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The phenomenon of black eyed children is a rather new enigma lodged somewhere between demons, aliens, and the MIB. The phenomenon seems to have started in 1996 (Brian Bethel case, 2 BEK approach his car). In most cases they ask to enter a home or vehicle, usually engaging someone when they are alone in a parking lot at night or arriving at their front door and knocking until someone acknowledges them. Often before the person even touches the door knob or verbally responds the children acknowledge that they know the person is there looking through the peep hole of the door or glaring out their window at them. Like old tales of vampires it seems most important to the children that they are let in the home and or vehicle for reasons unknown. The children will say they simply need a ride or food, though their actual objectives are still unknown.

There’s slight consistency I’m finding in every case. A feeling of dread, nervousness, and extreme fear seems to proceed these interactions. The kids always seem most focused on gaining permission to enter the homes of their victims, and when refused become more like stalkers or low key terrorist or terrorizers, if that term is too weighted. They intimidate adults unlike actual children, quite easily. They also seem like they are acting at being children and a bit too well spoken or composed for actual lost or troubled children. Some are noted to have mechanical or strangely patterned speech or voices. A few sightings referring to the tone of speaking as “sing song” like.


They begin the encounter by speaking preemptively like when someone reaches the door but doesn’t reveal their presence in any way, or when they open it. They ask to call their parents if this doesn’t work, then they ask to use the bathroom. In some accounts and images appear to show out of proportion hands and or midsection. They look at each other (the pair of two BEK) when they communicate telepathically. They read human minds and upset animals before and after the actual encounter. Animals act anomalous. The encounter often starts pleasant but moves promptly to threatening. If this fail then they quickly move to a hypnotic stare down. People overcome their stare and realize a part of their body has moved as if under control, for example they’ve opened the door more. In some cases people black out and wake in the morning. In a smaller amount of cases they black out and see the beings in dreams or memories.


There seem to be black eyed children, teenagers, and adults separately. Each having their own agenda or behaviors separate from the other two groups. The youngest seem the most innocent, but insist on gaining entrance or a ride somewhere. The teenagers seem malicious and more organized or prone to stalking or a kind of attempted ambush. The adult cases apparently exist but I’m having trouble tracking them down. The cases I can find seem really similar to classic MIB or grinning man cases. Even in well lit stores the adults insist on a polite kind of interrogation not unlike the MIB. Like the MIB, they have ill fitting clothes, accents that can’t be pinned down, long strange limbs and fingers, and pale skin.


Gray aliens have black hypnotic eyes and telepathic abilities just like the BEC. People who are abducted by the grays see black eyed hybrid children “of the future” aboard the alien craft. Comparisons like this and other paranormal phenomenon are explored in articulate detail in this short video. In one case the kids refer to two 6ft tall men in black suits as their parents and drive off with these men to an unknown destination. This leads credence to the idea that they are related to the grays, the MIB, or alien hybrids themselves, like the children seen aboard the alien craft.


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Listening to case after case I can’t help but be reminded the X-Files episodes Herrenvolk and Colony (1 and 2) Mostly the idea of children paired together with adult or evil objectives and being possessed by a very nonchildlike intelligence. Telepathic children who control humans minds terrorizing a towns population is the plot of the 1995 film Village of the Damned



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Weatherly and Nick discuss the similarities to the Jinn tradition and the black eyed children being “omens of disaster” (much like the mothman) if not orchestrating disaster themselves on purpose. A few cases are reviewed

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