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I’ve talked before on the blog about Peter Levenda and some connections between the occult and the UFO field or rather the occupants of the craft themselves, often going a more Kenneth Grant Lovecraft route to connect these ideas, but I’m finally looking into Allen Greenfield and the Secret Cypher of the UFOnauts.

“A great deal is written – though mostly in obscure sources concerning the legendary founding of an Ultraterrestrial beach head on the Earth in early Sumerian times by the fish-like (and man like) being from Sirius, the Oannes.

There is even some public speculation on the establishment of a Priestly caste, in Babylonia, India and Egypt, devoted to maintaining secret knowledge of this contact, and perhaps maintaining the contact thorough all of subsequent history..

Whether such contact is for good or ill depends upon who you read. The proMasonic writers tend to consider this a golden secret carried forward by the Knights Templar, founded by Hugh de Paynes and eight other French crusaders in 1118.

After enjoying prosperity and the patronage of Catholic Europe for some time, the Order was brutally suppressed by Church and State, but survived, according to Masonic legend, in Scottish Rite Freemasonry after the burning of the last Grand Master Iacobus Burgundus Molanus (I.B.M.) and many of his followers outside of Scotland.

The Templars were charged with the secret worship of a half human, half beast called “Baphomet” which some spiritual descendants embrace, while other deny vehemently.

Most tend to take on the patronage of St.John the Baptist, whose feast day, June 24th, is the old Feast of Oannes, as well as International Flying Saucer Day, in honor of Kenneth Arnold’s encounter on June 24th, 1947 with nine saucer-like objects.

Some of the properties -and members -of the Templar Order were taken over by the rival Order of the Knights Hospitaller, otherwise known as the Knights of Rhodes, after their conquest, in 1308 under Fulke de Villaret, of the Island of Rhodes from the Moslems. They are known more familiarly, and in a somewhat sinister context, as the Knights of Malta, to which island they retreated after the Moslems retook Rhodes.

Under that name, in modern times, they have been accused of exercising great influence over governments in Christian countries, and have been associated in contemporary conspiracy literature with the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and the leadership of the crusade against Communism which dominated Western Political Thought from the end of World War Two until the breakup of the Soviet Empire in the 1990s.

Many of these groups, but particularly the Knights of Malta, are involved in privately “selling” cooperation between Ultraterrestrial Forces of dubious motivations and Terrestrial governments and industrial groups.

In February of 1937, on the eve of the Second World War, a representative of the Knights of Malta, an American (still living as I write this in 1994), met with the more esoteric leadership of the Third Reich in Germany. The meeting took place in a hidden SS retreat, and was attended by General Karl Haushofer, the senior initiate of the Black Lodge inside the German Reich.

The purpose of the meeting was to “sell” the Nazi regime on contact with what the young Maltese Knight called “the coming race”.

Asked by the present writer in 1979 what he meant by the term, he told me,

“the Ultraterrestrials, of course. The Germans had noted their ‘ghost rockets’ in Sweden, and were aware of their power. Most of the older Nazis present, though, were former members of the Thule Groupor the archaic Vril Society, and took me to be talking about Tibetans or Aryan supermen or some such bunk. Except Haushofer, who knew better, and the ‘Man with the Green Gloves’ who, though supposedly a Tibetan himself, was certainly an Ultraterrestrial.”

The deal fell through when the Reich fell, and the Knights switched their attention elsewhere.

In the early 1950s U.S. President Eisenhower unknowingly bought into a similar plan proposed by the Knights of Malta to him on behalf of their Ultraterrestrial overlords, in the name of the anticommunist crusade of that period.

“Deviants” were rounded up, and unprecedented power was placed in the hands of the Military Industrial infrastructure throughout the decade, until Eisenhower, in a surprise farewell address, asserted his fundamental decency and libertarian patriotism and roundly denounced the whole deal, paving the way for the Kennedy era and a generation of progressive experimentation.

The Knights of Malta briefly found themselves sudden outsiders. A bloody worldwide orgy of assassinations and murders of progressive political and moral leaders quickly followed, and by the 1980s the U.S Administration was safely in the hands of an aged ex-actor with degenerative Alzheimer’s Disease surrounded by a staff nearly totally dominated by members of the Knights of Malta. By the 1990s the anticommunist pretense could be dropped, the confused and restless citizenry disarmed, and the feeble opposition which remained could be easily coopted.

But what of the occult societies that had carried the flame for centuries? What of the UFOlogy, conspiracy theory, metaphysical, and ‘White Lodge’ Masonic groups?

The Knights of Malta’s viewpoint infiltrated organized occultism and UFOlogy through the connection between William Dudley Pelley’s pro-Nazi Silver Shirts prior to World War Two, and the occult Black Lodge within the Third Reich, centered in the SS, the Ahnenerbe Society, and the appropriately named “Black Order” – descended from such black magical bodies as the Thule Group and the Vril Society as detailed in Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts.

Pelley and his outfit were certainly tools for the Maltese Knights, and key figures in UFOlogy became involved, including George Adamski and George Hunt Williamson. Adamski was introduced to Williamson by Pelley, at a time when Adamski was trying to sell his contact story as science fiction to Ray Palmer, then a prominent publisher.

These initiates, not including the well-meaning Adamski, were knowledgeable about the Ultraterrestrial cipher, the Sirius-Oannes legend, etc. Interestingly, they were met with a spirited libertarian resistance from the very start by Meade Layne of Borderland Sciences, and his immediate successor, the late Riley Crabb, who ‘blew the whistle’ on the interaction between the U.S. Government, the Knights of Malta and Ultraterrestrials since at least 1954.

Layne was a True Adept, himself knowing the Ultraterrestrial Cipher and using it to make contacts of his own. Bill Webb of QBLH, an occult body that has done a great deal to reveal the Cipher to a broader public, recalled to us how Layne would visit him in Arizona in the 1950s, on his way to purported UFO landing sites. Webb, like Layne, had been a member of Dion Fortune’s Inner Light offshoot of the Golden Dawn.

The classic way of using the Cipher was to read published reports of alien encounters, such as those of Dan Fry, Truman Bethurum and Orfeo Angelucci, convert the planetary and personal names given by Ultraterrestrials to contactees to cipher, and infer where the next landing was going to occur. This seems to have been the HIDDEN PURPOSE of those high profile cases; to get publicized, so that scattered adepts in possession of the cipher would know where and when to make contact.

Ironically, Layne was so advanced that his sincere but less initiated successor Crabb was afraid of him, and would actually do ritual exorcisms of the BSRF once on Adams Avenue in San Diego after Layne’s departure, according to what I have been told by BSRF’s present leader, former Michael Bertiaux student Tom Brown.

In the meantime, after 1952 the CIA actively sought to infiltrate and disrupt private UFO groups. I was told by Major Dewey Fornet, the one-time Pentagon Monitor for the Air Force UFO Project, that the UFO wave in the Summer of 1952 during the exceptionally hot ‘dog days’ of July, completely overwhelmed the U.S. Defense system of those relatively technologically unsophisticated times. While UFOs were‘ dog’ fighting with jets and being spotted on radar in restricted air space over the White House and Pentagon, communication channels were so jammed that a ‘sneak attack’ by a more terrestrial enemy (i.e., the Soviet Union) would have gotten through virtually unopposed in the UFO generated confusion.

After that, the CIA determined to discredit the whole subject in earnest.

A major attempt to set up a civilian National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena was quickly coopted by the intelligence community, and many of the group’s leaders were military and intelligence personnel, including Director Major Donald Keyhoe’s classmate from the Naval Academy and one-time CIA Director, Roscoe Hillenkoetter.

Most of the ‘official sounding’ UFO groups of that period are now dead. Curiously, the survivors include the very independent S.A.U.C.E.R.S. of Jim Moseley, and the now fifty year old BSRF.

In its early days BSRF was closely associated with the group of sixteen high adepts or Ascended Masters called The Inner Circle, otherwise known as The Guardians. These entities, and those of their kind, humans become More Than Human seem somehow to ‘keep things in balance’ through the ages of wars in the heavens and infiltration by Ultraterrestrials who, though far beyond humanity in knowledge and power seem somehow afraid of us. Whatever they fear in us seems to be our only salvation.” Secret Rituals Of The Men In Black

Queen Elizabeth would have been in contact with the Ultraterrestrials proposed in the Secret Rituals Of The Men In Black via John Dee and Ed Kelly. Perhaps, as I’m beginning to believe she actually was rejecting Lucifer’s Technology or Technology as an alien virus when she prevented the Industrial Revolution from starting in her kingdom.
“IN EARLY 1590S, LORD HUNSDON, a chamberlain of Queen Elizabeth I, brought her an object to consider, one that he considered a marvelous invention. It was a stocking, somewhat coarsely made. The queen was known for her fondness for these undergarments; she had first received a pair at Christmas in 1561, from her silk woman, one Mrs. Montague. In the 16th century, both women and men covered their legs with hosiery, knit by hand and stitched together in the form of a person’s leg. But these stockings were different. They were not hand-knit. They had been made by machine. Queen Elizabeth had some sense of what mechanically produced stockings might mean, and she wanted none of it. “I have too much love for my poor people who obtain their bread by the employment of knitting to give my money to forward an invention that will tend to their ruin by depriving them of employment and thus making them beggars,” she pronounced.”A Machine That Made Stockings Helped Kick Off the Industrial Revolution

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