The driving force of business in America is war.

The 21st Century is built on the echoes of spooky synchronicity and planned suggestion, we are left, unable to untangle ourselves with what, author Peter Levenda calls Sinister Forces, coursing through the veins of our American, and our human history. Goro Adachi and many others, including those in the military working with remote viewing data see us, as a species, at an end, or the end of a cycle of some kind, as we grace the surface of Mars for the first time. As to whether this is simply the end of a planet and we continue on Mars, is anyone’s guess. Some people, like Elon Musk don’t like to leave it up to a guess, and so we are rushing to get to the red planet ASAP.

(Dark city lead actor is now S.S. Officer in Man In The High Castle (another Philip K Dick reference on this blog)

The skeleton tree, as crucified man, the sacrifice.
The skeleton being the key, our potential lie within our form, unfolded onto thought larvae-magickal manifestation if disciplined, or time and space as we observe such.

King Koopa isn’t the only KK emerging on our immediate horizon





“What kinda stupid name is Donald?”


I dunno bra, what kinda dude knocks down the WTC and immediately suggest it’s a “nice tourist attraction” !?



and Pillarmids (term from Jake Kotze)

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H (Amended)

Revisiting The Wall


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The following is taken from Sync peer Goro Adaichi



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