Land of the Dead-Stygian Port

Saturn = Satan, & Lord of Death according to occultists like H.P.Blavatsky. Satan/Saturn is the god of this planet (aka: the material world, the matrix. Satan was cast down to earth/materiality, like a lightning bolt(Tree of Life)), also Saturn is the Chief of all the wandering stars, being the 7th and last visible one. Saturn in Chaldee language is STUR with a gematria value of 666. It is the wandering star worshiped by ancient Israelis, known as “Chiun.” The same people have the Sabbath on Saturn’s Day. And they use the symbol of Saturn, the hexagram, as the symbol of their nation. It is connected to time and death and the color black and the square/cube. A cube turned so you look from one vertex through to another forms an outline of a 2-D hexagon, as well as having 6 sides (and a 7th point in the center). An unfolded cube is the Christian cross.

We live in the underworld right now – the world under the dome of the heavens. Why is there a scene of the Egyptian underworld in The Haunting In Connecticut? Because movies like this (& The Others, 6th Sense, Constantine, etc.) show that the dead live right here alongside us. This is the land of the dead. (The devil = lived, live = evil, the 3D world of time and suffering, Satan/Saturn’s domain.) The material prison for our souls. We are made in god’s image – carbon copies of god, since we are carbon-based lifeforms. Carbon has 6 protons, neutrons and electrons = 666. But we all have a “seed of god” in us (as the Alchemists say, it takes a seed of gold to make gold (or a seed of god to make god?)), which we use to “turn lead into gold” or our base material egoic self into our divine (s)elf. In the same way, Saturn worshipers believe there’s a black center in the sun, and a golden center in Saturn. (And there may be if Project Lucifer goes ahead.)

Man(6) was made on the 6th day, but has the seed/potential of God(1) = 7.
The Prisoner is Number 6 and Number 1 = 7
Neo is the 6th incarnation of the anomaly and The One = 7
Leeloo (5th Element) is cloned/created on floor #18(6+6+6) and is the “perfect one” = 7

Watching the new “The Prisoner” series now. Number 6 is looking for the beach, perhaps this shows version of “Shell Beach” from Dark City, or would that be (s)Hell Beach? It’s called the barrier between worlds in the show, like Truman’s ocean surrounding his domed matrix. The connection to Saturn and the beach/desert (as in the new “Prisoner” series) is seen in other “Land of The Dead” movies such as Beetlejuice where the dead live alongside the living, and the afterlife is shown to be the desert of Titan orbiting Saturn (complete with sand worms (like Dune) since the dead become “worm food.”) (Compare to the afterlife in The Quiet Earth) A painting of a beachis seen in the waiting room of the Afterlife in Beetlejuice. The same exact painting is in Pulp Fiction in the motel room of “Butch” (Bruce Willis), the place where he says: “Zed’s dead.” Why’s Zed dead? Because “zed” is the name for zombies in Britain (“the zed word“), and zombies are the walking dead.


Welcome to Hell.


Some others already touched upon the important aspects such as 6+1=7, see the original The Prisoner television series for more on that (“The prisoner” aka: Number 6 wants to know who Number 1 is, and there were originally to be 7 episodes). Nobody cares that at one point the number was 616. That related via gematria to a specific person, then when another person was to be vilified it was changed to 666, so both numbers are accurate if you believe their only importance is to signify a specific person in history. The number 666 has many interesting aspects which go well beyond this pedantic view of the bible. For instance, the Magic Square of the Sun has nothing to do with individual personalities of historical significance, yet has a couple of connections to the number 666, and whatever other symbolism is carried with that number. – Jeremy Knight


Saturn Machine / Reality Generator / Consciousness Projecting:

“The Uni-mind is a mystical orb located on the LGM Homeworld that links the minds of all LGMs together as one. Without the Uni-mind, they become confused and misguided.

Zurg stole and corrupted the Uni-mind with evil at one point, planning to use it as the power source of a giant machine designed to have the Uni-mind link the minds of all the galaxy’s inhabitants to his evil.”

“The Evil Emperor Zurg had figured out how to use it to link the minds of others to his own after corrupting it with his evil (how this is possible is never explained, though apparently impaling it with his fingers somehow caused it to link with his mind)”-



“On His Open Palm is the Formula that Enables Him to decimate worlds. he is a space god, faceless as Tet to all who view him…”



The Hebrew Letters:Tet
Introversion – the Concealed Good

The tet is the initial letter of the word tov, “good.” The form of the tet is “inverted,” thus symbolizing hidden, inverted good–as expressed in the Zohar: “its good is hidden within it.” The form of the letter chet symbolizes the union of groom and bride consummating with conception. The secret of the tet (numerically equivalent to nine, the nine months of pregnancy) is the power of the mother to carry her inner, concealed good – the fetus – throughout the period of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the power to bring the potential to actualization. The revelation of new, actual energy, the revelation of birth, is the secret of the next letter of the alef-beit, the yud. The yud reveals the point of “Essential Life” as realized in the secret of conception of the chet and carried, impregnated, in the tet.

Of the eight synonyms for “beauty” in Hebrew, tov–“good”–refers to the most inner, inverted, and “modest” state of beauty. This level of beauty is that personified in Torah by Rebecca and Bat Sheva, who are described as “very beautiful [goodly] in appearance.”

At the beginning of Creation, the appearance of light is termed “good” in God’s eyes: “And God saw the light was good.” Our Sages interpret this to mean “good to be hidden for the tzadikim in the Time to Come.” “And where did He hide it? In the Torah, for ‘there is no good other than Torah.’”

The Ba’al Shem Tov teaches that the “Time to Come” refers also to every generation. Each soul of Israel is a potential tzadik (as it is said: “and your people are all tzadikim“), connected to the goodly light hidden in Torah. The more one actualizes his potential to be a tzadik, the more goodness he reveals from the Torah “womb.”

In the first verse of the Torah – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” – the initial letters of “the heavens and the earth” spell God’s “hidden Name” in Creation (alef-hei-vav-hei), according to Kabbalah. The numerical value of this name is seventeen, the same as that of the word, tov, “good.” The word tzadik equals 12 times 17 = 204, the total value of the twelve permutations of the four letters of this hidden Name. Tzadikim, who are called “good,” possess the power of the hidden Name (derived from “the heavens and the earth”), the hidden goodness needed to unite heaven and earth and thereby reveal the inner light and purpose of Creation. Just as the alef possesses the power to bear opposites – the power of the firmament to join the higher and lower waters together – so does the tet possess the power to unite the upper and lower worlds, “heavens and earth.” Chassidut teaches that in the service of the soul, this power is manifest in man when he assumes the state of being “in the world yet out of the world” simultaneously. To be “in the world” means to be fully consciousness of worldly reality in order to rectify it. To be “out of the world” means to be fully aware that in truth “there is none other besides Him.”

Another connection between light and good is found in the story of the birth of Moses: “And she [Yocheved, Moses’s mother] saw him that he was good.” Rashi quotes the Midrash, which explains that at the birth of Moses a great light filled the room. According to the early Masorah, the tet in the word tov (“good”) of this verse is written extra large. This hints at the Absolute Divine Good entrusted to the soul of Moses, whose life mission was to fulfill the promise of redemption from Egypt and the revelation of Torah at Sinai. The Egyptian exile is compared to a womb in which Israel was latently pregnant for two hundred and ten years. At Sinai, heaven and earth were united, as discussed in the letter alef.

Thus, the full teaching of the tet is that, through the service of the soul, all of reality becomes “pregnant” with God’s Infinite goodness and beauty, thereby bringing harmony and peace to “heavens and earth.”


It is interesting to note that Tet’s name is also the 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet (“ט” in Hebrew). Although it cannot be confirmed at this point, Tet’s name (“テト” in Japanese” could be a reference/abbreviation to “Tetragrammaton,” (“テトラグラマトン” in Japanese) which would explain why he is the sole god in the series.-No-Game-No-Life wiki

“The word phalanx is derived from the Greek word phalangos, meaning finger.”