We are all largely agreed that the TPP and similar trade agreements are the building out of the legal infrastructure required for a truly global corporatocracy. GMO companies are buying private armies. That unanimous, bilateral bill allowing for the private conquest of space that was passed needs to be seen in the light of the forthcoming trade agreements. However many countries complain about it, they legally cannot do anything about it in a post-TPP world.

Another thing people seem to have missed about the Federal Reserve’s recent decision not to hike interest rates was the justification was entirely global. Basically keeping rates where they are is better for China, even if it is worse for American retirees relying on pension funds. What was once an institution (however successful or not) designed to improve or safeguard the American economy now works for the world. And by ‘the world’ I mean ‘the people who would run it’. This means monetary policy is now openly set on a global level for the express benefit of the same giant companies and their interlocking boards of directorship.

Fusion technology. Total surveillance and the global ‘sharing’ of that surveillance data coming at the end of this yearDigital currencies. Supranational trade agreements. The private conquest of space. The criminalisation of independent food production. Add in whatever is going on behind the curtain of the recent volte-facein the AI and robotics industry. (Current theory: somebody in the shadow state threw a new piece of interesting technology in through Google’s backdoor that revealed their preposterous Kurzweillian model of human cognition to be as astoundingly wrong and stupid as we always knew it was. ‘Try this instead, boys’.) Legal, fiscal, technological checkmate, earth.-The Very Least We Could Say-Rune Soup

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(Scully-minded readers please chime-in, Science is not my thing-Frank Zero)

Greg Meholic will discuss the key technologies required to make such missions possible. Beginning with todays state of of the art chemical propulsion systems for space flight, we will explore some of the more advanced engine systems intended for long-range solar system exploration, such as nuclear engines, antimatter engines, and interstellar ramjets, which define the capability limits of chemical propulsion. These limitations may be overcome by embracing a new paradigm of “propellant-less” propulsion schemes that have their bases in modern theoretical physics and cosmology. Space-time manipulation, “faster than light” travel, wormholes, quantum drives, and others, may provide the only viable propulsion options to enable reasonable trip times to distant stars. These ideas are not merely the dreams of Science Fiction. The latest global, experimental efforts to explore the fundamentals behind some of these intriguing concepts support the idea that mankind will someday move beyond the bounds of our solar neighborhood.-UFOTV Presents – Advanced Propolsion For Ineterstellar Travel – MUFON UFO Symposium – Greg Meholic

Robert Schroeder believes that we may be on the threshold of understanding the technology of UFOs. While it was once thought that the idea of extra dimensions was strictly the domain of science fiction, that has all changed in the last several years. Physicists now appear to be closing in on a final “THEORY OF EVERYTHING” which suggests that we may live is a Universe comprised of eleven dimensions. These cutting edge theories are now being tested at the large “Hadron Collider Particle Accelerator” in Geneva, Switzerland. One theory being tested by Harvard Scientists is “WARPED GEOMETRY” that Scientists believe may hold the key to “FAST INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL THROUGH OTHER DIMENSIONS.” SPECTROGRAPHIC DATA from actual UFO sightings can confirm whether these craft are using technology that we are now on the precipice of unraveling ourselves. Get the facts about these amazing observations and discoveries that will have a dramatic affect our future in this fascinating LIVE presentation.-You Tube link


There has been little to no discussion to date about how to communicate with other intelligent species. If Alien species have the capability to shut down nuclear missile sites and nuclear power plants, abduct people from their beds at night, violate airspace with impunity, engage military jets in fruitless dogfights, mutilate cattle and livestock, cause spontaneous healing of diseases and injuries, bring technological advances beyond our wildest dreams, and transfer information from other planets and dimensions, wouldn’t it be in our best national interest to figure out how to communicate with them. The purpose of this extraordinary program is to talk about the practicalities of communication with Alien species and how we, as humans, can learn how to do this. Nancy du Tertre’s unique background as an Attorney, Trained Intuitive, and Remote Viewer for Law Enforcement, give her some interesting insights into ways to approach this issue – particularly in light of the fact that many reports of Alien communication involve telepathy.-link on Youtube

Just a reminder to those in the related fields. UFO Disclosure has been well under way for some time. Things are speeding up, as can be observed from,* major and minor news sources, which of course, has happened before, and could always be, what many believe, another distraction involving “little green men” and blurry UFO videos. Allowing the powers that be to continue wreaking real havoc in geopolitics…

If we may move temporarily past that insight into the political (or more accurately military industrial multinational super corporation’s) hijacking of our supposedly free media, to observe a bigger picture.

For the first time, in such rapid frequency, everyone from Presidential hopefuls to Air Force One pilots are getting a voice, and a bizarre change of scenery for a stage. Never mind the History Channel-type, redundant meanderings over Hitler and Area 51 we’ve suffered through since the early 2000’s because:

Hillary Clinton, the Rockefeller Family, famous football players, and Fox News (yes, that Fox News, the channel with the X-Files, and the news casters who create human history as they go along; the bee hive of brain washing that Bill O’Reilly is aloud freedom of hate and ignorance on) is suddenly headlining a weekly barrage of interviews, and the like, on all topics that could be considered “soft” Disclosure…

That was soft, until Steve Bassett went on their channel for minutes and said some of the most important things ever expressed on an actual news network (in terms of “new news”, that cuts out the journalist middle man, and just reads the script that said corporations and military industrial interest, write for them.)
(And for the record, I know not to trust the news, friends, as I study disinformation and counterintelligence, psychological operations, and the like, to avoid falling into said Cointelpro-esque traps for trolls and the Idiocracy demographic. It’s part of my job, of trying to deliver all of this data to you in a semi-coherent, yet- genuinely serious, manner, in what I believe to be, an all inclusive, factual and philosophical perspective, which contains some semblance of balance. To study what they want us to think, and why, helps us understand why things are concealed, who’s lying to us, and to what agenda are many whistle blowers, researchers, authors, and also fictional accounts appealing to. Also what predictive,suggestive,subliminal, and emotional, programming is being bulked into any of that media?

How does one concentrate on only the meaningful and necessary gears in a machine that is altogether hidden, (save for our “little grey alien in a flying saucer” script) with our expectations, whether conscious or not, *  consistently contorted by the media in the same way, if there is supposedly no physical evidence?

(*from years of carefully, yet albeit, confusing and seemingly overly contradictory or bipolar, bombardment programming… What I mean by this, is that even though the propaganda is controlled very tightly, and in a precise methodical way, very much similar in ways to how an election and it’s related campaigning media, are interrelated, and wish to fixate on certain messages or promises- it seems all the delegates running are prone to flip-flop, to stand strongly for and against the same issues at different times, and then other times, reversing the entire stance)

Well, there is physical evidence, certainly not limited to the following, but as I am known to echo this sentiment quite often, the evidence is overwhelming, and that’s even if you’re only source, to start, is the official documents of American, Russian, or other countries’ government websites. Evidence which sits there as we speak…
For example, before arriving at these kinds of existential views of the UFO phenomenon, understand the level at which the powers that be, to be brief, warp, rewrite, destroy, and mold the entertainment industry, to prepare us for, or make us okay with, and wholly acclimate our psyches to war in the Middle East, the use of torture, and the any given daytime T.V. sexy agents, whose job it is to make the war on terror so many things, before we begin factually discerning what the war on terror actually is. We have a handful of shows and movies payed for, and often directly written by the CIA, to acclimate us to a worldview where torture is acceptable and the agencies employing all methods of torture are good guys fighting a good fight in a black and white world, where all active intelligence is correctly targeting the actual terrorist, and the Army and CIA wish to appear appealing and worth joining.

The same was done with the UFO Phenomenon since the early 50’s. This begs another question, of course…

Why would they go through all that trouble? In the above example, military industry wants to beat the war drum for a period of time including recruitment and public acclimation to the real ramifications and testimony of torture at black sites. So why, then, is such a concentrated campaign outliving the Cold War; to not only withhold the truth, but put serious money and man power, in a more than half a century long campaign, to make UFO believers, and abductees look stupid. After all the money is spent, lives wrecked, movies consumed, and perception’s managed by the powers that be, what was accomplished in the minds of the public, that has to now be in some ways undone?

Well, not much, to start, and that’s why we are moving at this pace. The first thing to realize and get working on, as a species, is switching to sources of alternative energy and environmentally sound everything. Grow some trees, look into all facets of alternative energy. Let’s find an alternative to cars, and the injection of more natural living elements into our concrete jungles. They were worried all these years, that the truth would make us lose our shit, abandon religion, and be really upset with them that they hid the truth from us. Let’s emotionally accept what we can of the truth, and get started on a better world. The bankers and corporations will have to adapt to a new humanity and a new ecological conscious in the least, or the future will inevitably be their own undoing. Meanwhile, we also have to look into alternatives for medicine, education, ground breaking science’s relationship to the military, and to each other. Most importantly we have to look inward, and keep ourselves centered, making decisions from the highest aspects of ourselves, and co-creating a reality consciousness about acceptance, understanding, and making our way back to the natural or spiritual, as we turn down the volume on the Rise of the Machines subplot in our species technological advances, long enough to master the physiological technology inherent in all of us. This would allow us mutations/potential/powers/ that might satisfy us beyond the abominations, we can’t seem to wait for in the form of human cloning, the eager, fearful, ego clinging, promise of eternal, cyber, life, and quantum computing military robots, defining, in conjunction with internet trolls, the soulless emotionless, character of a good worker bee.

Older worthwhile relative lectures and hearings:


(below from original YouTube poster)

The Disclosure Project presenting a few of the witness testimonies on the existence of Extraterrestrials and their technology at the National Press Club in 2001. Most were in the Military and Intelligence communities.

Here is a link to a synopsis of what is disclosed at this conference

Here is a link to the full, almost 500 page, Disclosure Project briefing document

2015:  Citizens Hearing on Disclosure UFO Secret Meeting