country, plus would it really take 6 months to fix some plumbing issues when entire Walmart stores can be built in less than a year?

“In a report published in July 2014 on Intellihub.com, Shepard Ambellas outlined a plan by the Department of Defense and FEMA to use, “abandoned or unused department stores, shopping malls and warehouses as camps to accommodate the mass human influx from South America.”

Although FEMA has used a massive influx of immigrants as the reason for needing detention centers, their power to control the entire country in the event of a martial law scenario could easily lead them to use the centers for American citizens.”

Source: Intellihub
Above Directly from: The Daily Sheeple

“Homeland security starts with hometown security, and each of us plays a critical role in keeping our country and communities safe” the Secretary said today, adding “I applaud Walmart for joining the ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign. This partnership will help millions of shoppers across the nation identify and report indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to law enforcement authorities.” -DHS official / Wal Mart?

Official Documentation / other proof of weird:

Again for review, official DHS link to Wal Mart

One theory if mixed with the current whistleblowers in the SSP (Secret Space Program) proposes that our reliance on oversaturation of technology may function as a platform for another entity or inhuman like or evil humans to control us from every aspect of our conventional lives.

Marvel Expanding Syncverse:

The Soviet Super Soldiers were introduced in the Incredible Hulk#258. The team consisted of Ursa Major, Darkstar, Vanguard, and Crimson Dynamo (the fifth version)

(often awkward bear from Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law- unrelated)

Moving On: In the early 1980s Marvel formed Marvel Productions on the west coast which wound up producing Spider Man and his Amazing Friends (Sept 1981) and The Incredible Hulk (Sept 1982)

     “In 1982, Marvel also began a pivotal relationship that lasted well into the 1990s with Hasbro Industries, a toy company primarily known for its toys Mr.Potato Head and G.I.Joe-a military themed line of twelve-inch figures that had been popular from 1964 to 1978. In 1982, Hasbro relaunched the line as smaller three and three quarter inch action figures. Since there were numerous restrictions on the way the toys could be advertised on television, Hasbro’s advertising agency-Griffin Bacal-proposed a bold idea: Hasbro should promote a comic book, which would have no advertising restrictions. Hasbro went to Marvel. A creative team that included Jim Shooter, Archie Goodwin, Larry Hama, and Tom Defalco was immediately assigned to develop G.I.Joe as a comic book and, possibly, an animated television series. The comic book, the toy line, and, eventually, the animated series all proved successful.”

“Although the first issue of G.I.Joe, by editor Larry Hama and artist Herb Trimpe, was cover dated July, April saw the first ever television adverts for a comic when it was featured on television.”

1983 He Man begins an “era of crossovers between television characters and mass merchandising”

I hear so often that all these shows were “just to sell toys”, that they were simply “vehicles” for mass merchandising. I still think if a child finds a Spider Man or a G.I.Joe in a war torn area or in some backwoods forest, it’s not like finding other things that are part of a mass merchandising machine. In fact I think people who know the mythology and the power of these characters think of them as divine, even holy in some ways, having some kind of character and life. Much different from discovering a Gap shirt or a Coke can under the same circumstances. The action figure can hold a kind of spirit, like a tomb or a chess piece. Upon extreme contemplation this brings us back to ideas of totems, magick, simulacra, and even artificial intelligence. Meditation on the super hero works the same as meditation on the godform as far as I am concerned…or maybe I just took Toy Story far too seriously…

The year 1983 also saw the real life “Star Wars” program (which would explain why so many cartoon plots are kind of obsessed with villains either sabotaging space programs or utilizing some space based weapons program.) and the last episode of M.A.S.H. aired this year, a show which Mr.Hama acted in.

In 1984, the personal computer is invented the same year as the release of James Cameron’s Terminator. Originally the personal computer was Vannevar Bush’s idea I learned quite recently, and remember Star Wars was mainly George Bush’s idea.


“The idea of a personal computer, one that ordinary individuals could own and operate and keep in their homes, was envisioned in 1945 by Vannevar Bush. After building his Differential Analyzer at MIT and helping to create the military-industrial-academic triangle, he wrote an essay for the July 1945 issue of the Atlantic titled “As We May Think.” In it he conjured up the possibility of a personal machine, which he dubbed a memex, that would not only do mathematical tasks but also store and retrieve a person’s words, pictures and other information. “Consider a future device for individual use, which is a sort of mechanized private file and library,” he wrote. “A memex is a device in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory.”

      Bush imagined that the device would have a “direct entry” mechanism so you could put information and all your records into its memory. He even predicted hypertext links, file sharing, and collaborative knowledge accumulation. “Wholly new forms of encyclopedias will appear, ready made with a mesh of associative trails running through them, ready to be dropped into the memex and there amplified,” he wrote, anticipating Wikipedia by a half century.”
Also in October of 1986 G.I.Joe Special Missions the comic book series is introduced.
In December of 86 The Nam #1 is released.
1987 is the first appearance of Mr.Sinister or just Sinister in Uncanny X-Men# 221 though the comic came out in September he was initially mentioned in December of 86 in issue #212

In 1988 eighty percent of the U.S. has T.V.s in their houses and in 89 Bush Sr. becomes President.

1995 was the Age of Apocalypse

“What makes this all the more intriguing is that the Statue of Liberty is well known to be a stand-in for Isis, but the Apocalypse character, back in a 1988 comic, revealed himself  as Set, Osiris’ brother and slayer!…

 1986: X-Factor #6 (July 1986) Originally meant to be an Owl character (grey alien/watcher enthusiasts take note) Apocalypse comes on to the scene.
“This was a storyline called “The Age of Apocalypse” and was heavily focused on time travel, where someone goes back in time and kills the X-Men’s Professor X and a very dark It’s a Wonderful Life plays out. The world without Professor X is is a world where all humans are slaves (not unlike Planet of the Apes). Everything in this alternate timeline is a dark reflection of the world we know. And, in place of The Statue of Liberty is a statue of Apocalypse, the ruler of this worldThe word “Apocalypse” means “lifting the veil” so putting Apocalypse in the place of Liberty/Isis is literally an “Isis Unveiled”!-Look At All the Happy Creatures: Great Gig in the Sky Part 4 Age of Apocalypse


The Undercover King of Contact

Part 2 G.I.Joe All Things Considered