Multidimensional humans are humans that consciously exist in many different places all at once. Humans are mutating, or evolving, into beings with the ability to flip from one station to another and to understand the grandness of who they are – that they do not end where their skin ends. Human beings do not end where the aura or etheric body ends; they exist in many different realities.

This is the age of the multidimensional self: the self who can move with awareness in many different realities; the self who can eventually bi-locate and disappear; the self who can move into fourth-dimensional consciousness – the perceiver, not the thinker. It is the age of the self who understands that the thinking portion of the self is very important but that it is not to be the CEO of the physical body; it is to be an advisor.

Intuition is the avenue that you are now being guided to cultivate, to bring about a marriage of consciousness. It is the marriage of the male aspect, which is logical, with the female aspect, which is feeling. It involves bringing them together to become one.

– Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn



Regarding Human Potential And A Positive Future:

The following are not impossible pipe dreams..

They are the most important dominoes, to initiate the fall of a system which, will lead to the obvious forced deconstruction of one of two entities; “The bad guys” or the people (all people, humanitarianism, the environment, peace, construction, evolution, etc…) The methods discussed here, are not to undermine, overwhelm, or appear fashionable. They are ideas which, after read, the common person will gravitate toward, intuitively, and feel a sense of responsibility toward. If they do not immediately feel a sense of responsibility, their devotion to their own species and planet may be in question altogether. Those resistant to humanity, those resistant to the Earth, may want to consider themselves possessed by technology, if not something older and more critical, and should immediately seek psycho-spiritual assistance with such.
The New Human: Theoretical, but partially, factually realized human abilities: (realized in documentation of military attempts, and success, at militarizing the occult.


Cohesive Geographical Vortex Utilization – A much less cryptic phrase may be “Intelligent utilization of lay lines” (or dragon lines, energy meridians) on the Earth and human body. The manipulation of mental and physical time and space, through the mastery of said meridians, temporal historical bio-location, the intellectual furnishings move into, and may utilize, transcendental meditation, or similar holotropic breathing techniques, and the human bio-electric field as well as the merkaba (and or light body).

Aleph and Alphas-Aleph is from the Warren Ellis comic-Global Frequency, the above images are from the Warren Ellis comic Injection. Gary is a character, from the show Alphas, who taps into information floating through the ether-through the form of radio or television signals.


Data-Field Vision– remote viewing / telepathy / aspects of this, or a kind of particular focus, could possibly evolve into an application where someone can see frequencies / radio frequencies / various wireless information TV channels, individual phone calls, or data traveling between cell phone towers themselves, computer and any and all digital communications, and satellite signals and communications (theoretically this would link to a matrix/biosphere/smart grid, if you will, possibly existing in the upper ionosphere or (A)ether, like those weather effects on the ionosphere being generated (and or investigated) by HAARP, and yes, this would link to every dumb conspiracy, ever related to HAARP and mind control.


Jim Keith gives a comprehensive, horrifying, yet well documented and factual history of mind control applications, such as those discussed here. The counterintelligence idea, being that they didn’t stop at chem-trails or the baby-fied, minimal common understanding of the purposes and methodology, used in MK-Ultra.The controversial but sometimes seemingly well read (or in-formed/counter-inteli-informed) character James Casbolt, a.k.a Michael Prince; claimed that back when he was trained as a child, (at some Canadian/U.N. Nazi Base (I know right?) one of the skill sets they practiced, and supposedly mastered, was to see radio waves and such. I have no idea at this time, the legitimacy of this statement BUT, we can come close by just getting a thorough enough history of mind control and the future of man and computer interfaces, as well as that documentation unearthed through FOIA request, as to exactly what kinds of ideas they were literally trying out on people. Other testimony from supposed super soldier-types confirms very similar training and skill-sets, as well.

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Frequency Consciousness Tuning-Using cohesive geographical vortex utilization, (skills acquired and applied above) one would, technically, have no trouble coupling this skill with certain transcendental meditations and or shifting of the human merkaba body (with or without the use of tonal frequencies to induce shift) and or dimensional wavelength/density, to alter time and space, to travel to a lay line “hot spot” on the Earth like Giza, Sedona, etc…

(This would be based off the old world magickal concepts, with a kind of, future tech twist. Lay lines may function as portals (known to certain contemporary anthropologist and historians, as “stargates”) that technologist today, might refer to as a “jumprooms”.


(A term, of course used commonly by survivors and researchers of the Montauk phenomenon, but is a term also used by Presidential Candidate, Andrew Basiago, along with the famous claim, that he went to Mars using this type of technology, as a kid complete with President Obama, as his teenage handler, (of sorts) Today’s holographic technology and the last 50 years of mind control, particularly implanting false memories, and inducing spiritual and occult or paranormal experiences make “faking a trip to Mars”, quite simply, child’s play. This realization can be made by simply examining patents for devices which induce these states and experiences.

Obama-Mars Connection (I dunno)

This technology is also often pictured in fiction and conspiracy literature.In the long run, we will come to understand how to travel to any time or place…

* The person doing thi,s may have had to see the place and time before-hand, before attempts at raw teleportation, so to speak. Yes, this is an idea which Nightcrawler from the X-Men may be legit promoting for those who will wind up mastering teleportation. Where science doubts and fails us, we turn to the occult, and vice-versa, though I prophecy a new world of people naturally producing previously anomalous results, even in clinical settings, without the occult or help from cyborg technology that seems to overwrite our potential promptly, before the potential of the human physiology and mind (bio-electric field etc…) are known, let alone researched, applied or taken seriously anywhere, besides behind closed doors, compartmentalized, and certainly not meant for everyone. Back to teleportation, as I was beginning to note, we may need to know a good deal about a target location, to travel there; though most successful RV used by Intelligence Agencies has proven, time and time again, that even this type of foreknowledge of a target, is excessive data for the person remote viewing. It is very important to note, that they function the best with only a set of numbers…and from there, they receive shapes, feelings, olfactory and texture related clues, and often an exact idea of geographical location.


*(with possibly some kind of basic RV, or comic book sounding physics. Scientist and physicist be warned, don’t let exotic ideas upset you until there is science to back what is being said. This essay is for the conceptual, the artist, the creators, and idealist and idea people, this is the literature of a one man think-tank not a peer report for Scientific American. With that being said I invite anyone in the above mentioned fields to help build bridges between the conceptual and the do-able)

How to Fall in Love with the Neon Apocalypse:
Stop freaking out.
Stop looking for monsters everywhere.
Make yourself your ideal self.
Take care of your body, read daily, love daily, let go of the collective black ooze that keeps us all down in the dumps, PTSD-gripping the ditches on our lowest chakras, concerned only with survival and safety, and power complexes, subservience to patriarchal hierarchies interweaving control amongst each other right over our society. We have entered the surveillance state, how do we engage it nonviolently? Would it be possible to plant trees and seed intelligent and loving children, right over the failing and unsafe landscape?

That listless Nothing, that rage and hate, and nervous worry, the capitalist emptiness that comes with not being able to acquire enough wealth to believe we have a quality of life that is the least content, that is the least secure in every way.

Let us elevate ourselves,s to the likes of X-Men and Jedi’s. The faithless must use the symbols that are meaningful to them. Often, our personal mythology may surprise us in it’s simplicity, if pop culture is our mythology, so be it. All this particular exercise in spirituality just demands something that is meaningful to you, something that resonates deeply, something that is so important to us, it’s present in our dreams, nightmares,sins and prayers. Use the symbols and ideas that mean something to you. Draw them, think about how they would approach problems, don’t be afraid to invoke those beings and characters, or people that you see as ideal, as more universal a force, than the limited personality of a person or character. See the specific as archetypal and do this until you have furnished a personal system of correspondence. This will be useful regardless of how much or which tradition you may embrace in the future magickally, but also applies to the simple self protection and creative visualization implicit in so many methods of self-mind-control; the Sylvia mind control method comes to mind here, with it’s extra emphasis on creative visualization and housing sacred corners of the mind to serve different functions for the mind and body.

Self mastery, through any shamanic or magickal system is encouraged with any system that helps you move, meditate, and work with energy. Heal yourself, empower yourself.
This is the end of the world or the beginning of a much improved version of the species, either way seize the opportunity. Your truth is out there. There are no victims, we are all witness to the big bang at the end, as we were, our collective birth into this timeline-we are all co-creating this reality…

So in all these different Tumblr projects, I have been mapping out the essence of connection. I have been confronting good guys, and bad guys, strange spirits, and alien manifestations, and sometimes myself in the form of these pop media reflections, cracks in the sync that reach right to my experience.
If you use all the tumblers together, they may make a little more sense. In some ways they were formed together all at once. Other times, I wind up starting one theme and coming around full circle on that idea, on another Tumblr. Have fun and don’t think too much. I’m not out to prove anything, besides noting the connections, and often, I link to other sync-masters for their more thorough logging of a given idea.

The labyrinth theme is important because I think we see it so often in movies, and in our lives. There’s those puzzles of this physical dimension, and of the mind. Some of us have demons running out of control in our mazes, others have secrets, secret power,and secret passageways. Most of us, have all of these things going on and don’t even know it. Mental architecture is seldom toured even by it’s creator and only resident. I am a true believer, not in the sense that you might think though…

I don’t need the UFOs to land, I don’t think everyone who makes a claim to be a super assassin is telling the truth, I didn’t need anything to necessarily happen on Dec.22,2012, and I’m not going down or taking anyone else down, for ANY request by men, speaking through supposed god(s).

With all that being said, there is this untapped human potential that I strongly accept, IS part of our future, if we choose to focus on it. Popularly known as chi, PSI, or psychokinetic applications, the use of the third eye and human energy grid/light body are always shown in movies, as keys to unlocking our evolution, the very keys to sustaining ourselves in body, planet, and species.
Quite simply, for those, cringing at the idea of peace, out of the sheer fear and anxiety of more conflict, for those grappling onto life for dear materialistic anchors, concerned with only “how to fight” the whoever; the key to being safe, is letting go of those feelings. Let go. Heal yourself. Change the things you have the power to, but never dream small, never ever dream within someone else’s parameters, within someone else’s walls.

We may be stuck in a maze, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the power… in our genes to manipulate the walls, resources, and rules, of the game to our own means. Of course, the Minotaur corporations are standing in our way, and huffing and puffing and breathing down our backs, but all they have is control over the matrix. All they have is the infrastructure of a simulation. This thing that’s been pulled over the real. Baudrillard would weep at the Thirteenth Floor, and we may weep at our current holographic shopping mall specs, built on terror and oil dynasties, and it’s effect on the earth.

BUT we have to get back up, dust our knees off (or shoulders in the case of those more fly) and speed up the potential, the learning, the sharing,

I know it’s hard but I think we need to start caring about people again.


Lucifer’s Technology (Secret Sun) series:

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Secret Space Program:

Regarding Max Spiers and the “Super Soldier” field

We are long overdue, for a new approach to this area of study and the experiences associated with this research. No longer, is it useful to identify with victimization, trauma, and abuse; in short; we cannot ever evolve, as a field, or as individuals, following an emotional and historical script, that says we are forgotten, neglected; the left-over scrap metal of military projects, private experiments, and the habitual victimization of any kind of targeting.

For some of us, there is realistically no escaping certain kinds of targeting and abuse, but I ask here, that we at least try… For others involved in all this admittedly convoluted subject matter, the internet has provided a dangerous springboard of exotic beliefs, an echo chamber of preposterous counter-intelligence propaganda, none of which can be proven- from ideas about Secret Space Programs, to elements of the military being involved with, what is commonly understood; as an, only “alien”, abduction, experience.

All the fields that revolve around this one, the mind control/super soldier/ dream training/ sleeper agent type fields, which we have established by ourselves are confusing and hard to prove, at all.

Alone we have expanded, and even documented, to the best of our ability, the technical and military documentation. Now is time that we must change our motivations. We have to stop dwelling on what’s been done to us, (for many of us, these memories are nearly impossible to recover anyway, unless time and professional therapy can be sought over a long duration of time, this path of healing is in no way discouraged for the individual, in fact, personally I encourage such, if you are fortunate enough to have those resources. Others won’t hear me out entirely because they feel they are targeted daily, and this kind of philosophical tangent doesn’t help them at all. I am saying, please try. For your own sake, and for the sake of representing the often silent history of illegal human experimentation, let alone MK-Ultra/Artichoke/psychotronic weaponry, American-Nazi-joint experiments, etc…

There are nodes, which those paying attention have been able to gather some data from, The Bases series done by Miles Johnston, the Super Soldier Talk interview on Youtube by James Rink, and Project Camelot/Avalon, are all places to learn masses of data about the super soldier phenomenon; yet even these outlets are hardly any sort filter for facts from fiction, this is all data that would genuinely struggle to be acknowledged in a court of law. It becomes complicated sorting facts from mental illness, etc…Even the most popular sources for information on these topics seem to want to sell the concept instead of prove anything, or heal anyone. It has become a novelty, like the UFO field, with armchair experts, simply waiting for the newest juicy story to be delivered to them via an outlet where they are used to adrenally riding whatever tales are spun by those outlets. Like Fox news fans, who would believe this stuff whole and denounce CNN and FOX entirely…

People rushing to conclusions they can comprehend became evident after David Griffin, Max Spiers, and myself,exposed the theme/archetype of the possessive black oil. One might be able to understand, quite easily, after attempts to remove all three of us from the scene, and after Max’s death involved a black oil-like substance, how we may be reluctant to continue in this vein. Max died on my birthday.

Rest In Peace my friend, I know you will find your truth, good Sir.

We do not have many examples of people related to these fields, who serve as examples for the rest of us. One brilliant example though, of inverting what’s been done, the pain and the suffering, and inverted it into nothing but positive energy. Highlighting both the power of the heart and psychic potential. I hope she doesn’t mind me honoring her, as such, here: Sarah R Adams

Jim Channon is an example of someone constantly creating and sharing world saving ideas (Leader of the First Earth Battalion “Men Who Stare At Goats”

As America is experiencing forced schisms, turning friends and family against each other, in a rudimentary divide and conquer strategy, so to our field(s) experienced schism, over many of the same ideas. Mostly, the quite sudden embracing of anti-Semitic and directly Nazi philosophies, by roughly half the individuals claiming to be “super soldiers”, following the lead of Con-artist, and self-described leader of the Fourth Reich, James Casbolt.

Peter Levenda Series:


Video about Politics, Stuff People Generally Don’t Believe: 

Official Government Documents Directly From Government Sources: (Section Two attempts to collectively connect some dots between the government documentation) UFOs-government documents directly from source FBI:

     Video Testimony:

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     Mind Control:

        Colin Ross on mind control, alien abduction, mind manipulation