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“I transmit herewith, in accordance with section 1613 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (Public Law 114-92), the report and classified annex on an integrated policy to deter adversaries in space”President Obama, 3 days before this blog was published



“The plan was basically to place the burden of proof on the UFO researchers and to steer the public away from the military organizations that were directly involved in UFO research. In this plan I deduced that the military was using the media to keep these UFO researchers from making too much of the issue by having the media brand them as kooks, weird, paranoid and unbelievable; better yet, by having people who go around chasing after shadows in a belief that UFOs are real and the government is hiding something. To date, this plan has worked well above average, and the general public still has an opinion that follows what ever the media tells them.”-John Maynard, Defense Intelligence Agency

(date unknown, roughly a few years ago. John is the only D.I.A. whistle-blower, so to speak, who has come forward with testimony. All other data from the DIA is combed from the FOIA releases available at as well as The Black Vault.

Note above: The cover of the book After Disclosure by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel has a quote on it from Stan Lee of Marvel Comics.)

The following amalgamation of notes, quotes, links, and my own conjecture; should help illustrate the rapidly changing lens, with which we view inquiries related to UFOs, Psi phenomenon, and these topics’ relation to the military and corporate apparatus.

The military industrial complex is accepted, largely, as a seemingly well “oiled” machine, which provides (thought of, more accurately, as “spoon-feeds”) us with the planned and specifically executed changes, in paradigms which are both psychological, and worldview shaping systems which we generally just call, technology-physical interfaces (like computers or digital dash boards in cars, more directly, I refer to the process of observing false information unintentionally or not, by means of sensory overload, as demonstrated by Fox News’ blood pressure triggers, or the internet’s attention span for the meaningful, let alone fact checking the collective consensus, the very daily comprehension of world events, as it is understood by distracted parrots and supposed people who would rather be watching reality television ) to geographical resource allocation planning (which may be shortened to foreign policy, and the modern process of seeding  data and the continued utilization of rigid religious convictions or put simply, terrorism, to continue war-mongering strategies, such as: terrorism planning, creation, denial, and response. (The response cannot be ignored as a means to an end; of guaranteeing military industry interest…get their money’s worth (One might favor the phrasing: “bang for their buck”, so to speak)

Back to the D.I.A. here’s some weird shit to reel ya back in right quick:


 “Psychoenergetics”(DIA documentation)(Sunstreak Documents)

During the 1970s, and sometimes beyond, DIA and a number of other intelligence agencies (including the CIA, the Army Intelligence and Security Command , and the Air Force Technical Applications Center) attempted to employ individuals purported to possess psychoenergetic abilities – alleged to include psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, and extrasensory perception – as a means for gathering intelligence. In 1985, the director of DIA informed the Deputy Secretary of Defense (Document 18) that his agency had assumed responsibility for the Intelligence and Security Command’s program, codenamed CENTER LANE. The DIA’s continued activity in that area was illustrated by a circa 1990 briefing (Document 21) on its Project SUN STREAK, which reviewed past activities by military service and DoD organizations as well as then-current SUN STREAK activities. The briefing asserted that in the 1970s such methods were employed “to gain detailed information about [a] Soviet R&D facility at Semipalatinsk.”-The National Security Archive


So while we are on the topic of, let’s say, just to stick with military lingo, as it sits growing old in the documentation, militarization of the occult or paranormal. Let me just run this past you…

Regarding Al Beilek & Council of Nine:

Al Bielek has been mentioned, too, as loosely being in the same circle.

Schlemmer’s compadre and consort is a man named Israel Carmel who, according to friends of Schlemmer and Carmel in Atlanta, when they met was working as a lifeguard at an Israeli resort Schlemmer was visiting. “The Nine” told Phyllis that he was to be her companion, and so “he is.” He has since been “trained” by Phyllis and “The Nine,” both as a healer and psychic. He also is a channeller and “transmuter of energy,” and he has a following in Atlanta and other places where folks who push Al Bielek and others in the “MC” genre also know Carmel. Is this “connected?”

Al Bielek’s tales about exotic physics and inter-dimensional time-travel notwithstanding, it is significant that Andrijah Puharich also worked in precisely this field, both as a medical doctor and as neurophysicist. Later on, at The Nine’s direction, Puharich experimented with raising kids in “exceptional” ways, (the “Super Kids” experiments at his home in Ossinning, New York.. ..a place that later mysteriously burned to the ground, and where Ira Einhorn had visited often), with CIA “associations” which led outside government into the philanthropic lairs of a few major international players who also fund “UFOlogy”, et al.

As William Cooper (he of “Pale Horse” notoriety) is writing of The Nine, he is well on target if he’s discussing that powerful and wealthy “movers and shakers” most certainly ARE in their loop and taking dictation from, as Time’s Leon Jaroff is said to have feared, these “entities.” Are these the same who (it has been reported) perhaps very widely influenced early proto-Nazi AustroGermans, in their search for renewed “sacredness” and a recaptured grandeur, but who botched it and gave us a Hitler?”

“Sarfatti had been getting calls from someone speaking in a strange, metallic voice stating that it was the voice of a computer aboard a spacecraft hovering over the earth. These calls went on for a while, and would cause the young Sarfatti to wander around dazed. Evidently, the memory of the calls receded into his unconscious as he pursued his career in nuclear physics, and only the book by Puharich about Uri Geller brought it all back. The Nine claimed to be aboard a spacecraft, hovering over the earth, called Spectra. Sarfatti himself seemed selected at a very early age for something of importance. He was being tutored in a separate program for gifted children by a founder of American MENSA, Walter Breen, in a program that was funded (at least in part) by the Sandia Corporation. Some of this extracurricular training included lectures on patriotism and anti-Communism: heady stuff for a bunch of thirteen-year-olds. It would be Breen who would recommend Sarfatti for the Cornell scholarship.”
(Sinister Forces Book Two, Peter Levenda, pg. 244)



Liev Sleeper Sync:

I have trouble finding him in a role where he’s NOT twinned with another sleeper from childhood to oppose the other sleeper…if that makes sense.

opposite Jolie-other KGB sleeper (SALT) Ted Winter (Soldier)
opposite Hugh-other Department H (Weapon X) operator (X-Men)
opposite Denzel-other Desert Storm sleeper President (Manchurian) Raymond Shaw, meanwhile in the blog I show how one Sebastion Shaw traumatizes Fassbender, the metal bender, using Quicksilver who also plays Barney Hill, as the connection between Arden and Klemper, and mutation.

He played Freud, Fassbender played Jung.
They are both in the film, Hamlet.
Fassbender is imprisoned in “the Maze” (Hunger)
Liev as Orson Welles in RKO 281

Also of note:
Creed-Narrator (voice) but in X-Men his name is Victor Creed
Lee Daniels’ The Butler-Lyndon B. Johnson
The Last Days on Mars-Vincent Campbell

Liev directed one film:
“A young Jewish American man endeavors to find the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II in a Ukrainian village, that was ultimately razed by the Nazis, with the help of an eccentric local.”

” In the 1980s in southern California, high school student Todd Bowden (Renfro) discovers fugitive Nazi war criminal Kurt Dussander (McKellen) living in his neighborhood under the pseudonym Arthur Denker. Bowden, obsessed with Nazism and acts of the Holocaust, persuades Dussander to share his stories, and their relationship stirs malice in each of them.”


The Defense Intelligence Agency:

What we have from them is admittedly, limited, but I’m of the opinion, all publicly released documents may or may not have severe significance, possible purposeful clues, seeded disinfo, and accidentally overlooked suggestion. As the Lucifer’s Technology series makes clear, there is a ritual significance, omnipresent in this phenomenon, so gathering the basic facts, the very names and dates can lead us to more interesting threads as if guided by some other intelligence to questions necessary for eventually contextualizing big answers.

The Defense Intelligence Agency, their mission is to provide timely, objective and cogent military intelligence to the war fighters — soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines — and to the decision makers and policymakers of the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Government. Did they take an interest in UFO sightings? They sure did, and The Defense Intelligence Agency has hundreds upon hundreds of blacked out investigations into the UFO phenomenon. With date ranges of all the way back in the early 60’s when the Defense Intelligence Agency came into operation, heading straight through the 70’s, 80’s, and well into the 90’s. Yet, heading back to what the government says, and this statement does come straight from the Pentagon, “no government agency has taken an interest in investigating [UFOs] since the closure of Blue Book in 1969.” Something does not line up, because here we are, faced with hundreds of documents slamming right through that 1969 cut off date, and going right into being in just the last few years.-The Defense Intelligence Agency’s UFO Files (essay) by John Greenwald jr. (who runs the largest archive of government files relating to UFOs, the paranormal, mind control, and much more)

Page 47-A case filed on July 16th, 1965, concerns a series of July 7th,1965 sightings in Antarctica as well as, (what has, in this case study alone, already rung as a redundant) repeated reference to one, “Deception Island.”

Films which, come somewhat close, to the factual portrayal of post war Nazis, who were contracted by the Company, to further MK-Ultra related objectives; (activity documented by scholars such as Robert Jay Lifton, Dr.Farrell, etc…)(every American “lone gunman”, lone wolf, would be, or actually successful “assassin”, was found with a copy (of Catcher in the Rye) on them, or multiple copies in their home..) Manchurian Candidate, Conspiracy Theory, and Shutter Island, all celebrate the Catcher in the Rye, 16th Connection.


(Images: T.V. Nazis working on curious hybrids of both plant species and humans/aliens.)
Left: American Horror Story: Season 2, Dr.Arthur Arden
Right: X-Files: “Paperclip”, Dr.Victor Klemper

“Poor Victor. He loved his orchids. Did you know that he was able to create some of the most beautiful hybrids?”


Lucifer’s Methodologies:

Think hard, about everything you think you know, about aliens, aliens in movies, UFOlogy, Nazis, the whole thing, within the new enlightened context of the Lucifer’s Tech series.

Bonus: Rewatch the X-Files in this context!


Suggested Offline Reading:

Dr. Mary’s Monkey
Sinister Forces by Peter Levenda


X-Files: (below Sveda is targeted (or rather triangulated) by a triangular UFO. Abductees like Sveda, are known for triangular marks, similar to the more common “scoop marks”. The laser targeting her should be a familiar site to anyone with a TV, but think about lasers, back engineered alienware over at Bell and Monmouth,etc…)

Now think about the Predator, the dude is an infrared, traingulating laser away from the advanced warfighter system, he’s a walking auction from Roswell or Aztec.

Recommended X-Files:

the Pilot, My Struggle, Paperclip, Herrenvolk End Game, Redux, to start…

American Horror Story: Season 2, Dr. Arthur Arden aka Dr.Victor Klemper

“Dr. Arden was conducting horrific experiments on the inmates he kidnapped before tossing them into the forest as severely-mutated “creatures”, surviving on regular feedings of raw meat and preventing patients from escaping. He took an interest in Kit Walker, the man accused of being the serial killer “Bloody Face” and claiming to have been abducted by aliens, and decided to experiment on him. While doing so, Arden found a microchip embedded in Kit’s neck, which quickly sprouted legs and began jumping around. Though shocked, Arden kept it in a jar in his office, curious of its origin”-AHS wiki A.A.


the original Independence Day:

Why the Chrysler building? Oh because that tech would replace the oil and car industries.

“On the set of the movie Assassins (released in 1995), producer Joel Silver asked screenwriter Brian Helgeland whether he was brewing on any other ideas. There was: Conspiracy Theory.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In CONSPIRACY THEORY Mel Gibson’s character needs to have a copy of Salinger’s THE CATCHER IN THE RYE on him at all times or else he goes insane. At the time I thought this was just a meaningless plot device as the film is a lightweight romantic comedy for the most part…

But then I read a new conspiracy thriller novel titled THE NINTH ORPHAN which claims to merge fact with fiction. According to this book THE CATCHER IN THE RYE was a crucial part of the CIA’s vast mind control program MK-Ultra. It asserts that Salinger’s classic novel acts as a device to activate mental triggers for MK-Ultra brainwashed assassins. THE NINTH ORPHAN also covers J.D. Salinger‘s significant ties to the CIA and how the book was found on the men responsible for the assassination and attempted assassination of John Lennon and Ronald Reagan as well as Lee Harvey Oswald’s love of The Catcher.

Funnily enough Mel Gibson’s character inCONSPIRACY THEORY was a former CIA agent and an escapee from the MK-Ultra program.

Another thing I always found a little odd regarding THE CATCHER IN THE RYE is that it’s part of the curriculum and compulsory reading for high school students in the US and most Western countries. That seems more than a tad strange given the highly rebellious and anti-social nature of the book.

Another book worth reading is IN SEARCH OF J. D. SALINGER which also recounts Salinger’s experiences in the employ of various intelligence agencies, during and after World War II.-Bajan Reporter

John Lennon, who in this capacity, I’ll remind the reader, was an open UFO witness, and believer, so to speak. The high strangeness surrounding that sighting has been discussed in past entries, regarding the 70’s wave of Contact with other worlds and VALIS.

“Media interviews, biographies, and popular culture’s depiction of Chapman — namely in the 2007 Jared Leto biopic Chapter 27 — have painted a delusional man obsessed with the J.D. Salinger classic The Catcher in the Rye. The transcript of last week’s hearing reveals a man who sounds just as obsessed with the murder today as he was more than 30 years ago. Warning: It’s a disturbing read.”-

“What kind of prison is this?”

Magneto, played by Templar associated with genetic memory transitions between different physical bodies, traumatized by Nazis to use power of manipulating metal, giving him the power to turn that traumatic silver into the gold of saving his own kind…One problem, historically though, all traumas have not been forgiven. All traumas have been exposed to memory/the conscious mind. The sins of the father still felt deep inside. Am I talking about Magneto,Mulder, or Wolverine and Sabertooth, or Cyclops, or Luke Skywalker, you ask? I’m actually speaking about someone no longer with us because sins get heavy. Especially someone else’s…


Three films that form the trinity test of consciousness, an understanding of the piercing, or perhaps, peeling back of the veil, Nazi science and X-(Men) relative mutations would find themselves, quite comfortably,couched in their own fictions, as well. This provides a spectrum of acceptable aspects of the future which the 80’s and 90’s kids were acclimated to for whatever reason, going all the way to the extreme of clones, RF-ID’s, and human/animal hybrids besides just alien’s running hybridization programs because they were dying out…Which from Barney Hill to Streiber, I’m not convinced this is true, but the aliens are false memories speaking for and simultaneously excusing Nazis who feared dying out and used aspects of exotic technology to confuse, convolute, or entirely control and log frenzied amounts of abductions as is presented in the Colonization plot of the X-Files. As I have gone through this before, I do not wish to come off as redundant.

Intelligence Documents/Memos relating to UFOs, a Timeline From 1949 to 1990


HAshassins In Space:



Back to the DIA, Disclosure, and UFOs:

Part 1 notes toward yet another essay on Disclosure

  1. A) Stay brief, do most of the proving and research footwork in footnotes.
  2. B) Bear this in mind also in staying interesting. Remember the less you write, the more people are likely to choose to designate the seconds to read it or not.
  3. C) highlight my own findings and Sync while keeping factually consistent with Lucifer’s
  4. D) Time allowing, attempt to due some sort of albeit amateur analysis of the documents in Dr. Farrell’s books, hopefully clarifying that his utilization of “Die Glocke” documents were not in fact making some reference to interrelated Bell Labs in the U.S. As the case for such appropriation of the Nazi SAPs, is quite easy to swallow due to Aero Space, Medicine, and now Monsanto/Big Pharma, has followed this course, just simply much more openly, of course.

Part 2: Ramifications of supposed “Disclosure” Focus on Free Energy

The UFO issue is not centered around UFO’s or the promise of little green men, in my humble suggestion, but rather the prioritization of very real eco disasters, and a very human loss in the areas which we have unexplored or mislabeled, in the brain, in the static natural internet that exist between us which forms the contours of our paranormal consciousness. These ideas become more obscure as we have been increasingly taught to think of our brains in terms of computers, as well as our bodies, leading to a radically different state then if we treated our mind and body as connected, electric, and with a touch of real/meaningful, what people want to agree on when they say “spiritual”, feel “God”, etc… As this is meant to be a mostly positive essay, we will leave out the documented facts regarding Michael Persinger’s work, while contracted by the CIA, creating a “God Helmet”. Work which lead Doctor Persinger to boast of a helmet, which can make a person feel as if they have “met God” or been “abducted by aliens”, in Michael’s direct words.

Part 3: Acclimation via Film and TV (minimally) to any and all USAPs

Launch this part with a step by step analysis of the real life cases involved with, or that give rising context to Independence Day, M.I.B., Battle of Los Angeles, X-Files, 4400, Taken, move from there, to factual inaccuracies in the more prominent depictions of the facts of UFOlogy. (cover this very briefly, just to offer some perspective) Finally it couldn’t hurt to review other aspects of SAPs, USAPs, MK-Ultra, and related programs, by relating the only medium which bridges people’s complete and thorough disinterest, or atrophied interest due to cognitive dissonance, and or disgust at the very suggestion (in the case of a cognitive disassociation, the slightest reminder) of very real ideas, safely couched in absurd and obviously agreed upon consensus fictitious/fun/fake.

Part 4: Grasping new mythologies that span new factual revelations

The contextual extensions of personal experiences (including but official, drug induced, victim testimony etc…) which form other realities or mythologies statistically worth noting (for instance, in taking a psycho-therapeutic stance, how easily can it be readily determined as to whether a given case, which relies solely on three or less individuals testimony, be defined as a neurological situation akin to rare and quite specific types of paranoid schizophrenia, what is the likelihood of exotic technologies (both private and “alien”) discussed existing, what is the accessibility of material which may have influenced or inspired possible delusions harbored.

Reviewing the Secret Sun: Lucifer’s Technologies series

Declassified UFO files by agency, and or approximate official documented origin:

Reviewing the Secret Sun: Lucifer’s Technologies series-










LT10 (11)

LT12 (10)


Declassified UFO files by agency, and or approximate official documented origin:

Defense Intelligence Agency:

John Maynard discussing his years with the DIA handling USAPs,SAP,etc…

D.I.A. Document referencing UFO cases:

Pages 1-6
are partly obscured but the following is visible:


December 1957 Soviet territory


A flap of 1934, 1935


December 17th? (unclear possibly 19th) (what then looks like:)1959


December 13th, 1957-(appears to refer to cigar shaped craft through the 14th)


December 14th, 1957


April 10th-May 31st- (appears to indicate a border guard, possibly in Finland reporting a UFO)


Page 7 details:


July 23, 1956 Finland (Russian border)


(17/11/1964)- case in Finland (red sphere, bright and or flashing light)


Page 10 December 14th- San Jose, Costa Rico Page 10 Department of the Army Intelligence Report-slow moving blue and yellow UFO case concerning an Alfred C (Boon?) on Pan American Highway


Page 11-November 23rd, 1939-


Page 12-Kabul, Afghanistan- 9th and 29th- report filed on December 3rd, 1959-

Under (U) COMMENT: Afghanistan, with grim determination has decided to advance from the 13th to the 20th century as quickly as possible. If more advanced countries have sighted UFO- Well- so has Afghanistan


Page 14-report published October 31, 1959-China Sinkiang-(October 1958– whirling balls, strange clouds and lights)


Page 15-November 14th, 1958-(something about a light, rather unclear)

Page 16-Jan 15th,1960 (looks like) “bright circular object”


Page 17-April 30th,1960– Missile Research and Development Spring 1939 Hong Kong April 16th, 1960 (Kaldja) bright object, mostly dedacted.


Cont… on Page 18-April 16th, 1960-Spring 1959 Kaldja- What appears to be a clear technical explanation of a man made UFO type object, seemingly of Soviet origin.


Page 19-includes illustration of Radio-sonde equipment found in West Sinkiang Spring 1959


Page 20-July 12, (what looks like 1960) UFO report with what looks like an attempt at identifying worldly nation based origin)


Page 21-(color inverted on document regarding a 1959 UFO sighting May 26th, 1960


Page 22- July 17th sighting reported on July 26th, 1960


Page 28 appears to be cross referencing of cases similar to the one being discussed in 1961.


Pages 28-30-are hardly visible in some areas but seem to discuss the same case(s) relating to that previously discussed, of 1961.


Page 32- August 28th, 1963-Hong Kong concerning cases occurring on Aug to Oct 1962

Page 33- (color inverted) Oct 1962? Loud sound accompanying UFO activity in China.


Page 34- Oct 27th, 1964 Berlin, Germany Feb or March 1963 UFOs with vertical take off filed by USAF


Page 35– China (August 6th, 1960? Documentation entirely inconclusive, immediately incomplete)


Page 36- Chile Santiago, report filed on July 23, 1965, June 21st,(?) UFO case, February 1965,


Page 37- cont…from above cases, June 19th, July 4th, July 7th, “celestial objects” observed by nine (Decepcion Island, then sixteen other individuals. Picked up by local newspaper on July 7th relating to a June 18th sighting.


Page 38– incredible cases continue in same area July 17, 19, 20th thought to possibly correlate with NASA projects on same day. Cursory examination from this researcher leaves that as quite a stretch for the credentials of individuals viewing phenomenon documented as unexplained.


Page 40- filed on Sep 13th, 1965 Santiago Chile September 6th UFO over Africa. DC-6B crew.


Page 41- (cont…from previous page)


Page 42-Indonesia Nov 19th, 1964 Qaira,Djakarta,Indonesia


Page 44- Montevideo,Uruguay-Aug 23, 1965-


Page 45-46-discussion of individuals who study the UFO phenomenon in Uruguay as well as cases, and concepts of disruptions in electromagnetic fields.


Page 47-filed on July 16th,1965, case concerns July 7th,1965 sightings in Antarctica as well as repeated reference to Deception Island.