I’ve been digging into 1990’s shows about aliens and finding things much more odd than science fiction. First there’s an insistence on certain symbols, like the ever popular all-seeing eye atop the pyramid, the number 117 which we would assume relates to a certain element said to be utilized in the construction of craft and weaponry back engineered from crashed alien craft at Groom Lake, and what may or may not be coincidence, extremely tight casting involving three  TWENTY ONE, AT LEAST TWENTY ONE actors in the X-Files, 4400, Taken, First Wave, Stargate, etc… All these actors are also repeatedly in shows about the future and other dimensions, technology gone evil, etc… and some of those are the same shows as well.

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These actors are
Jason GRAY-
Ian Tracey
David Bloom

Jason Gray- X-Files, Earth to Ecco, Taken, Harsh Realm, First Wave, Stargate SG-1, Millennium, an Outer Limits episode about alien invasion, Highlander (see the two last last blog entries)

Ian Tracey- The 4400, Taken, Stargate SG-1, Firstwave, The same episode of Outer Limits mentioned above with Jason Gray, Highlander (see Highlander under Jason Gray above) The X-Files,

David Bloom-Fringe, The 4400, Stargate:Atlantis, Stargate:SG-1, The Lone Gunmen, First Wave, The X-Files, The same Outer Limits episode mentioned in the filmography of both actors above,

And now I’ve discovered a fourth actor Rob Labelle who is also in First Wave, 4400, Stargate: Atlantis, Taken, X-Files

What if we not only received technology from the crash at Roswell, but the blueprints for technologies allowing aliens to control and possess hierarchies of control on our planet as the first stage in some massive takeover? What if computers and cloning were a way for the aliens to take control through electronics or surrogate human bodies as vessels for their agenda? That’s exactly what the show First Wave explores in vivid visual detail…

In the film Lazerhawk (I don’t come up with this stuff) MKULTRA is a comic book author who puts the truth about the alien agenda into comic books without knowing it.
In First Wave MKULTRA is a program taking place alongside a program where the aliens use cloned human bodies as surrogates to enact their agenda.
In Lazerhawk (1997) they describe Mark Hamill’s alien ship crashed in the ocean thousands of years ago. Years later in real life a similar craft is actually discovered in the Baltic Sea.


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