I was quite surprised, mostly delighted, and slightly creeped out to be honest, to find a conversation happening in one of my favorite facegroups regarding a theory I’ve had for years, and which I told everyone I possibly could, who had a minute to listen. The theory has to do with reality being a simulation, as many in physics have recently entertained, and different decades getting close and closer to a kind of matrix rather than the “real”, so to speak. I’ve been sure for a while that 1999, the year the Matrix movie was released marks the end of some kind of dimensional reality and the beginning of another enduring through the 2000’s. In my opinion the 80’s began a kind of programming through mass media and the introduction of mini simulations or video games, then the 90’s still had soul and feelings (wholes in the simulation), then 1999 marks the end of the experiment and the beginning of not only the internet but what we know or recognize as a smart world, complete with smart cities, etc…

There are parts of this I’ve tried to piece together beforeTsunami OV Demons  About how this could be the result of the magick of CERN and D-Wave, Elon Musk on Magick and AI, MandellaInternet Of Symbols-Smart Magick, Smart Everything, Interconnected Sync

Ecco From Valis Trilogy

Trinity, and the female quantum computer that will still remember, long after we are all gone.

TrumpLand KK Rift and a continuation of ya know… Mars

WTC Portal in cartoons-When Trump is President, you’re stuck in a horrid timeline, the WTC is being used as a lightning rod to open a portal allowing other beings into our dimension, and the NWO is winning, you’re watching 90’s cartoons

Sync Hits the Headlines the day Back is to the Future

1974 reverse engineered to 1947

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About Dark City and the Matrix

Is the Matrix a sequel to Dark City, where the Strangers remake the Flat Earth into a computer program? Agent Smith says in the first world they tried to give us everything we wanted (the experiments the Strangers do in Dark City?
I dunno
Matrix Vs. Dark City