Leading up to and on the same day that the film Back to the Future reaches the “future,” Oct. 21st. 2015, mainstream media and pop culture suddenly woke up to sync. Centered around a video by Joe Alexander, and based on research by Joe and other members of the Sync Book Press, the video makes it hard to ignore the lasting effect which the events of September 11th had on global consciousness; rippling out before and after the event itself.


Click here for the 42 minutes companion episode interviewing the creator of the above video, Joe Alexander. 42 Minutes is part of TheSyncBook.com radio.

The Washington Post
The 12-minute video, credited to a collective of artists and “synchromystics” — more on them later — has been online since late July. But it began making the Twitter rounds only this week, presumably because tomorrow, Oct. 21, 2015, marks unofficial “Back to the Future” day — the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in 1989’s Back to the Future Part 2.

But Back to the Future Predicts 9/11 is no simple conspiracy rant, nor a parody of one. Instead, it’s something much stranger and more interesting: the work of an Internet-grown mysticism movement that has largely replaced the Christian symbolism, magic circles and demonology of 19th century occult practices with echoes of universal consciousness mined out of our own pop culture.

Known as synchromysticism, often shortened to ‘sync,’ Alexander describes the community as “chasing the biggest answers out there.” But it’s exactly because synchromystics are probing “the fundamental archetypes and the structure of the universe and consciousness itself” that they eschew concrete answers.

Cinema Blend
I was completely ready to dismiss this new conspiracy theory as nonsense. Actually, I still believe that it’s nonsense… but, enough odd coincidences are pointed out in this video to at least make you pop the Back to the Future movies in your DVD player and reference the scenes that are brought into question.

Did Back To The Future predict 9/11 terrorist attacks? Chilling new footage claims so…

Does Back to the Future predict 9/11? Was the 1985 film a warning about our future? Of course not. But that’s the fun of this well-edited documentary short.

Even if I don’t buy this hokey mystical prophecy stuff, I find it nevertheless fascinating. The idea of a collective consciousness breaking through a sort of quantum portal to influence artists in the decades leading up to 9/11 is pretty cool, but just too new-agey for me to take seriously.

Whaat’s New UK
Whether or not this is an attempt at satire or a clever parody of conspiracy theorists, claiming Back to the Future predicted 9/11 is as bizarre as they come.

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