Roswell: Conspiracies– Our heroes meet an alien life form claiming to be Prometheus from Greek mythology, who brings advanced technology and warns of the consequences of being a war centered species. Meanwhile a shady government agency tries to cover up his downed saucer by placing flags and dictating the nightly news around an all too human threat from the Middle East.

Invasion America: A Steven Spielberg production with Leonard Nimoy and Tony Jay as Dregit (Tony Jay also plays the seemingly unrelated alien Dregg on TMNT Season 9)

Spiral Zone: members of the UN parrot the Reagon speech about how quickly countries would unite if faced with an alien attack in the context of the explaining the history of how the Spiral Zone came to be and mind controlled half the world’s citizens into mind-less zombies. This was done using an ion weapon prototype.

Watch here:


TMNT: The Season mentioned above where Dregg steals gold from the Federal Reserve to power his ship promising the glory of advanced technology in a “New World Order”

Bishop’s Origin and Roswell:

G.I.JOE: The twins pose as Middle Eastern terrorist, who are posing as and abducting people, as aliens, complete with flying saucers, in the middle of a Cold War era oil pipeline scenario


MIB An alien who once worked for the MIB fakes a false flag invasion with holograms, at the U.N. claiming he is after human beings and oil from our planet. (Episode unknown)
MIB Season 4 episode 12 and 13 End Game Syndrome
(Free on Crackle via your PS4 or Roku)
Hologram aliens appear in the UN prompting a false flag invasion narrative.
The false flag conspirators agree to split up the oil and populace amongst the chaos. All this invasion stuff makes the MIB consider a partial disclosure to gain help from other agencies and the Marines. The (female white woman) President is read in, and quite surprised that Presidents aren’t told about the MIB and what they have known for decades. Though the MIB explain Nixon was read in as, “say what you want, the man could keep secrets” and the military makes some reference to Roswell. Aliens within the government alter fighter jets to include alien technology which looks exactly like it sounds, identical to Independence Day 2.


Bureau Of Alien Detectors

C.O.P.S- Little Big Green Men a fake alien invasion on Empire City is carried out by the wacky evil scientist.


Johnny Quest: An Alien In Washington:The President is a walk in trying to prevent an alien war

Wildcats: Daemonites who possess human host through a microchip in the third eye, and that’s just the beginning…

For more on the relationship between the aliens and the history of humanity, plus the Nazi involvement with these shapeshifters, check out the Wildcats/X-Men comic book crossover


Doctor Who: Dreamland:

G.I.Joe:The Animated Movie or the world according to David Icke and if ya think I’m stretching it, watch more episodes

Skysurfer Strike Force:

A UFO being monitored by Cyron and the Surfers crashes in Arizona. The two parties meet the military there for a three way battle. Cyron makes it off with the disk and finds that it contained alien criminals. When materialized, they look like scary cyber-predators, who agree to bring their ship to earth with the use of a portal. Cyron confirms a secret military base has the technology they want.

Bravestarr: The reason I call it all a Vision Quest, ancient alien theory and Native American connections to alien technology


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Galaxy Rangers: magick and alien technology at it’s most colorful


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Spider Man Unlimited: alien suit from the moon, alternate Earth, hijacked space program, eugenics gone awry, etc…Here if you have Hulu

Star Trek: The Animated SeriesHow Sharp A Serpent’s Truth written by the same writer of the above mentioned TMNT Season with Dregg, David Wise


Interview with artist Eddie Lin who worked for Hanna Barbera, yet inside a Skunk Works base: (MIB,Scooby Doo, Johnny Quest)

More Detailed Written Break Down Of Some Of These Shows:


I’ve gone back multiple times and checked to make sure, but the results are always the same. I was raised on conspiracy obsessed animated action adventure series and there’s simply no way around it. Whether invoking Egyptian gods in astral space or visiting underground military bases, co-run by aliens insistent on RFID marking human beings, all of these shows were on some heady and deeply paranoid concepts. Here’s a few examples:

Aliens, both Ancient and Contemporary:

Wildcats: Dark Blade Falling- Based off the popular 90’s comic book series, the shows focuses on MIB like shape shifting characters (Daemonites) who wish to possess humankind through a technological process whereby they control a human being through a microchip near the third eye. Elements of the X-Files, They Live, and Dark City are all glaring references in this series based off Jim Lee’s comic mythology. The character Void is a female A.I. who, complete with pink lights and orbs as well as cosmic downloads of data, is for all intensive purposes, Valis from Philip K Dick’s personal mythology. The Daemonites refer to their third eye insignia, which allows for the Daemonites easy possession of a human host, is referred to as “The Mark”. The show is identical in many way to the X-Men cartoon from the same time, down to the soundtrack’s dramatic cues, and Voodoo practically being Jubilee in every sense.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Aliens Among Us The series starts in 1947 at the scene of Roswell where Bishop explains being ever vigilante in the face of an alien threat as it shows him scaring the grey alien recovered from the crashed saucer and reveals the logo for his Illuminati meets MIB organization which runs its own underground bases and genetic experiments involving human alien hybrids. These experiments are the evolution of a super soldier program. The “Earth Protection Force” discusses a plot to launch a false flag operation at the UN where the President will be giving a speech on the future of space exploration, “in the absence of an alien threat, we are going to create one”. A series of UFOs then uncloak themselves above New York to the Turtles’ surprise, “It’s like something out of a movie”. The President’s car is attacked by giant grey body builder hybrids with laser rifles just as the Turtles move to save him. The Turtles notice that the alien use other “real” aliens weapons, and they just kind of melt on contact. The doctor calls Bishop “the next Orson Welles”. The Turtles also notice one of Bishop’s government vehicles and from there dismantle the transmitter projecting  the UFOs and control over the grey alien soldiers. The aliens move to put the President through a classic abduction but are saved by the Turtles. The President thinks the Turtles are aliens, who are then attacked by Bishop who was trying all along to gain funding directly from the President and his plans works renewing funding for the Earth Defense Force,”money this was all about money”.

Spider-Woman: Realm Of Darkness- Black robed, torch carrying figures chant Dormamu as they encircle a huge skull seated on a blood red pentagram. Lighting the pentagram on fire invokes the larger than life entity who explains utilizing the time of the eclipse to expand his realm in our own. The eclipse is also the scheduled time of a NASA satellite launch. Somehow Dormamu decides to take over the satellite and the minds of the people at NASA. The ritual robed people try using evil incense at NASA but Spider Woman shifts into costume and thwarts their efforts. The fact that the plot of this show essentially revolves around ritual alignments at NASA is mind blowing. Paging Richard Hoagland…Dormamu then aims a rocket at the moon plunging the world into eternal darkness, in Dormamu theory but Spider Woman stops him just in time.

Inspector Gadget: The Invaders: The CLAW set up a false flag alien invasion which causes mass panic and an evacuation of the city, where they land a UFO and pretend to be law enforcement to deal with the Inspector who intends to prove there is no such thing as aliens or “martians” in this case. CLAW uses this time to rob the city blind, showing them accumulating a ton of gold, not the last time we will see the correlation between the invading “aliens” and gold in cartoons.

Skysurfer Strike Force: Alien Attack: An alien disk crash lands in Arizona and is tracked by both the villains and heroes of the show. The military rushes out to recover the craft. They are attacked by the villains after recovering the small flying saucer. The heroes attack the villains. The villains who wind up with the craft realize it contains the genetic material of two criminals banished to a usb, which was then banished to space, so to speak.

Action Man: We Come In Peace: A false flag alien invasion fools the UN Security Council led by Action Man’s arch nemesis Dr.X

G.I.Joe: The Invaders- During a run in with a Russian unit (the October or Oktober Guard) the Joes witness Tomax and Zamot being abducted by aliens after they see UFOs blow up a Cobra bunker. The aliens, who are purple reptilian humanoid in appearance, simply say they are from Sirius, and that they will exit after conducting human experiments, and then they exit the scene via UFO. After the UFOs destroy various worldly locations including the Alaskan pipeline and a Russian oil refinery, they threaten to take out San Francisco and Vladivostok from a base on the moon, which of course, is a false flag distraction because the aliens wind up being Zartan and Tomax…kind of (they are also dressed up like Osama Bin Laden for no reason under the alien mask..) They fake the abduction of Snake Eyes and a Russian cowboy (think Chekov from Star Trek with a cowboy hat) and reveal that no one under their rank knows about “the truth”. Cobra invades Washington D.C. (again) and Moscow, but are beaten to shame.

In two seasons and three films Cobra manages to:
Infiltrate the Marine Core from the inside out.
create half man half fish aquatic humanoid hybrid soldiers.
underwater bases.
privatized Army apart from their official standing army made up of assassins and shape shifting reptilians.
Massive corporate power through separate but interlocking entities.
Satellite/Star Wars Program/ Space station control
false flag war with Russia
false flag war with Egypt
false flag alien abduction from Sirius B blamed on Middle East
weather control
control of world’s oil
control of world’s currency
militarization of occult and psychic powers or gifts in children
various forms of magick
counterintelligence, spy programs, espionage
cloned replicants of world leaders
mind control-
music based hypnosis
ELF wave
chippping and electronic collars, trauma based, torture, number encoding, such as human neurolink to number stations, related theories, etc…
super soldier and cloning programs, other genetic manipulation programs

The Invaders: The Cobra twins use a UFO to abduct some Joes during a battle with the Russians, only to reveal a disguise of a Middle Eastern terrorist under their alien disguises. After this they reveal (during a classic abduction) that they are simply the twins.

                          During a run in with a Russian unit (the October or Oktober Guard) the Joes witness Tomax and Zamot being abducted by aliens after they see UFOs blow up a Cobra bunker. The aliens, who are purple reptilian humanoid in appearance, simply say they are from Sirius, and that they will exit after conducting human experiments, and then they roll out. After the UFOs destroy various worldly locations including the Alaskan pipeline and a Russian oil refinery, they threaten to take out San Francisco and Vladivostok from a base on the moon, which of course, is a false flag distraction because the aliens wind up being Zartan and Tomax…kind of (they are also dressed up like Osama Bin Laden for no reason under the alien mask..) They fake the abduction of Snake Eyes and a Russian cowboy (think Chekov from Star Trek with a cowboy hat) and reveal that no one under their rank knows about “the truth”. Cobra invades Washington D.C. (again) and Moscow, but are beaten to shame…

Star Trek: The Animated Series: How Sharp A Serpent’s Tooth: There is an episode of the Star Trek cartoon called ” How Sharp a Serpent’s Tooth where a flying serpent convinces the crew he was the incarnation of all ancient worldly serpent deities and that he instructed man in building the pyramids and other sacred sites.

“It is also important to note that, as Temple points out, the ancient Egyptian word and hieroglyph for goddess also means serpent, and their hieroglyph for Sirius also means tooth. Thus the stories of the “serpent’s tooth” can be read as the ” Goddess Sirius.” The egyptian word for tooth also means dog and, more specifically, dog-god and one hundred. – Icke[1]

Following the signal of a mysterious probe, the Enterprise is immobilized by an alien whose ship resembles a winged serpent, and who claims to be Kukulkan the ancient god of the Mayan-Aztec people on Earth. Kukulkan transports Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Walking Bear to his ship, where they find an ancient city, and are told they must solve the puzzle of the city or the Enterprise will be destroyed.” Star Trek Animated. com

A little bit of cross medium archaeology reveals the same plot in Arthur C. Clarke’s book Childhood’s End, as well as Jack Kirby’s great impossible-to-publish mix of science fiction and mythology, The Eternals. In the Eternals, Kirby poses some brave ancient astronaut theories ( having the aliens land on Inca lines in between pyramids and claim responsibility for ancient designs ) while explaining that all the worlds’ mythologies and religions viewed the other race hidden, here on earth, as Demons (Deviants in the Eternals). ( of course the ones with a reptilian/cryptid type appearance )

  1. ^ Children of the Matrix by David Icke. page 148

The Magicks of Megas-Tu

Know that once, upon your world, I was known as Asmodeus, he who sees all. Gaze upon my countenance so that you too may see.– Megas Prosecutor

While investigating the science behind creation, the crew ” befriend ” a zany deity named Lucien ( looks like Pan, acts like Robin Williams, thinks like Lucifer. He becomes an entity not unlike Mr.Tumnus from C.S. Lewis’ work in his ” love” for humanity, defiance of the hierarchy on humanity’s behalf ) Lucien explains himself to be an outcast for his beliefs or motivations. Then Spock sketches out a pentagram and uses magick proper, to move chess pieces. It is proposed that wherever they are, mind has more immediate control over reality. Lucien seems upset by Spock’s bold venture into high magick but before he can really elaborate on the dangers of exploring these systems a bunch of hobgoblin poltergeist thingies teleport them to “1691 Salem Massachusetts if Spock’s historical record recall is correct. They are on trial in stockades awaiting Asmodeus’ sentence.

” Has this one not told you how we visited your earth…”-Asmodeus

” Lucien said only, that you came as wise men as wizards “-Kirk”

” We came to your world as friends but wherever we went the story was invariably the same, some humans would use us to serve their own greed and lust. When we refused to serve them, they turned against us and taught other humans to fear us to hate. They called us devils, warlocks “-Asmodeus

Asmodeus explains that some of these beings tried to settle in Salem ,but often accidently showing their power, triggered the witch hunts. While “Great White Brotherhood-type imagery flashes, he explains that is why they are not a fan of other beings or “outsiders”.

( The symbols seems to switch from the as above so below Star of David, to the classic magick pentagram ) I

During the trial Spock inquires as to why Lucien believes in them. He admits sharing deep curiosity and wonder. Kirk explains that humanity has evolved much since Salem while standing at the foot of a yellow pentagram. Asmodeus is appalled that Kirk would defend Lucien, explaining that he is the tempter, Lucifer!!! Kirk is unphased and fights for his rights as a sentient being anyway, Asmodeus attacks Kirk with windy colors?

Kirk relates Asmodeus’ survival mechanism of paranoid fear to the attribute in humanity which he is most opposed.

” The banishment of fear shall help us all “ – Asmodeus

‎” This would make the second time Lucifer was cast out, and because of you, the first time he was saved “ -Spock

X-Men The Animated Series-Season 3 Episode 19 Weapon X, Lies and Videotape

Wolverine travels back to Canada to investigate his past. This is similar to the factual tale of Doctor Ewan Cameron and his furthering of Mengele’s mind control sciences in Canada. In this episode the Canadian Professor seems to list the steps of his work as if they are simply chapters in a Fritz Springmeier book. The professor would later have his hand cut off by Wolverine who would track him down and find him hiding in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Pest Control Division. He was killed by Silver Fox in Ontario years after.So Wolverine has dreams about Sabertooth emasculating him by threatening his woman ( Silver Fox ),

“After all we’ve been through “

This seems to be a reference to what Monarch researchers would consider bonding

Xavier tries to probe his mind and screams in agony

“Strange tortuous memories pouring out as if a damn had burst “

Then Wolverine has a super soldier freak out on his own friends.

” Hank, I found this, inside an envelope postmarked two weeks ago, there was no return address. I’ve seen this image in his mind, this must be a clue to his delusions. Perhaps it triggered him ” “Super Soldier” Duncan Finoan explains these same paranoid delusions and triggers that cause him to board himself up in his house with all the lights off and his guns out.

” You just went in a dream state again what did you see ? “-Beast

” Me Being trained to take people out ” – Wolvie

” I assume you’ve been having headaches and nightmares, like Maverick and I, they did something to our minds when we worked here, something code named Project Talos “

” Take a closer look Logan, you remember these places don’t you ” Silver Fox

” Created Memories, but to what purpose ? ” – Beast

Wolverine has memories contradicting the movie sets of his memories he is standing in.

Sabertooth falls to the ground weeping remembering his dad abusing him for being different.

” Why does somebody want us to remember this, like its all bad “

According to the literature on mind control. It has been found most effective to traumatize ( abuse ) a person physically at ages three and five, later these people would be bonded with other children and giving moments of life that seemed perfect/supportive

As Wolverine approaches Silver Fox lovingly, she wards him off

“The cabin, was that a lie too ? ” – Wolverine

“Despite initial setbacks all subjects are responding to the trauma conditioning, we will be able to reintegrate them into society with no memory that we conditioned them. When they’re covert services are needed they will attack their target and then remember nothing ,the key is to reach the subconscious mind, The subjects must be repeatedly exposed to a simulation of extreme emotional trauma. While using psychoactive chemicals, we flood the subjects mind with false memories. Overwhelming them, breaking them down making them controllable. Seems to work best when based on actual life events. ” -Doctor Cornelius

” Aldo Ferro was a crime lord…who once owned half the land /biz in Cuba. During the Weapon X experiment, Ferro used his telepathic powers to implant false memories in Wolverine and other victims. Ferro linked the false memories to the pain receptors of his victims not only because it was more effective, but because he enjoyed inflicting pain on others. ” -Wolverine Encyclopedia Vol.2

They show the four subjects back to back as if to hint at twinning. It is made obvious that this set is a movie studio with different rooms to fabricate different childhood memories…Talos is responsible for their reprogramming, an evil borg looking archon type

“Talosians are humanoids who inhabit the planet Talos IV. Talosians have large crania and are telepathic. However, their advancements made them utterly unemotional, so they gathered a menagerie of more primitive species so they could observe emotional interaction. They were no longer capable of living on their planet’s surface and needed to use other species to reproduce in sufficient numbers. The Talosians appear in the original Star Trek pilot, “The Cage”, and capture Captain Pike. They reappear in “The Menagerie”-all that blabber from wikipedia just means that the Talosians were the Watchers and here we have a Watcher that is trying to reprogram Monarch/Military mind control victims…very odd

Sabertooth uses the creative visualization against the shape shifting watcher and pretends he is fighting his father. Maverick shape shifts as well.

“Don’t you get it Logan, it was all made up! “

Spider Man Unlimited- In the first episode, NASA scientist explain there is a counter earth on the other side of the Sun. They use circular stargates to teleport a shuttle to Counter Earth, very similar to the technology proposed in Michio Kaku’s stargate talks in 2011. Before the first episode is allowed to end, we meet the black oily versions of both Venom and Carnage, as well as the characters of Counter Earth and their religious devotion to the High Evolutionary. Spider Man also gets really psyched over his nano-armor, adding to the trans-humanism porn feel of many of the cartoons of the 90s. The episode concludes with Spidey about to be sawed open by a bunch of genetic experiments that refer to themselves as Beastials and make it sound cool like bestiality and furries in one warrior class. The high evolutionary explains in episode two that he was looking for a Utopia, so he built a society out of his genetic experiments. He considers his technology and creations the ultimate achievement. . The high evolutionary is referred to as the Wizard of Oz.

“I thought I came through a space warp to get here… feels more like a looking glass “

Well that’s a pretty direct reference to Project Looking Glass and Timeline 2, from the Project Camelot whistleblowers. Carnage and Venom become obsessed with the Synaptic, which in Jack Kirby’s mythos, would be the Eternals Uni Mind, or perhaps the Borg from Star Trek.

“Your probably the only untagged human in the city,…Every human is tagged with a subdural chip.” What a strange RFID tangent. I don’t remember Spidey in the funny books having such a super soldier sense.

Bureau Of Alien Detectors: A bizarre show about a team of UFO retrieval, crypto-investigators.
Invasion America: A series with Steven Spielberg, Leonard Nimoy, and Tony Jay aout false flag alien invasions, asteroids and space defense, hybrid family bloodlines, underground bases, etc… (still on the way)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Aliens : Reptilian mutants who follow the genetic equivalent of a zen red skull guy, Splinter. ( Not many people know that one of the cartoons first intros was done by Peter Chung, who later became known for his amazing work on Aeon Flux, and Alexander. )

The Turtles themselves being invented by Eastman and Laird, appearing in comics like Plastron Cafe before having their own gritty black and white issues. Soon the comic turtles would cross over and have lengthy adventures with the likes of Cerebrus in Caliber graphic novels. Though the history of ninjutsu and the mythical backing for ninjitsu can be found on the Mortal Kombat page, the turtles established their own ancient lineage in the film Turtles in Time, as well as with intergalactic Zatoichi-type character Usagi Yojimbo.
TMNT:Season 9: written by Fred Wolf, who also did the chipmunks and Bond jr. Oddly enough the main alien villain is named Dregg, the actor who plays his voice is also Dregit, the lead alien in a Spielberg cartoon series.

Episode 1 ” The Unknown Ninja “-Gold is stolen form the Federal Reserve by aliens with Monotomic intent, who wish to establish a base on Earth and pirate our resources. While the turtles gasp at the aliens jacking the gold they fly a plane right past the WTC towers in the same shot. Mystery Ninja- Carter is interested in Hamato Yoshi- the sensei of the foot clan. Sith, black magick kind of ideas are mentioned here. The aliens need the gold to repair their shields, the aliens hijack transhumanist minority report robots to kill humans.The voice of ” high tech ” is the same as Pinky, as he helps another Brain ( Dregg ) destroy the world.

Episode 2 – Dregg of the Earth-Dregg descends from a massive UFO, with the Hollywood SET and Tact of a politician to tell people that his own planet was destroyed by greed and war, and our world is on the same path. To help earth he presents the molecular converter, and the Turtles are suspicious of the public buying in to the plot. Dregg builds a “Citadel of Science for the good of mankind” a huge skyscraper in the middle of the city. ” the good old sewers , they’ll get you anywhere. Dregg induces very tight security on his new complex. Carter sells out the turtles, and Dregg gives them a Magneto-like speech while they are abduction style strapped down, about how they are mutant freaks and they should help him conquer the weak. Carter winds up being a furry yellow mutant warrior ( I don’t write this stuff ) and the turtles wind up gaining back their friendship with Carter, and blowing the tower. Then splinter gives a mutation speech.

” Master Splinter, Carter,… how long have you been watching kid’s cartoons ? “

Episode 3 The Wrath of Medusa

Episode 4 The New Mutation

Episode 5 The Showdown

Starts with underground establishments playing TV shows of Dregg being a hero and savior of Earth as the turtles fight his mining cronies. Carter and Don build a holographic reality creator. Aliens tell world leaders they will fix a dormant space station and the turtles mutate into fat tuna sandwiches…There’s a character named Medusa, but she’s kind of so annoying that there is no reason to actually inform you of her existence. Carter uses the holographic reality projector successfully to produce a princess Leia version of himself as the turtles come to terms with their mutation experience. Carter gets a ” stay in the moment ” speech from Splinter. Dregg uses the space station he was claiming to fix, to eliminate earth’s defenses. Galactic forced labor mines, is something Medusa refers to, ” well dudes I guess we are gonna be space miners for the rest of our lives. ” ” this isn’t a phone booth, it’s a teleporter ! ” Doctor Who reference.

Turtles referred to throughout this miniseries as Deviants, In Jack Kirby’s world these are the underground or reptilian race in the Eternals. SkySat is the space station Dregg uses to knock out all Earth communications, and then announces it is a false flag operation. He takes control of all weapons systems on earth. The turtles fly up on a ” starship ” and bust up the Blue Beam device, I mean SkySat. The “X-fire needs to go to KillDear Mt” says an MP that works for a major corporation. False flag war perpetuated and Ninja Turtles become like X-Men, hated for who they are and their opposition to the V plot. Dregg propaganda takes over the city. ” We need to reveal Dregg’s plot to the world, not build weapons ” The turtles stumble upon a metallurgy incubator, whatever that actually is… The term TeknoGangters is used repeatedly by the Turtles in reference to the Transmutanist…whatever that is…

Dregg establishes another ” citadel ” at Killdear mountain complete with Annunaki style gargoyles and sacred geometric construction like an old cathedral ” Who’s this guy’s architect Dracula?” The incubator births an angry slug and Carter has to ride it like a bull…
Dregg at the Turtles wiki

Later Series:

False flag alien invasion, identical to season 9 turtles, the bad guys don’t even warn the army on the ground. Turtles figure it out right away just like season 9 ” fake aliens, fake ships” The turtles realize the false flag war was only about money, and establishing a messiah image for the Earth Defense Force…

In the comics:

“And then you’ve got this cover, with an armored insectoid character who looks uncannily like the Archons from ol’ Granty’s Invisibles… this was published in 1993, a year or so before the Invisibles started. Though I don’t imagine Morrison was ripping off them Ninja Turtles…” – Colin Reid
“This was the Archie series, spun off from the cartoon, rather than the original Mirage comics series, which inspired the cartoon; it was often quite weird, what with intergalactic wrestling, huge flying cow-heads, demonic businessmen, hive-mind alien invaders… and these familiar-looking guys – the Sons Of Silence…” – Colin Reid

Invasion America and Ninja Turtles Season 9, what’s the difference?

We start with voice actor Bumper Robinson who also plays Zammis, the child alien in the film Enemy Mine. Here in Ninja Turtles he is Carter, someone who has a slight resemblance to rapper Carter below. He also mutates, like Wayne as well.

The Carter: I am Not a Human Being So apparently the Carter is not a human being ?

Space Strikers: Mission To Earth-A little known animated series where a group of human animal hybrids and otherwise normal humans fight bad guys in a reality where Earth is covered in A.I.-run slave camps.

Notes related to G.I.Joe and the X-Files:

  • In the X-Files episode, Nothing Important Happened Today, an “alternate” type super soldiers is Lucy Lawless, as a water breathing fish human super hybrid. In G.I.Joe Mara plays the same kind of human/fish hybrid genetically created in a Cobra underwater base, as well as a MK-Ultra style mind wiped wife to Shipwreck in There’s No Place Like Springfield…
  • Of course Springfield is a suburb built by Cobra, on top of a secret underground Cobra base.

The Undercover King Of Contact: Jack Kirby

Interview With Comic and Cartoon Legend Chuck Patton

Terminator, Super Soldiers, and Time Travel