(The following is just an exercise in playing with exotic ideas and trying to make sense where the sensical stops dictating our worldview. The author doesn’t necessarily “believe” in any or everything stated here and doesn’t ask you to swallow these ideas up into your own worldview. Considering them won’t kill yo tho.)

Somewhere between 1999 and 2012: Whether the simulation was completed over what was previously directly experienced as “the real”, or the real world died, or time ended. As to whether the Mayans knew it was all going to shit on a particular date, or the climate scientists made the most accurate unfortunate predictions, or the aliens pulled a movie screen over their already hyperlinked model of our world, or the new world order jabbed at their telaug mind machines beneath the surface world like a 1950’s electrician tapping the side of the television with a wrench to fix the color more promptly, or the Matrix brainwashed us permanently into a post internet neon worldview we have yet to quite escape or even make out the perimeter of, or maybe the aliens hit reset on their human containing Playstations all at once, maybe their server had to restart with blueprints of our old reality, or maybe Mt.Shasta hippies and New Age cults with their eyes set on the infinite heavens meditated us successfully into a more galacticly aligned and brought us over to the speeding train tracks of a more positive future, as to just which one of these scenarios includes the most truth is unclear entirely; however dear reader the fact that they all coincided with the birth of the actual internet and an onslaught of artificially intelligent take overs and portal opening possibilities in the fiction of the same years, beating us all over the head with certain concepts that were destined to infect society, things to buy to change our reality and feel we are part of the wave, still riding the pop zeitgeist of symbols and secrets that has echoed into our waking moment and present experience, all playing a part, all important tools, all quite necessary furniture in the oppressive solid state castle walls which have been built into the geographical layout of our cities and monuments, all of which inevitably include the material upgrades designed to plug into the ley line laden motherboard complete with contemporary architecture jutting up blocking it’s horizon, skyscrapers stabbing through the clouds and eclipsing our galactic alignments, eclipsing our ability to draw from the sun source of energy for that which has been left unmodified by our simulacra surfaces and the suits we all wear unknowingly to interface with the talk show atmosphere which now brings children into it’s scenery who will never feel the real never have an idea of the power of our collective unconsciousness before the electronic deluge, will never understand how a forest felt before the map drowned out the real and all it’s magickal frequencies which now are only the stuff of fantasy read of not in books but rather on ultraviolently bright tablets,the types of computers which sell first out of convenience and then swiftly move to murder the medium of physical books and communication via physical paper altogether in a number of years.
I don’t know if someone of everyone was correct about when the world would end but I know the year that Fight Club and the Matrix was released something began to happen which not only didn’t stop, it completely enveloped the time from now till then, creating what many people describe to me in one on one conversations as a haze, a confusing fog, consuming their time and memory all at once leading to convoluted perceptions of whatever reality has become in this short time. Information and the people who create new information seem to triple monthly since 2000-something and it is no longer at all possible for one or a small group of individuals to acquire all the written knowledge in the history of our species in one place let alone comprehend it. Whereas someone in the 1950’s could technically acquire every history book, technical manual, map, etc…in one place and begin to imagine the contours of our reality as we’ve scientifically labeled and cataloged all the information passed down and learned over time thus far. As daunting as such a task may seem it is brought up here as a kind of gauge and way to measure information, it’s understood this is completely impossible since the birth of the internet and now YouTube, Instagram, all the ideas being added every moment to our collective Akashic experience and or unconscious.
When reality ended culture abruptly stopped in their now Truman Show actor’s marks, fates, and destinations, and then started over as a reflection of itself. In other terms creativity itself in culture could only mimic aspects of it’s former creations or it’s former self in different combinations, there were no longer new ideas being brought into visual art but rather Instagram filtered pixelated three dimensional versions to form the building blocks of “new” culture. This seems another symptom of living in a simulation.

We’ve been bringing the show closer and closer to discussing the Hellier documentary on The Farm. This Friday we will be interviewing Allen Greenfield and Paul Weston about Hellier.


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