History of the Corey Goode Material as I can keep up with it so far, barring some aspects of Cobra, Capt.Gonzales, and others to focus on Corey for this archive:.

His releases before Wilcox:

GoodETxSG Part I Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB Participant

GoodETxSG Part II – Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB Participant

His releases alone post Wilxcox (Fade To Black)

Cosmic Disclosure Episode 1 w/ Corey Goode & David Wilcock

Out of This World radio interview w/ Jay Weidner – “Cosmic Disclosure & Corey Goode”

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2015-06-28 | David Wilcock and whistleblower Corey Goode aka GoodETxSG | Part 1 of 10

GoodETxSG Update: June 20th 2015: ICC Mars Colony Conference Report


Frank Zero notes:

Okay, so I’m gonna slightly alter my public opinion of Corey Goode here, as it has been rather confusing and time consuming to understand where he is going with all this material, and SO MUCH more confusing once Wilcox got a hold of him…However, I return to my original opinion, that for whatever reason he does have massive chunks of the story we all kind of know, he is similar to Val Valerian in these extreme corners of high strangeness, whether he read all the crap we did, or is who he says he is, or a memory manipulated MILAB disinfo agent, he is offering enough universal insight on being a balanced intelligent person, as he does nitty gritty conspiracy crazy talk, that we cannot begin to prove; I’m not saying to listen to all this material as fact. But I am saying it’s worth a listen for those trying to understand so many things orbiting around our fields.

Would I trust David Wilcox to feed a household pet while I am out of town?
Hell No

Would I subject myself to endless hours of this stuff to try and discern where the message is directed and how people interpret it?

Who else is actively keeping up with the Secret Space Program?

I like Corey Goode, not because I think he’s legit, but because it’s the most interesting arrangement of all the conspiracies, with some plain old cool ideas thrown in. If it’s straight disinfo then the part that is legit, IS a type of disclosure.
Now those keeping up with Salla, Gonzalez, and … ….Cobra….Are you seeing consistencies, documentation that matters?

Something that can be largely gathered from sources in every which way direction throughout history, is this idea that a highly advanced civilization existed far before most recorded time. According to all the sources on these tales there was probably a more spiritually advanced culture which utilized technology (sort of) to some extent but which relied on, what we would understand as advanced new age powers or even magick. (Thus civilization has bee theorized as Atlantis, Lemuria, etc…but let’s just stick to philosophy for this one)

The other advanced civilization seems to always correlate with Mars and or the Grays. ( You don’t have to stop reading if you don’t believe me, these are not being reviewed as facts but as a launching point for thought provocation. Along these lines of research however it is often wondered if aliens tinkered with our DNA and such did we in fact receive a Grey alien like analytical left half of our brains from the greys at some point in very early evolution.) So the moral, if one takes this type of thing seriously, is that if the Mars, left brain alien species are still around they possibly would take over through left brain processes like being saturated in technology, making psychopathology an absolute necessity in corporate management and power structures, etc… ( The ant hill, the goose step, the hive mind controlled down to the individual’s RFID chip and or technopossezed consciousness)

The right brain and emotions lay at the pew of hope and attempted integration. But how many of us cry or psychically sense the immediate future…and how many of us are perfectly content with out phones, TVs, computers, etc…on and on…? It’s worth noting, this isn’t about individual fashion, I think it’s about mental freedom which hopefully includes mental evolution. Our civilized world is being transmuted to numbers and A.I and an even larger war machine with military surveillance paranoia as its new platform, and we hardly understand what is/how to use any of our mental software and psycho-spiritual make up.

( see Corey Goode, SSP, Val Valerian, Bob Frissell, Israel Regardie, Jim Channon)

Not how absurd the Corey Goode SSP data is, (accompanied by the Wilcox pony show) , but what part of the disinfo is possibly worthwhile info, and what do “they” (collective UFO counterintelligence) want true believers thinking, more so, than how much of this is “real”?…because again, we have no proof

Also, there is this strange similarity between Corey’s data and CIA remote viewers seeing certain things on the Moon and Mars, there is also a similarity between Corey’s kind of “blue light appearing in his home” Contact and what I bring up in the new Zero Knight post about Valis and RAW and such…It seems secret Cosmic Delegates, 70’s Counterculture programmers, and having military or DOD remote viewers have this in common.

PSI and Disclosure:

David: Now, when we go back to the history of the Cabal, it appears that we are dealing with the Egyptian mystery schools, Babylonian mystery schools, that were absorbed into the Roman Empire when Rome eventually conquered Egypt when they were quite weak. They absorbed the Library of Alexandria, they brought it to the Vatican, they relocated to England. And that is documented that Romans were coming to England around the beginning of the first millennium AD. They created Bath, which is a town in England, that still has the Roman baths in it. And it seems like that became their new base of operations for Europe.

Now, the religious wars that we know as the Crusades began around 1,000 A.D., and the Cabal begins to deal with a group known as the Assassins. Now, have you heard from your own background of any . . . Did you get any information about the idea of the use of drugs like hashish to train these men to become assassins?

Corey: The groups that we consider the Illuminati, or the occult syndicates, have been into mind control for millennia. And they use drugs, trauma, positive-negative reinforcement, all different types of methods that they’ve been doing for literally millennia.

David: Did you encounter any information suggesting that drugs and trauma were used all the way back, perhaps, to the Order of the Assassins so that someone could be brought into a state where they would be given verbal suggestions that they would not remember hearing later on but would then carry out what those commands were?

Corey: Yes. Using drugs, sexual abuse and other trauma on people when they were young to cause them to have segmented personalities is a very ancient way of creating people that they can create trigger words, or gateway words, or gatekeeper words, that can send them back into one personality or back to a docile personality and them having no memory of what they did – like “Manchurian Candidate” kind of thing. That’s a very ancient type of tactic.

David: Well, right there you said something that a lot of people might not be aware of. They might think that MKUltra was only developed by Nazi Germany and is a recent thing that’s only been a factor in world politics for maybe the last half century or so.

Corey: No.

David: So this is a very ancient technology.

Corey: Yeah. The root of everything that they did in MKUltra was very ancient and stuff that these Illuminati groups have been doing on their own family members for many, many hundreds of years. They were very familiar with them, knew they worked and decided to implement them in programs.

David: I met with a guy who was part of a family that had a great deal of money, and I was taken into a Masonic lodge that had many different lodges within it – a very large building. What you find out is that these guys are having to memorize incredibly long amounts of verbal information that they regurgitate, and they have to do it verbatim – incredibly complex, incredibly long.

Does someone need to be able to learn how to go into a state of hypnosis in order to have that type of performance of memory?

Corey: Well, yeah. They need to be able to affect your state of consciousness. That’s a key factor.

David: So talk us through what you know about some of these secret societies and the ceremonies that are taking place. Is it intended to put you into a state of hypnosis? Do they do things that traumatize people and throw you into an altered consciousness?

Corey: Other than attempted recruitment of me by various members of secret societies, I have not been in these ceremonies. Where I come in, the knowledge I have, is the technologies they used to affect people remotely with technology – a kind of like radio technology or microwave-type technology.

They were flat panels, and they could focus on one person in a crowded room and send a signal that would vibrate their skull and the wet tissue of their brain. And the people would hear sounds or voices, not necessarily through their ear, but in their mind. And they called it the Voice of God technology.



Faking “GOD” and “alien abduction” electronically, in 1999
“Another possible application: Hollywood. Persinger has talked to Douglas Trumbull, the special-effects wizard responsible for the look of everything from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Brainstorm. They discussed the technological possibility of marrying Persinger’s helmet with virtual reality. “If you’ve done virtual reality,” Persinger says, “then you know that once you put on the helmet, you always know you are inside the helmet. The idea is to create a form of entertainment that is more real.” But he adds, sounding like so many people who’ve gotten a call from the coast, “we haven’t cut a deal yet.”
After restoring everything to its proper working position, the techies exit, and I’m left sitting inside the utterly silent, utterly black vault. A few commands are typed into a computer outside the chamber, and selected electromagnetic fields begin gently thrumming my brain’s temporal lobes. The fields are no more intense than what you’d get as by-product from an ordinary blow-dryer, but what’s coming is anything but ordinary. My lobes are about to be bathed with precise wavelength patterns that are supposed to affect my mind in a stunning way, artificially inducing the sensation that I am seeing God.
“Also, you were in a comfortable laboratory,” he points out. “You knew nothing could happen to you. What if the same intense experience occurred at 3 in the morning in a bedroom all by yourself? Or you suddenly stalled on an abandoned road at night when you saw a peculiar light and then had that experience?”
(for researchers familiar with the complexities of Ultra, this is actually publicly 1994, resulting from work for the CIA throughout the 50’s and 60’s much like the man (Jose Delgado, same contracts, related to Ultra ) who implanted at least animals with microchips to effectively control everything from their limbs to mood.-Frank Zero)


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